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I made my way over to his side, and because I couldn’t resist, I kissed those irresistible lips, luring him out slumber. When his eyes finally opened, giving me a first peek at his red-brown eyes, I almost said fuck the payback and climbed in with him.

But I did kiss him again. Enough to get him interested so when I pulled back, he followed. With a quickness I didn’t realize I possessed, I hauled the water up and over, soaking him with ice and water. I leaped back just in time to miss his arm as it flailed about.

“Fuck!” He jumped from the bed and swiped at his face. His complexion was pale and he shivered as he hugged himself.

I covered my mouth to conceal my laugh, but it was too late. My giggle slipped through and it was as if a switch had been flipped.

His arms came to rest at his sides and his body went completely still. Slowly, his head lifted until his eyes, now dark with unmistakable rage and promise of retribution, fixed on me.

He spoke without speaking at all, telling me I fucked up. So… I did what anyone would do.

I ran.

I didn’t have to look back to know he gave chase. I made it to the front door and managed to get the door opened when it slammed closed again. My scream was muffled by his hand and then he wrapped his arm around my waist and carried me back to his bedroom.

I thought he’d make for the bed once we were inside, but instead, he pinned me against the door with his weight. “That was stupid,” he whispered.

“You needed to learn a lesson in respect.”

“Yeah?” I could hear the smile in his voice. “Well, I guess it’s your turn, Angel.”

His fingers tugged at my sleep shorts until they pooled around my feet. I stood perfectly still and let him trace my spine with his finger, sending shivers up and down my body. His frame engulfed mine when he stepped closer, forcing my body against the door.

“It’s been four years since I’ve been inside you… You know I’m going to fuck you silly, right?”

“It was just a joke.” My plea for mercy fell on deaf ears.

“Funny… a second ago it was a lesson. Respect, correct?”

Oh, God.

“I have a lesson I’d like to teach you now. Bend over.” He didn’t wait to see if I would obey and he pressed his hand on my back. His hand slid down my ass until he reached my sex. I closed my eyes in shame because I knew what he would find.

Surprisingly, he didn’t comment. However, the sound of his wet basketball shorts hitting the floor followed. I knew what was coming next and braced myself against the door with both hands.

Dash had other plans, however. He took my left hand and placed it on his right shoulder, forcing my body to twist sideways. “I want you to touch yourself while I fuck you. I won’t deny you release. In fact, I’m going to give you more than you can stand.” He then grabbed my other hand, led it to my pussy, and ordered, “Fuck yourself.”

Of course, he couldn’t just fuck me and be done with it. He had to torture me in the process.

“Dasher—” His name was caught in my throat when he slammed into me. My hands immediately grabbed for the door for balance. We both froze with the realization of what we had just done. Dash hadn’t been inside me in four years, but it was just as explosive as it had always been if not more. However, he seemed to recover quicker than I did.

“Keep your hands where I placed them. If you hold yourself against with the door, I’ll assume you’ll need additional lessons later.”

Oh, he was being such an unreasonable prick!

His hands gripped me and forced my hips to meet his as he pounded me mercilessly. He moved as quickly as a jackhammer and made it impossible to hold my position.

“Dasher!” My plea ripped through the air, but he only increased his pace. I fought in vain to keep up while coming non-stop. The animalistic sounds coming from him sent chills up my spine, forcing more orgasms from me. “Please, baby, please.”

He chuckled. “Have you learned your lesson yet?” Sweat dripped from his body onto my back, coating me with his exertions. “Fuck,” he grunted. “I’m coming.”

Coming… he’s coming. I suddenly became agonizingly aware of the fact that he was not wearing a condom. His rhythm slowed and his thrusts deepened, signaling he was on the verge of coming.

I had to stop him. I forgot about my hands and braced them against the door once more as I struggled to speak through my cries.

“Dasher, pull out.”

“Too late, Angel,” he spitefully teased. “I’m already coming inside you.”

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