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Blackie took possession of her mouth, kissing her passionately as he dropped his weight over her again to pin her firmly in place under him. He cupped the side of her face, deepening the kiss as he began to pound in and out of her pu**y, seemingly out of control.

Eve clung to him since moving was impossible except to kiss him back enthusiastically. She’d definitely have bruises but it would be worth every single one. Blackie kept driving in and out of her until he brought her to cl**ax. He tore his lips away from hers when he found his own release.

She held him tenderly as they both panted, eyes closed, and caught their breaths. He surprised her when he rolled them over but he didn’t separate their bodies. Instead his big hands rubbed her ass as he got comfortable sprawled on his back.

“See? You like the floor now, don’t you?” She couldn’t help but tease him.

He chuckled. “I like everything when you are involved.”

She rested her head on his chest to listen to the precious sound of his heartbeat. Her mate made her happier than she’d ever been in her entire life. A grim thought surfaced. Now just don’t let anything take him away from me ever again. I can’t survive it.

Chapter Seven

Eve pressed back against Blackie, semi-aware that he put off a lot of body heat while they slept. Her knees were pressed tightly against the bulkhead since he took up a lot of space on the bunk. The room was still dark when she opened her eyes and smiled. They’d moved off the floor at some point and had fallen asleep after another bout of sex.

She wiggled her ass against his lap where he spooned around her back, hoping he’d wake too. Making love would be the perfect way to start a new day together. His breathing changed and the fingers curving around her hip clenched. The low rumbling sound he made as he exhaled was sexy.

Her hearing also registered another very faint sound. It was the only warning before the door to the hallway was forced open with a screech of metal. Years of training and pure instinct took over as she used the leverage of the wall to push off. It knocked Blackie flat onto his back so she was able to roll over him. Her feet landed on his discarded pants.

The bright light spilling in from the hallway was blinding but she locked onto the dark figure that blocked some it. The fierceness of her protective instincts kicking in were a little shocking to Eve but her mate was in danger. Her claws burst from her fingertips as she snarled, lunging at the intruder. She didn’t take time to think, too intent on killing the threat.

The solid bulk she came up against was big but it had give as he stumbled back from her dead-center hit. The sharp hiss of someone in pain registered a second after her clawed hands made contact. She shredded material and skin while tossing her head forward and slamming her forehead into a strong jaw.

He staggered into the hallway before getting tripped up and falling back onto the floor. Eve got a good look at the cyborg once her vision adjusted after a few blinks. The enemy desperately attempted to toss her off his chest where she was sprawled but it only made her dig her claws into his skin deeper. It was the jerk who had pissed Blackie off earlier by showing up at their door making demands.

“Get away from her!” Blackie yelled.

“Get her off me!” Fleet shouted back.

A strong arm hooked around her waist, hauling her away from her prey. Her sharp claws were torn out of Fleet’s skin and caused him to groan. She snarled, struggling despite knowing who held her. She avoided attacking her mate to break free but that didn’t stop her from frantically wiggling in hopes of sliding down Blackie’s body.

“Enough,” he ordered against her ear.

She stilled but her glare fixed on the downed cyborg. Fleet bled from the deep gouges she’d inflicted. It wasn’t nearly enough damage, in her opinion.

“He broke into our room,” she panted, flashing fangs. “Let me at him again. He came to kill us in our sleep. I was just about to rip out his throat.”

Fleet scooted on the floor until his back rested against the hallway wall. His hands clutched his chest and he glared back at her. “That isn’t accurate.”

“Uh-huh. You came bearing gifts, right? I don’t see a red suit or a bag of toys, Santa. NOT!”

“I don’t understand what that means.” He gaped at her as if she were deranged.

“I believe she’s making a reference to Earth’s holiday of Christmas and Santa Claus.” Blackie raised his other arm and pointed his weapon at the downed cyborg while he twisted his body, turning Eve toward the door to their quarters. “You have thirty seconds to explain your actions before I blow apart your chest.”

Frustration rose in Eve when she had to contort her neck to be able to see around her mate since he’d put his body between her and the injured cyborg on the floor.

“Don’t shoot.” Fleet slowly lifted his bloodied hands, palms out. “I came to talk.”

“By breaking into our room? I call bullshit.” Eve wiggled and Blackie’s hold around her waist adjusted until her toes touched the cold metal floor of the corridor.

“Get dressed.” He let go.

She glanced at him but his focus remained on his target. “You’re na**d too.”

“I hear approaching booted feet. Put something on. I refuse to allow other men to view so much of you.”

There was no use arguing when she picked up the faint sound as well. Eve rushed inside their room and jerked open the drawer that held Blackie’s shirts. In seconds she’d tugged on one that covered her from shoulder to mid-thigh and attempted to return to the hallway. Her mate stepped back to obstruct the doorway, leaving her trapped inside but able to peer at what was going on in the corridor through the gaps he couldn’t fill.

Varion rushed around the corner and came to a halt. The medic took in the scene. “What happened? The computer alerted me to a medical emergency while I ate.”

“That woman attacked me,” Fleet accused.

“With reason,” Blackie stated. “You are running out of time. Explain why you broke into my quarters and what your intentions were.”

Fleet uttered a soft curse. “I wanted a private discussion with your woman.”

“I said no. You may tell Parlis he can hear what is said during the meeting I asked the council members to hold. All will be present.”

“You are aware of how much damage could result if you follow through with that plan. Be logical.”

“Fuck logic.” Blackie lowered his voice. “He isn’t going to silence my mate.”

“You believe he came to kill her?” Varion inched closer.

Blackie gave a sharp nod. “It would be convenient if she and Danica never reached Garden.”

“That wasn’t my mission,” Fleet denied. “I wanted to explain to your woman the ramifications of what her testimony could do to our society. Your refusal to allow access to her forced me to form a new plan.” He gazed at her. “Please hear what I have to say.”

She snorted. “You’re pretty stupid for a cyborg. Breaking in wasn’t a way to convince me of anything except that you’re a maggot.”

Fleet’s lips parted but nothing came out. He appeared confused.

“I’m certain that’s an insult.” Blackie lowered the weapon a little. “Get him out of here before I make him bleed more, Varion. He needs your assistance.”

The medic closed the distance and bent, gripping the downed cyborg by his upper arm to help him to stand.

Fleet pushed up to his feet, keeping his back against the wall. He clutched at his wounds again. “I need to talk to her, Blackie. This is important. Every council member is a vital link in the chain of authority. We can’t lose one.”

“Parlis’ political career outlook is no concern of mine. They can replace him. I will kill you if you attempt to harm Eve in the future. Consider our previous friendship at an end.”

“She attacked me without provocation. Your anger should be directed at her.”

“Invading our quarters wasn’t provocation?”

“You left me with no other options. I only planned to incapacitate you long enough to have a conversation with the canine.”

Blackie raised the weapon again, aiming at the other cyborg’s head. “I will kill you in order to keep Eve safe. Don’t come near her again.”

“You’re being unreasonable and irrational.”

“I’m protecting what is mine.”

Varion wrapped an arm around Fleet. “He has an emotional attachment to the woman. You attacked them.” He paused. “You’re the one being irrational, Fleet.”

“You are unaware of the dire situation.”

The medic released him, shoving him against the wall. “I’ve been informed. Parlis made an agreement with the canine units and his actions were dishonorable by leaving them behind to die. It was something the government that oppressed us would have done. They told lies and used us without regard to the lives we lost. We’re held to higher standards. This information will not be suppressed any longer.”

Fleet gaped at Varion before he turned his head to glare at Blackie. “You shared classified information with him? Who else have you told?”

Blackie lowered the weapon. “I too followed all orders given by the council. Parlis is lying to them, Fleet. He was a male I highly respected but he isn’t worthy of my devotion. It isn’t for the good of our population to keep silent on this matter. Instead he hides it to conceal his guilt for the wrong actions he’s taken. Think about that while you allow the medic to tend your injuries. Everything has changed.”

“It’s because of her.” Fleet shot a frustrated look at Eve.

Blackie shifted his stance, blocking her. “No. It was the truth that has made me aware of the errors I’ve made by never questioning the orders or the reasons behind them. I’m learning. Do the same.” He backed up, gently pushing Eve completely into the room. The door closed, sealing them inside.


The computer complied with Blackie’s order and Eve bit her lip, contemplating what to say to her mate as she looked up at him. He appeared upset, even a little sad, as he placed the weapon on one of the shelves near the door. It sank in that he and Fleet seemed to have been close friends once. She reached out to him but stopped, seeing the blood on her fingers.

“I’m so sorry. It sucks to discover someone you care about is a moron. You’re better off without him in your life.”

“It will be fine. Fleet is irrelevant.” He glanced down and suddenly gripped her wrists, examining them. “Are you hurt? Is that blood yours?”

“Nope to both. It’s all his.”

He led her over to the cleansing unit and pushed a button. The exterior sink slid out and he activated it. The foam was warm as it coated her hands, dissolving the blood until her smooth, uncut skin was revealed.

“I told you. It was all his.”

Blackie gently dried her fingers with a soft towel that dispensed when the foam cut off. “You could have been hurt.” He lifted his gaze, holding hers, and anger simmered in those dark-blue depths. “Don’t ever do that again. I could have handled the situation.”

She didn’t want to argue with him. “Okay. We should check on Danica and Gene. If that cyborg was willing to pay us a visit, he might have gone there first.”

“Get dressed.”

“You can’t just contact them through the ship coms?”

“It’s no longer safe for us to remain apart. It’s best if we join forces. Gene and I will rotate guard shifts.”

The really bad feeling she had made her stomach a bit queasy. “You expect more trouble?”

“I’m uncertain but I won’t underestimate the threat any longer.”

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