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Sex had never been more explosive as it had been with the woman who slept atop his body. It held no logic for him but he couldn’t deny the truth. Charlie, a human, had made him feel more in one night than he’d ever felt in his entire existence. An unfamiliar emotion surfaced and he didn’t try to suppress it. Instead he evaluated what it could be. It startled him when the answer came and his body tensed while every muscle tightened in protest.

His arm wrapped protectively around Charlie’s back to cradle her against him and he didn’t want to let her go. Possession and an undeniable urge to keep her made him wrap his other arm around her to hold on tighter. Determination grew with every breath he took while he ordered his body to relax.

The odds of her being willing to stay with him were not in his favor. She wished to get revenge on her deceitful brother who’d betrayed her trust. The human, Russell, wasn’t of consequence but convincing her not to follow him to Saturn would be difficult. He could just take her and force her to remain at his side until his fascination waned but that would defeat the purpose of figuring out why she affected him so deeply and strangely.

Her breathing changed and her head lifted. Zorus met her sleepy gaze and she did something odd. She smiled at him. Her dark hair had become a tangled mess while she slept or perhaps it could have happened from the sexual encounters they had shared. She still had the power to make him want her even though she didn’t look her best. That curve upward of her mouth had his c**k reacting, stiffening as blood rushed to his groin.


He reached out with his mind to connect to the onboard computer. “It’s actually afternoon. We slept for ten hours.”

She laughed and flattened her hands on top of his chest, using the back of them to rest her chin on while she studied his face. “We had a tough evening. It’s no wonder we were out for so long.”

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. I admit I’m feeling some aching muscles I didn’t realize I had but I’m just hungry mostly.”

Anger surged. “I ordered the captain to bring food and clothing for you. He never did.”

“I think I heard the door ding but we were busy.” She winked. “You’re not a happy person in the mornings, are you?”

“I’m not unhappy.”

“Just grumpy then.” Her focus lowered to his chest. “I bet I could put a smile on your face.” She wiggled her h*ps a little, indicating that she wanted him to release her waist.

Zorus hesitated and then unwound his arms to place them flat at his sides. He didn’t want to let her go but it just wasn’t logical to force her to remain sprawled over his body. Instead of climbing off, she slipped down his body and her knees slid from the sides of his h*ps to the inside of his thighs. He spread them to make room until she sat back on her calves. He looked down with interest to see what she’d do.

“You can’t change my emotions.”

“Wow,” she ignored his comment. “You’re impressive, Zorus.”

He drew his arms up and crossed them behind his head to improve his view of her. Charlie seemed mesmerized with his erect cock. Her hand rose to wrap around the base of his shaft. He tensed instantly.

“What are you doing?”

“Exploring you.” She bit her lower lip and then released it with her teeth to slide her tongue across both. She glanced up with a smile again. “You’re big all over. I can turn your grumpy attitude into a better one.”

“That’s just not―”

She moved quickly and his arms shot out to grab at her but when her mouth closed over the tip of his c**k his hands froze inches from making contact to knock her away. He’d thought for an instant that she might be attacking. Her mouth was warm and wet as it encased the tip of his throbbing sex. The sensation of her tongue making circles to trace the edge of the crown made him groan.

She sucked on him, taking more, and he locked his h*ps in place so he wouldn’t rock against her mouth and force his c**k too deep. All thoughts left him while he just enjoyed the vibrations she created when she started to slowly lift and lower her head and turn her face to different angles. He didn’t try to block the pleasure or get control of it. Instead he watched her, grew more aroused, and warned her before he came.

He expected her to release him but instead she moved faster, quickening the delicious friction of the wet, tight seal that her heated, wonderful mouth created. Zorus threw his head back, his balls tightening until it nearly hurt, and then he started to jerk under her while his se**n emptied into her welcoming throat. She swallowed him down, making him cry out more with each suckle, until he couldn’t stand it anymore. It had become too intense. His fingers tangled with her hair to tug her off him, trying not to harm her.

Charlie released him and he heard her chuckle before she climbed up his body. His hold on her hair eased, withdrew, and she collapsed on top of his chest once more, careful to keep his still-hard c**k from becoming trapped between their bodies when she straddled his lower stomach. He could feel how wet she’d become as her sex rubbed against his skin.

He slowly opened his eyes to find her face hovering over his and a grin lighting up her attractive features. She licked her lips before she spoke. “Let’s try this again. Good morning.”

He rolled them over, careful not to crush her leg at the side of his hip, and pinned her under him. Her eyes widened with surprise a second before he drove into her welcoming pu**y. She threw her head back, her fingers clawed at his biceps, and pure possessiveness gripped him when he buried himself into her as deeply as he could get. He froze there, held still, enjoying how hot and tight and wet she was for him.

Charlie wrapped her legs around his hips, her heels dug into his ass, and she met his gaze. “You just came. How can you―”

“I’m not a human male,” he informed her. “I can f**k you for hours.”

“You’re going to kill me if you do.” She grinned to soften the severity of her words. “But I’d sure appreciate it if you’d move long enough to make me feel really good.”

He slowly pulled back, almost completely left the wonderful soft sheath of her pu**y and then drove home, deep, making her cry out in pleasure. Her legs squeezed him tightly to hold him against her and he braced his knees into the soft bed, spread her thighs wider when he lifted up a little until it forced her ass to lift off the mattress. He started to pound into her steadily and quickly while he adjusted the angle of his c**k with the sounds she made, telling him what caused her the most pleasure.

The muscles of her vaginal walls tightened even more until he almost fought to get into and out of her, watched her features tense, her eyes widen, and then her mouth parted when she screamed out his name. He snarled, satisfied that she knew without a doubt who had made her cl**ax, and unclenched his teeth. He had been fighting his own release to make sure she reached hers first. He threw his head back, drove into her even faster, and her convulsing sex squeezed and milked him into sexual oblivion. Rapture blinded him, detonated inside his brain and body, and he knew nothing for long seconds until the haze of it passed.

“Can’t breathe,” Charlie gasped softly, her hands pushing at his shoulders.

He jerked his weight up enough to stop crushing her. “I’m sorry.” It horrified him that he’d totally lost all control over his body and that he’d collapsed completely on top of her in a wilted mass.

She gasped in air and then surprised him again when she laughed. “I’m okay. I’m actually pretty great.” Her hands cupped his face. “You don’t need to shave, do you?”

He shook his head, more than a little confused. “I can’t follow your logic.”

“My logic?”

“We had intercourse, I nearly suffocated you, and out of the blue, you ask about facial hair?”

She laughed. “It was great sex, I take it as a compliment that you nearly fell comatose after f**king me, and I just noticed you have no stubble on your face. What’s not to understand about that?”

Charlie tried not to laugh but she couldn’t help it. He was so cute with that baffled look on his face. Yesterday she’d been sure he won the award for biggest ass**le she’d ever met but a night with him, sharing his bed, had shown her a whole new side of Zorus. A sexy, incredibly hot one that had sent her libido into overdrive and left her body singing his praises, if not also a bit sore from all the physical activity.

She’d never slept with a man she hadn’t been totally involved with in a long-term relationship but she didn’t suffer any regrets. The feel of him still connected to her by their joined bodies gave her an odd sensation of rightness that should have unsettled her but it didn’t, for some reason. They were both in over their heads. Obviously neither of them had foreseen that they’d end up in bed together, and that made her feel even more connected to him on an emotional level.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“No.” She couldn’t wipe off the smile. “I’m not but I find this kind of amusing.”

“I don’t.”

She studied his features and saw anger begin to darken his beautiful eyes. “What we just shared was smoking hot and you just called it intercourse. That sounds so cold. Don’t you see the irony in that?”

He blinked a few times. “No.”

She saw the truth in his sincere gaze. “You confuse me too,” she admitted. “You can be computerlike but when we touch, you’re the exact opposite.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Right now you’re reminding me of one of the computers I have interaction with. When you’re touching me though…” She decided to be blunter. “When you’re ha**ng s*x with me, you are really passionate and alive. Do you understand?”

“That I understand. We connect better during intercourse than on a conversational level.”

“Can you stop calling it that?”


“Yeah. It sounds so clinical and what we did together was anything but.”

“Do you prefer the term f**king?” He actually arched an eyebrow and his eyes shone with amusement.

“I like that word better.”

“I assumed that word would insult your feminine sensibilities.”

“Another thing they programmed you with?”

Zorus took a deep breath. “I’m not a computer, nor do I have chips that function as my brain. I have chips and implants installed into my organic brain that help me control certain physical functions but I’m completely sentient.”

“You talk the way computers do sometimes.” She didn’t want to insult him. “I’m glad I’m not doing an android though.”

“I’m a cyborg.” Anger tensed his muscles.

“I’m not real sure what that means or what the differences are. I don’t mean to piss you off or insult you. Whatever you are, I obviously like you a hell of a lot.” She wiggled her hips, noticed his c**k had softened somewhat inside her, and stopped moving to prevent dislodging him. She wanted to stay the way they were and feared he’d emotionally withdraw from her if he did physically. “Talk to me.”

“I’m a laboratory-engineered super being with spliced genes and cloning technology. I have chips implanted in sections of my brain that enable me to shut off the signals a normal brain sends.” He paused. “I have some artificial organs and cybernetic technology to replace damaged or defective parts of my body.”

Charlie tried not to show how his words affected her. What the hell had they done to Zorus and the people created like him? It sounded awful and horrifying. She caressed his cheek.

“So you are part human and part robotics?”

He hesitated. “We don’t consider ourselves human even though we were created from human DNA. Our DNA was mutated, enhanced, spliced into what the scientists wished us to be and then we were grown with cloning technology in vats. I detest being compared to an android. Our bodies are mostly made up of organic materials with cybernetic enhancements.” He lowered his face until their noses touched. “Do you understand the difference?”

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