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“Why is it that you can’t find the man? He’s your employee.”

“Sir, he’s new and it’s possible he had a change of heart about the job.”

“Find out. I want a concrete answer by the end of the day. He had been guarding Ms. Waters and left his post without leave. That’s unacceptable.”

It was painful hearing Dash as he ripped into the older man. I wanted to say something but was back at square one. If I said something, it would endanger Buddy’s life.”

“Ms. Waters.” The sound of Dash calling me saved me from my inner conflict.

“Yes?” I looked around, but Fisher was no longer in sight. It was just Dash and me inside his private office as he insisted.

“Get me some water.”

I wanted to scream at him to get his own damn water, but after the ‘lesson’ that I’d had this morning, I thought better of it. I entered the outer suite and poured water from the cooler. When I returned, he was talking at the computer monitor. Voices filled the room, and I realized he was on a video conference.

I placed the water on the coaster and turned back to my seat. Before I could sit, however, he said, “I want ice.”

I concealed my growl of frustration and reached for his glass again. “Bring it to me in a separate glass.” He met my stare this time and sat back, barely concealing his smirk. I smiled politely and turned to leave again. “And tell Celesha to pick up my dry cleaning and lunch.”

“Where should I tell her to pick up your lunch?”

“It doesn’t matter. She knows my usual preferences.”

“Fine.” I stomped out this time and relayed the message to Celesha. I threw ice in a cup and stomped back to his office. This time, I couldn’t control myself enough to not slam the cup down.

There was no way he hadn’t noticed, but he said nothing. He continued to talk, but I noticed he disabled the video feed. I could tell the conference hadn’t ended because the voices continued to fill the room. It sounded as if several people were bickering over the lack of benefits for acquiring a soup company in Japan.

“Ms. Waters, come here, please.” I immediately tensed. I distrusted his tone that was far too calm. “Take a seat.”

I stared at him as if he were daft. Maybe he meant his lap? No… that would be unprofessional and surely not while on a conference call. “Where?”

He patted the tabletop directly in front of him.

“I’m not sitting there.” He shook his head and moved the mouse, killing the mic as well. Now we could only hear what was happening.

“You can sit here or on my face, but you will sit where I want you. Take your pick.” When I continued to hesitate, he made a grab for me so I quickly hopped on the desk. He grinned up at me, showcasing those awfully adorable dimples.

“I find your defiance way too sexy, Ms. Waters.”

“Why are you toying with me?”

“I told you. I like when you defy me. Lean back on your elbows.”

I did as he asked. “What are you doing?”

“I’m rewarding you for your good behavior this morning,” he answered with sarcasm lacing his tone. “You were an excellent pupil, but you still have some learning to do.”

“I don’t think this is the right time.”

“It’s a perfect time. Quiet now,” he warned just before he cut the mic back on. His hands slid up my thighs and spread them wide. The heels he insisted I wear rested on the edge. When he slipped his fingers into my panties and tugged them down, I wanted to protest but knew I couldn’t say a word.

A woman’s voice addressed Dash with a question and he answered as if he weren’t… stuffing my panties in his pocket! His fucking nerve.

His fingers returned to my center and grazed my outer lips with soft caresses. I bit back a moan that had been too close to the surface. He sent me a warning glare, which I returned with an eye roll. I wanted to tell him to get on with it, admitting to myself that I wanted his touch as much as he wanted to touch me.

But it wasn’t his touch I received. He leaned forward and the first stroke of his tongue on my heated center sent my body arching off the desk. His hands rose to restrain me as he feasted. I felt as if I would burst a vein or blood vessel from the strain of not moving and keeping quiet.

“Dasher, please,” I begged, no longer caring who heard me.

His hand shot out and pinched my lips closed in that infuriating way he used to tell me to shut up. The same hand slipped down to my neck and shoved me back to lay flat all the while his mouth never stopped his torment.

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