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Figures he could pull a girl looking the way he did.

I expected Dash to thrive in the female attention. After all, she was undoubtedly gorgeous. I was thrown when he pulled me around to the side where the hostess walked and wrapped his arm around me, effectively dislodging her hand and rebuffing her.

Take that, cheeky bitch.

She showed us our table and walked away without asking if we needed anything. Dash’s shoulders shook and he snorted. His twinkling gaze locked with mine, and I smiled at him across the table.

A waiter approached with our menus almost immediately and announced the specials. Dash instructed me to order whatever I wanted.

One look at the menu, and I was lost. None of it was familiar.

Where were the appetizers or the burgers?

I flipped to the page and read the first entree or what I assumed was an entree. Cocotte de Légumes. There was no mention of meat so I skipped over it.

“I can order for you.”

“But you don’t know what I want.”

“Do you?”

“I don’t recognize anything on this menu.”

“Ok, can I make a suggestion then?”

“Sure.” Seemed harmless enough. Dash signaled and the waiter came over.


“Yes, my lady and I will have the Coq Au Vin with baby carrots and potatoes.”

He nodded and collected our menus while I glared at Dash. I waited until he walked away before voicing my displeasure. “That’s not a suggestion. You ordered for me.”

“I did.”

“How do you know I like Coq Au Vin or carrots or potatoes?”

“Coq Au Vin is chicken. Everyone likes chicken, and I’ve seen you eat both carrots and potatoes, and if you can eat what the school serves, then you can eat the carrots and potatoes here, so what exactly is wrong with what I ordered for you?”

“The fact that you ordered for me.”

“It’s okay that I hold the door for you, but I can’t order for you?”

“It’s not the same thing.”

“Ok, what’s the difference?”

“Holding the door open is a kind gesture. You would do it for anyone regardless of gender. Ordering for me is just pretentious.”

“Would you prefer that to call the waiter back and have him read every line of the menu so you won’t feel as if your right as a woman is violated? I’m sure the waiter wouldn’t mind. We are the only table he has to wait on, and I’m sure he isn’t counting on the tips from the other tables to help pay his bills or feed his children.”

He sat back and gestured for me to do exactly as he suggested. His smugness was too much. Instead of crying like I wanted to do, I stood from the table and walked away.

Yup. I’d done it. I’ve fallen into stupidity. I knew going out with him was a bad idea. And now I’ve fallen from grace. I looked down at the clothes I put on to please him and felt like a sellout. I ruffled my fingers through my hair, destroying the control.

I stepped to the curb to hail a taxi and hoped the ride back wouldn’t be too expensive.

“Where are you going?” His tone was gentle, but I dared not look at him. I stuck my hand out for a taxi, but his arm shot out to stop me. “Don’t. I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted. Now go back and eat your Coq Au Vin.”

“I apologize for insulting your right as a woman. I rather enjoy your womanhood.”

I spun around and slapped him on his chest. “Don’t make jokes.”

I wasn’t prepared for him to hug me. “At least I got you to look at me.”

“Once again, you’re taking liberties.”

“Please accept my apology.”

“Why should I?”

“Because I know where the real food is.”

He pulled me down the street to a bar and grill. There was a Friday night crowd but luckily, we were able to secure a booth. I picked up the menu and was delighted to find foods with names I recognized. “Ahh, there are the burgers.”

“You like burgers?”

“I hate them, but it’s good to see them on a menu. I’ve got a taste for chicken.” I sent Dash a sweet smile across the table and then burst out laughing at the grumpy look on his face. “Cheer up! What are you getting?”

He looked at the menu and flipped back and forth before deciding. “The bacon cheeseburger looks good.”

Just then, the waitress arrived to take our orders. I made sure to speak up this time. “Yes, my guy and I will have the chicken alfredo and two cokes.” She took our menus, and I made a point to make eye contact with Dash across the table.

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