Breaking Love Page 52

His hands grabbed and caught me when I attempted to scramble over the back of the couch. I was flipped onto my stomach and then held by his hand on my neck while he raised my ass in the air.

“Dash.” I squealed his name, but it was mostly muffled by the couch.

“Shhhh,” he whispered and then flipped up my skirt to slap me on my ass.

“Oww! Don’t hit me!”

“Shhh.” He repeated the punishment. I groaned and he repeated it once more. On the fourth slap to my ass, I pleaded with him to stop. It earned me another slap. This one harder and more forceful. Wisely, I didn’t make a peep on the fifth, realizing it was the reason for the slaps.

“Good girl.” His hand invaded my panties and rubbed the skin he’d just abused. “No more kid games. When I tell you to do something, you do it. Understand?”

“Fuck off.”

He chuckled and the next moment my ass was on fire as he rained down three controlled slaps. I fought to get away, but his hand kept me in place. The burning sensation made me wish his hand would rub me again, and just as I wished it, his hand found the spot again. He rubbed once and then dipped his hand lower until it was resting between my legs and tangling with the sticky evidence of my arousal mingling on my thighs.

His silence stretched for seconds too long. I held my breath through every second. I knew he knew it was there because his fingers ran through it. “Is this what I think it is?”

My shoulders slumped in defeat at having been caught for coming. “I don’t know, Dasher. What is it?”

His other hand gripped my hair and pulled my head back at the same time his fingers left my thigh. I watched as he brought his fingers, coated with me, to his lips. His tongue darted out briefly to touch the tips and then an entire digit disappeared in his mouth. He made a hungry sound while keeping eye contact and then his finger slid back out. “Still my favorite part of you.”

I was breathing hard as if I’d just run a race. “Why did you do that?”

His eyes flashed with… something. I thought he wouldn’t answer, but then he leaned forward and rested his forehead against mine. “Because I’d almost forgotten what you tasted like,” he whispered with pain in his voice.

I was engulfed in his body heat and his cologne mixed with his sweat. It made me crazy. It made me want.


He lifted his head and peered into my eyes. I let him see my need and to know that whatever he was offering, I was willing to take. I knew the moment he recognized it.

“Yes, Angel.” He caressed his face against mine. “I know.”

I reached for his pants, but he grabbed my wrist. “Shit… I almost forgot.” He snapped his fingers and smirked.

“Huh? What did you forget?”

“I’m having dinner with my fiancé tomorrow.” He let me go, settled back on his pallet, and turned over, giving me his ass to kiss.




AFTER TEASING AND flirting with him, I found my back up against the door and was assaulted by hungry kisses. I was ready for him to complete the final act of our month long foreplay by the time he showed mercy.


“I wouldn’t forgive myself if I took you before I even took you to dinner so stop tempting me before you find yourself full of me and screaming from the pleasure.”


“Good girl.” He kissed the tip of my tongue, took my hand, and led me from the dorm. When he opened my car door for me, I practically melted into the seat. Why is it that everything he did made my legs weak?

This was my first time riding in luxury. I looked around the foreign car in amazement. The gray leather was so soft against my skin and his intoxicating scent filled the car.

He slid in and started the car, bringing the sporty car to life. I was a little nervous, having seen what these cars can do on TV. He must have sensed my nervousness because he leaned over and kissed me softly. “Don’t worry, Angel. I got you.”

We took off for the restaurant, and I found that he could handle the car quite well. I thought it was a bit much for a seventeen-year-old, but maybe it was the way of the wealthy.

The restaurant was a short drive, but just the exterior made me feel out of place. Dash took my hand again and led me inside the restaurant. He seemed to like being in charge, and since I was out of my element, I let him lead.

The hostess beamed as we approached and laid it on extra thick for our benefit. I fought the urge to roll my eyes and then wanted to claw hers out when she touched his arm.

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