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“Big help you were. Where were you with your super power when he tormented my friend?”

“Keeping him from literally killing her.”

“So what happens now?”

“I protect you both.”

* * *

There was no way we could take the long drive back to Six Forks so we camped out at Keiran and Lake’s for the night. Kennedy had been left with Sheldon’s parents so they stayed as well. There was only one extra bedroom open, the other occupied as Keiran’s office, so Keenan and Sheldon took the bedroom and we took the living room.

I watched Dash make a pallet on the floor from my perch on the couch. There was enough room on the couch to fit the both of us so it completely took me by surprise when he didn’t insist. The hard look on his face told me it had nothing to do with chivalry.

He didn’t want to be close to me.

I should have been grateful or relieved. Instead, I felt slighted.

When he finished and lay down, he looked completely out of place for someone who wore thousand dollar suits. He’d shed his jacket and shirt and crossed his arms behind his head, making his impressive chest and abs even more prominent.

“So are you sleeping on the floor because of your fiancé?” I waited, but he didn’t respond. The muscles of his jaw clenched, telling me he was awake. “I have to say it’s pretty pathetic. You weren’t concerned with her feelings before I knew about her.” I waited and got nothing. Not even a twitch this time. I didn’t stop to consider the consequences of baiting him. “I wonder how many times you’ve cheated on her.”

“Her? Or do you mean you?”

“Why would I mean me? I’m nothing to you.”

“If you believe that, then why are you upset I’m not up there with you? Is it because you want me to touch you?”

“Get over yourself.”

“Or would you rather touch me?”

“I would rather swallow nails than touch you.”


When he brought his hands down to his pants, I suddenly felt as if I hadn’t had a drop of water to drink for centuries. “What are you doing?”

“What you’re too afraid to do.” I swallowed hard at the sound of his zipper lowering. It was dark with only the moonlight streaming through the windows.

“Dash, no.”

“It’s too late to say no, Angel.” He lifted his ass and slid his pants down to rest on his hips. His cock sprung free and bobbed against this taut stomach when he settled back on the makeshift bed.

As soon as he did, he brought his hand up to his mouth and spit. He then slowly grasped his cock around the head and squeezed. I found my legs mimicking the action and closing tight.

Stop watching him!

I couldn’t find the willpower to tear my eyes away. I knew without taking my eyes away from his cock that he watched me watch me.

“Fuck,” he grunted and I sat up. I leaned forward and clutched the edge of the couch as his hand worked his thick cock. His lips curled showcasing his pearly whites. His hips rocked subtly. All the while, his heated gaze pinned me to my seat.

I could feel the sweat between my thighs increase as my body temperature rose. I couldn’t believe he was really pleasuring himself and making me watch.

I was panting by the time I found my voice. “Dash—” I lost my breath at the sight of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock.

“This feels good, Angel. So. Fucking. Good.”

The twinkle in his eye as he bit down on his bottom lip told me he enjoyed teasing me. The thought snapped me out of my helpless state though I was still overcome with lust.

But if he wanted to push, I’d push back.

“How good?” I didn’t miss the shock in his eyes at my unexpected question. “Does it feel as good as me?” I asked before he could answer.

“Nothing feels as good as you.”

“I’m not sure I believe you. It’s been years since you felt me.” I sat back against the cushions and ran my hands up my bare thighs and his eyes followed.

“I remember,” he gritted.

“It’s a shame really…” up and down, I teased my own skin, “…a memory is all you’ll ever have.”

“You and I”—grunt—”both know”—grunt— “if I wanted you in bed”—grunt—”I would have you.”

“Anything you can do, I can do better, Dasher. Maybe it’s me who is seducing you.” The reminder of our first time together brought a dangerous glint in his eyes, and he reared up and jumped to his feet before I could react.

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