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“No pain but I think you’re right.”

“About what?” His attention seemed riveted on her thighs again.

“The bruising. They feel a little tender.”

He made a soft noise.

“What was that?”

He lifted his gaze to her and his expression seemed really tense. “Are you curious?”

“About what? If I’m bruised?”

He distinctively growled and anger flashed across his handsome features. “No. I’m curious, and while I’m trying to ignore it, I no longer wish to.”

“What are you talking about?”

His hands had released her when she’d repositioned her legs but he gripped her gently again, this time to wrap them around the curve of her knees. To her shock, he spread her thighs, parted her feet too, until it left her wide open on the cot. He bent over her until his torso pinned one leg flat to the mattress before he released that leg. One hand slid hers away from covering her panties.

Charlie’s eyes widened as the heat from his palm registered when he cupped her sex. He had a big hand that covered not only her pu**y but part of her lower stomach. Her gaze jerked to his to find him watching her with a definite frown.

“I won’t hurt you.”

She lay paralyzed with astonishment, not even breathing. When she sucked in air to her starved lungs, she gasped loudly. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think?” His palm slowly slid upward and then back to rub against her clit. “Are you attached to this garment?”

Her brain froze, leaving her unable to think while he rubbed her again but this time the pad of his thumb slipped through the side of the thin material to locate the small bud of nerves to massage it in tight, firm circles. Shock transformed into pleasure.

“Answer me,” his gruff voice demanded.

She couldn’t look away from his dark gaze but she found her voice again and the ability to move. She tried to move the leg he gripped but his hold kept her still. The drugs had worked somewhat out of her system but walking from her quarters to his had left her pretty weak.

“What are you doing?” She breathed the question softly.

“You saved my life and you said I should get on my knees to show my gratitude. I’ve considered it and decided it’s a good way to repay you.”

His thumb released her cl*t to grip the middle of her panties. Material tore with the help of a firm tug. The sound registered to Charlie at the same time air hit her now exposed pu**y. She jerked but before she could react in any other way, he tossed aside the damaged panties, and turned his head back to lower it.

Her entire body tensed when his fingers spread her open and a really hot, wet, strong tongue teased her clit. Charlie gasped in more air and threw her head back. She frantically grabbed for anything just to clutch at something. Her fingers dug into her bent thigh he had pinned and she ended up with a handful of his silky hair.

Zorus had no mercy while he flicked his tongue against her cl*t quickly, causing raw, nearly painful ecstasy to spread lightning quick from it straight to her brain. Her eyes closed and her h*ps arched closer to his talented mouth. Moans tore from her throat.

The cl**ax slammed her hard and fast, bowing her body, and shook her to the core of her soul. He didn’t ease up either, just continued to torment her until she jerked violently. She heard someone begging and realized the ragged voice belonged to her.

Zorus tore his mouth away and Charlie’s entire body went limp. The mattress dipped and she realized her eyes were closed so she opened them in time to watch Zorus crawl up her body. One of his hands planted near her head to hold up his weight while he reached between them.

She couldn’t speak, wasn’t sure what to say, and her body still twitched from how hard she’d come. She knew she should feel embarrassed at how fast he’d gotten her off but the cyborg knew exactly how to tongue her in a way to set off an explosive fireworks display inside her body.

His gaze fused with hers when he slowly lowered his body on top of her. His weight pressed her down against the soft mattress but not enough to crush. It dawned on her what was about to happen but she didn’t tell him to stop. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted him but her nearly sated body ached for more. She got it when the thick-tipped, hard crown of his c**k nudged against her soaked labia, parted them, and slowly pressed against the opening of her pu**y. Her hands rose to clutch at his shoulders when he pressed inside her.

Charlie wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs, accepting him when he eased deeper into her channel. Pleasure drew throaty moans from her again and her h*ps tilted to accept him more easily. Zorus groaned softly and his passion-filled eyes narrowed as she stared up at him in wonder.

She knew with conviction, in that moment, that no one had ever made her feel this good before and she had once been certain that Gerald would always remain the best lover she’d ever had. She’d been wrong, she admitted silently, when Zorus pulled back, nearly withdrew totally from her body, and then smoothly entered her again, going deeper and stretching awake wonderful nerve endings that sent rapture straight into her brain.

“Amazing,” he groaned, slowly thrusting in and out of her.

She agreed. Her knees bent more, her legs wrapped higher around him until her calves locked over his round, firm ass. He sank into her deeper and lowered even more until their bodies rubbed against each other in a delicious teasing manner that had her panting and clawing at his shoulders where her nails bit into skin. Her h*ps bucked under him to urge him on.

“Faster…please,” she pleaded.

Zorus groaned and nuzzled her face aside. His mouth brushed her throat when she turned her face away to give him what he wanted. Teeth raked the top of her shoulder, notched up her desire, and then his strong h*ps hammered her fast and hard.

“Oh god,” she panted. “Yes!”

The pleasure built into a frenzy of driving need and then Charlie screamed out as she came again, harder this time than the last, and Zorus threw his head back to shout when he found his own release. Charlie’s eyes flew open as hot heat flooded her inside. She could actually feel his thick shaft pulse against her quivering vaginal walls when he came.

He collapsed, his face resting next to hers, but kept enough weight braced with his elbows for her to still be able to draw air into her lungs. The sound of their ragged breathing mingled and his hot breath tickled the side of her throat, damp from his kisses and love bites. Charlie wrapped her arms around his neck and secured her legs tightly around his waist to hold him against her in case he tried to withdraw from her body. She didn’t want to break their connection. At least not yet.

“Are you well?” The cyborg’s voice came out a little gruff.


“You’re so small and fragile. I must be smothering you.”

“I’m good.” She hesitated a second and then opened her mouth. She brushed a kiss on his throat, used a little tongue to taste him, but stopped when he tensed suddenly. “What? I can’t kiss you?”

Zorus lifted his head and his dark gaze studied her. “You want to kiss me?”

The stunned look on his features made her smile. “Don’t cyborgs do that?”

“No. At least not in my experience.”

“Don’t you have sex? I mean, you’re really good at it.”

“I have sex regularly.”

That bit of information left an unhappy ball of misery inside her gut. She didn’t like the idea of him with someone else though she knew she had no right to feel jealous. He wasn’t hers, they weren’t in a relationship, but the green monster remained.


“I don’t kiss my sexual partners.”

“You kissed my neck.”

“I stimulated an erogenous zone to bring you to orgasm since I couldn’t reach the others in this position.”

“It felt like a kiss to me.”

A dark eyebrow arched. “I’m not opposed if you want to kiss me.”

She pulled her arms down and cupped his handsome face. “When is the last time you actually kissed someone on the mouth?”

A slow frown curved his generous mouth. “Never.”

Flabbergasted, Charlie couldn’t form words.

“I refused to allow humans to kiss me during sex acts and the female cyborgs have never asked me to do that when we arrange meetings.”

“Meetings?” She got that out, too astonished at his claim to never have been kissed to really say much more.

“I’m not a member of a family unit. I’m sterile and as a high ranking council member I’m not required to join one since it would be pointless. I can’t donate to the gene pool of my race and the only benefit of contracting with a female would be access to her body. If I have a need for physical contact with one, there are plenty of them willing to exchange sexual intercourse for favors my position allows me to give.”

Charlie tried to make sense of his words. “You can’t have kids? Is that what you mean?”

“Affirmative. Since I was used for sex after I’d been created they made it impossible for my body to impregnate any female after discovering I had that capability. There is no reversing what has been done to me.”

“And you only have sex with cyborg women who want you to do them political favors?”

He frowned. “You are abnormally pale.”

“It sounds so cold,” she whispered, sadness filling her. “And they don’t even kiss you?”

“There is no reason. It’s about mutual sexual gratification without emotion attachment.”

Her hands caressed his jawline and cheeks. “Do you know how to kiss?”

He hesitated. “I believe so.”

“Close your eyes.”


“I’m going to kiss you. Relax and just feel.”

Charlie lifted her head and closed her own eyes, not sure if he did, and her mouth gently brushed against his. His lips were surprisingly pliable, soft, and he allowed her to part them when she used her tongue to tease the bottom one. She entered his mouth, totally in control of the kiss, and on unsure ground since she’d never kissed someone who had never done it before.

Inside her his c**k stirred, fluttered, and noticeably hardened. It urged her to get more aggressive. She swept his mouth, rasping her tongue over his, and she turned her head a little to get more access. He started to kiss her back, their tongues dancing together, merging and stroking.

Zorus groaned and started to move his hips, f**king her slowly to match his movements with their kiss. Charlie moaned and her hands slid down his throat, his chest, and moved around his waist, to rake her nails down his spine. He drove into her hard and deep, breaking the seal of their lips when they both cried out in pleasure.

It was Zorus who took possession of her mouth as soon as he started to glide into her again and picked up the pace of their rocking joined bodies. Charlie clung to him, kissing him with a desperation that drove their passion higher until she tore away from him to avoid biting his tongue when another cl**ax tore through her. He cried out seconds later and came deep inside her.

Chapter Five

Zorus woke first, surprised he’d fallen asleep. He’d obviously rolled them over on the narrow bed at some point during the sleep cycle since Charlie’s body draped his with him under her. Her weight resting over his chest and h*ps didn’t unsettle him as much as the instant memories of what they’d done together.

He lifted his hand from the small of her back and touched his lips, reliving the kisses they’d shared. They felt a little swollen to him but in a way that made him want to smile. He flexed his other hand only to realize he held soft flesh in his palm. He eased his hold on her ass. Charlie mumbled something against his chest. Her head rested there, sideways, her ear pressed over his heart. Her long hair ran across his ribs, trapped between them and his arm.

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