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He believed she would and amusement struck. “You’re incredibly arousing when you threaten to mutilate other cyborgs.”

She smiled at him. “Do you want to know the great thing about quickies? They can turn into more. We could just call what we did a warm-up.” She jerked her head toward the bed.

Temptation was strong. “I need to contact a few of the alliances I’ve made. I don’t want to reach Garden unprepared for any scenario.”

“You want your friends to meet us there so you have backup?”

“Yes.” She really did have entertaining language skills.

“Cool. You do that and I’ll go use the cleansing unit to give you a little privacy.” She winked. “Then it’s round two.”

His dick stiffened, more than interested. “I’ll hurry.” It was tough to ease her away from the wall when he didn’t want to release her. He managed though, his concern for her future paramount. His sexual desires could wait.

He faced the exterior door panel the moment she stepped into the unit and placed his hand on the sensor, linking to the onboard computer. Irritation quickly narrowed his gaze when it blocked him from communications. Fleet had attempted to prevent him from reaching anyone on Garden. Blackie hacked the system until he had control. He had a lot of enemies but he also had high-ranking friends.

“I need to present facts,” he informed Zorus when the council member answered. “Are you aware of what a canine unit is?”

The silence over the link made Blackie anxious.


Rage gripped Blackie. “You agreed to leave them behind on Earth?”

Zorus allowed his displeasure to be known by his terse attitude when he responded. “Why would we steal four-legged beasts from Earth? The security teams used those animals to help contain us. They weren’t friendly or cooperative. It would have been a waste to attempt to retrain them if we’d stolen some.”

“I’m talking about the women. The ones they created and designated them ‘canine units’.”

“My only reference for canine units is the animals on leashes that some of the guards walked the perimeter with. Were they enhanced in some way? I wasn’t aware of that. Are you informing me that you’ve learned of cyborg canine units? The human women you rescued had classified information? I was informed they are possible spies. Do you have proof they are military?”

Blackie relaxed, certain the council member was being honest. Zorus was known for his bluntness. “The report you received is incorrect. They aren’t spies. Earth Government mixed human and canine DNA to create women. Some of the council members were aware. They made a pact with the canine women. If they helped us escape from Earth they could escape with us but the cyborg leaders didn’t keep their bargain. Those women were left behind to die.”

Zorus didn’t respond.

The link was still active when Blackie checked. “Did you hear me? They appear to be human but they have canine enhancements. Earth Government killed all but two of them after our escape. They were slaughtered in retaliation for coming to our aid.”

“Start from the beginning and tell me how you came by this information. Is it reliable?”

Blackie turned his head and opened his eyes, glancing at the active cleansing unit. “My source is very reliable and she’s one of the two survivors. The women we rescued are canine units. You’re being lied to if you were informed they are merely human.” He told the council member everything he had learned.

Eve wrapped a towel around her body and stepped out of the cleansing unit. Blackie stood by the door with his hand pressed to the panel. The stillness of his body assured her that he remained in communication with whomever he had contacted. She didn’t disturb him, guessing he was aware of her presence. She sat on the bunk.

It was a little sad, knowing she was the cause of his distress. The confessions he’d made about some of the things he’d done deeply disturbed him. She didn’t regret finding him though and would figure out a way to help him deal with his regrets. They’d face whatever happened together, good or bad.

He ended the transmission when he tore his hand off the panel and spun. His dark gaze sought her and he approached. She studied his expression. He slowly lowered to his knees in front of her.

“I spoke to one of the council members. He wasn’t aware of the canine project.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“It’s excellent news. He’s outraged. He promised to meet us when we arrive on Garden. I expect issues to arise.”

“What kind?”

He paused. “My access had been limited to my quarters.”

“What does that mean?”

“Fleet removed my access to the computer and the shuttle’s functions. He attempted to stop me from contacting Garden but I was able to bypass his efforts. He’s also removed me from the duty schedule and issued an order for me to remain in our quarters. I’m to have no contact with any other cyborgs, per his instructions.”

That wasn’t good and she knew it. “We need weapons.”

“We’ll be fine once we reach Garden. Zorus and some of his trusted associates will be there in case Parlis has arranged for our arrest to keep us separated from the population.”

“You think he’d really try to shove us into some hole to keep us quiet?”

“We don’t have any below-ground holding cells.”

“You know what I mean. Or maybe not.” She had to remember he sometimes took her words too literally. “Do you think he’ll try to keep us from talking to anyone?”

“Yes. It won’t be possible though. As I said, Zorus is now aware of the situation and will take measures to prevent us from being detained.”

It sounded too easy. “What if Parlis orders this Fleet guy to toss us out an airlock before we reach your planet? We need weapons, Blackie.” Danica was vulnerable. “We need to get to the cargo hold.”

“I contacted Gene to update him on the situation and check their welfare. Your littermate is safe.”

“He’ll protect her?”


She didn’t know the other cyborg well enough to be certain she could entrust Danica’s life to him. “He’d risk his neck to save her? Even if his superior officer ordered him to stand down?”

“Gene will kill if necessary to prevent harm from coming to Danica.”

He seemed sure and she was willing to trust his judgment. “I think it’s better if the four of us stick close together. How many cyborgs are on this shuttle?”


“Those aren’t good odds.”

“The medic wouldn’t harm women. I contacted him as well. He’ll warn us if Fleet plans an attack.”

“Isn’t that the dude you were fighting with in the hallway after I woke up? I hate to break it to you but he really seemed intent on smashing your face. I’m sure I didn’t score any brownie points when I tried to pounce on him.”

“We called a temporary truce due to our mutual stance on this issue.”

“You mean you both want to keep me alive until we reach Garden?”

“Exactly. Varion has a soft spot when it comes to Earth women.” He sighed. “I thought it was a flaw but now I’m grateful.”

“Did you tell him that?”


“You probably should express yourself better. It will go a long way to show people that you’re changing.”

His hands lifted and settled gently on her thighs. “Some will view it as weakness.”

I’m the weakness. I’ll be the reason they think that way. She wanted to kiss him but refrained. “Loving someone takes a lot of courage. The ones who have a problem with us being together probably just haven’t experienced it yet.”

“You’re correct but it doesn’t make it a lesser probability that our situation will become an opportunity for some to seek retribution for the things I’ve done. I have made many enemies.”

She hated to see his worried expression. “As I said, I’m tough, baby. We’ll face anything that comes our way together.” She unleashed her claws. “You guys are strong but you bleed.”

“Calm,” he rasped, reaching for her.

She retracted her nails, preventing the sharp points from pricking his skin when he held her hands. “I’m trying but you have no idea how crazy I feel inside when I think about losing you after I finally found you again.”

“I believe you but that doesn’t mean I want to see you in battle. Please promise to get behind me if an issue arises.”

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what? What have I done?” He tilted his head slightly, peering at her with a frown.

“Pull that macho crap. I can fight.”

“You don’t have the strength of a cyborg.”

“I can still do some serious damage.”

“We can shut down our pain receptors at will. Are you able to do that?”

“No.” She saw where he headed with his logic. “But I highly doubt you guys get as pissed as I do. I might be small but I’d bet that I’m way meaner.”

He had the nerve to smile. “You’re mine to protect.”

“Macho bullcrap,” she muttered but inched closer until her mouth lined up with his, sharing the same air they breathed. “It kind of looks sexy on you. Kiss me before you get more irritating.”

He closed the gap and tried do as she’d demanded. Eve pounced, knocking him back until both of them landed in a heap on his floor with her on top. She straddled his lap as she lifted up by pushing against his chest, giving him a grin. His mouth hung wide open in surprise.

“Oh? What’s that? A little chick flattened a big bad cyborg.”

Dark eyes narrowed, the only warning he gave, before he rolled. He moved fast for someone so big, grabbed her wrists and jerked them above her head as they flipped over. His weight crushed her under him.

“Now what will you do?”

She spread her legs a little wider and wrapped them around his waist. “Get nailed on the floor?”


She wiggled her hips, rubbing her sex against the front of his hard cock, trapped inside his pants. “Take me.”

He licked his lips and his gaze lowered to her mouth. “The bed is softer. You could bruise.”

He wanted her and she knew the feeling. All those decades of having a missing mate without any sexual outlet had built up. Just being close to Blackie and feeling him was enough to send her libido into overdrive. Her ni**les ached where they were smashed against his chest. The towel had come off somewhere during the time she’d knocked him onto his back and when he’d reversed their positions.

“I heal fast. Let me go.” She tugged against his grip on her wrists.

His fingers eased their hold and she jerked free, reaching down to the sides of his pants. She tugged at them until he lifted his h*ps to oblige as she wiggled her fingers between their bodies just to tear the material open to free his cock.

“I’ll get up.”

“Part of you already is.” She lifted her head and tried to kiss his mouth as her legs locked tighter around his waist to prevent him from pushing away from her. “I just want you inside me.”

It was exasperating when he pulled back a little. “Are you certain you want to continue this on the floor?”

His doubtful expression was adorable. “Right here, right now, baby.” She wiggled her hips, arching them up and rubbing her sex against his. She was wet and more than ready. “Stop stalling. I need you.”

He braced one hand near her head and used the other one to guide his c**k to line up with the slit of her welcoming sex. She moaned when he slowly breached her. The feel of him filling her was sheer heaven.

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