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“Mr. Chambers? Mr. Chambers?”

It took me a moment to realize he was being called by a member of the conference. I tugged at his hair, but he resisted. An answering growl sounded from between my thighs, too low for the members of the meeting to hear, but loud enough to warn me. He wasn’t going to stop.

“Mr. Chambers?”

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I jackknifed up to a forty-five-degree angle. Dash clutched at my hips and anchored me to his face.

“Um… ohhh.” It was hard to conceal my pleasure and speak coherently. “Mr. Chambers is, uh—on a—call.”

“Ms. Waters, are you okay? What happened to the video?”

It became even harder to speak when I felt Dash’s tongue enter me. “We, uh—seem to be—having—diff—difficulties.”

Please stop speaking.

“Very well. Please make note of pertinent details and concerns to report to him.”

“Y—yes, sir.”

I made sure to mute the mic and then gave in. My hands clutched at his hair and my hips undulated, demanding more.

Soon after, I came, screaming, onto his face and realized he was right. He could have me however and where ever he wanted me.

* * *

“What you did was despicable,” I gripped and fixed my clothes.

He chuckled and kissed my lips. “Is that why you came so hard?”

“My body has nothing to do with your behavior.”

“I think my behavior has everything to do with what happens to your body.”

“I hate you.”

“Finally, you admit you feel something for me.” His tone had changed from playful to serious like the flip of a switch. I needed to change the subject.

“Did the conference end?”


“You’re CEO and President of the company. You shouldn’t do things like that.”

There was a knock on the door before Dash could respond. Dash permitted them entrance and I half expected it to be Celesha and was surprised to find his father at the door.

I didn’t really care for the man but saw it necessary to be polite and professional so I greeted him. “Good afternoon, Mr. Chambers.”

He didn’t feel the same obligation and barely spared me a nod of acknowledgment.

“What’s this talk I hear of you meeting with Simon next week?”

“Hello, Father.”

“I want an explanation.”

“I thought I explained to you what would happen if you interfered again.”

“I’m not interfering. I’m doing the professional thing and warning you. You aren’t ready!”

“How about doing the fatherly thing and supporting me?”

I went back and forth, watching the interaction between father and son. They both seemed to forget I was even in the room… or so I thought.

Dash took my hand in his and squeezed tight. His thumb rubbed me back and forth. I looked at Dash’s father nervously, wondering if he could see, although the desk concealed our connection.

I wondered for the reason behind him clinging to me. Oh, my… was he drawing comfort from me? The idea caused butterflies to erupt in the pit of my stomach and travel up to my head until I was dizzy.


“I’m not getting in your way. I’m asking you to rethink this. Besides, he’ll never agree to meet with you. I haven’t been able to meet with the man in six years.”

“That’s funny because I’ve already met him once before. This is a follow-up.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m thinking he considered my offer. I don’t know what that means for Chambers M&A and taking over, but on Monday, I’m flying to Seattle to find out.”

I witnessed three emotions from the older man—shock, disbelief, and suspicion. I would have expected pride, respect, or maybe even gratification at his son having accomplished what he couldn’t.

“I don’t believe this. You should send James in your place. You’re not qualified to handle this big of an acquisition.”

“You’re a prick,” I blurted. Dash squeezed my hand as a warning, but there was no way I could keep silent any longer.

“Excuse me, young lady?” His chest puffed out in a show of dominance meant to intimidate, and I bit back a snort.

“I said you’re a prick. Your son is the head of this company, a position you appointed him to before he was even ready, simply because he’s your heir, and like the dumbass he is, he accepted because he wants to please the man who is supposed to be his father first. So what do you do? At every turn, you do nothing but tell him how he’s not good enough. He’s been doing this job for only a few months, and already. He’s managed to accomplish what you couldn’t in years. Doesn’t that count for something?”

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