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With my thumb pressing firmly over her clit, my index finger slides against her tight opening and I feel her flinch. I want to penetrate her so badly I can taste it.

Sophie grips me at the same time I begin rubbing the outside of her opening, teasing her. She moves her hand up and down my shaft. Her tight grip is almost too much for me to handle. I’ve craved her touch for so long, it won’t take me long to come undone.

"Easy baby, go slow," I remind her. I want to draw this out, and I won’t last long if she keeps pumping my cock like that.

Sophie slows her pace, which allows some of the blood to flow back into my head, and I resume pleasuring her. Parting her folds, I find the swollen nub peeking out at me and using her own moisture, I caress her again and again. A breathy groan crawls up Sophie’s chest and escapes past her parted lips. I touch her lightly, gently, taking my time and getting to know what she likes. Her body trembles against mine as she fights to remain standing.

Locking one arm around her waist, I continue my assault. My mouth moves to her breasts and I lick one nipple and then the other.

I press my finger forward. She’s slippery and soaking wet, and even though she’s as tight as a glove, my finger slides in easily. A ragged moan tangles in her throat and my lips crash down on hers.

I drag my finger in and out of her molten heat and feel her flex around my knuckle. "You want me to fuck this tight little opening?" Her groan of desperation is too much. I can’t even let myself think about how good she’ll feel around my cock, or I’ll come too fast and embarrass myself.

She inhales sharply and watches me while I slowly but carefully add a second finger. Her body grips me and her eyes slip closed as a little whimper falls from her mouth.

I curl my fingers upward and press down on her clit. She cries out, her body quaking in my arms as she comes. The sight of her coming on my hand pushes me over the edge, and a hot stream of semen spurts to the tile floor between us, marking Sophie’s belly in the process. I growl out my release, burying my face in her neck and biting down softly to keep from moaning.


When I look up, she’s smiling at me. Her blue eyes dance on mine and her face is pink. She looks happy – completely and utterly happy and satisfied. Even though I love it, it makes me feel like an even bigger ass for denying her touch for so long. My mouth captures hers again and I kiss her hungrily, taking my time to explore every inch of her tongue with mine.

Once we both come down from the high of our climaxes, I realize the water has cooled around us. I crank up the hot water and wash Sophie’s supple skin using a bottle of body wash from the shelf. She relaxes into my touch, letting me rub her shoulders, down her back and even between her legs. Her eyes find mine and we share a silent understanding. Even though our circumstances are anything but normal, I can tell this is our new normal. It’s what we’re both choosing. It scares me to think how compatible we are.

I’d been trying like hell to hold her at a distance – to keep her separate from my personal life – but there’s no denying it, she’s all I think about. She’s all I want. Though it’s entirely honest, the realization scares me. And it feels nice to be touched. Even if it’s not real.

Chapter Eleven


We’re lying in bed, facing each other in the pale moonlight. I should feel self-conscious about our shower activities earlier, but all I feel is blissfully happy and relaxed. Knowing Colton wanted me just as badly as I wanted him – that his desire for me had nothing to do with the transaction at the auction and was the culmination of raw lust – made it that much better.

"I have an idea…" Colton says, looking at me thoughtfully. "About you working."

He’s changed his mind. He doesn’t want me out of the house, which was my sole purpose for wanting to find a job. I swallow heavily and meet his gaze. "What is it?"

His thumb reaches out to smooth the crinkle etched into my forehead. "How would you feel about working for one of my companies?"

It’s just another way I’ll be tied to him. I’d wanted something for me. But as I open my mouth to speak, he continues.

"It’d be for my charity organization. I’m sponsoring a huge project in Africa and could use an extra set of hands. Mostly office work – if you’re good with word processing and filing. Kylie’s my only full-time office employee, and she’s been working seven days a week just trying to keep up with the workload. It’d actually be a huge help."

Knowing it’s for charity, and that’s he’s not just throwing me some pity busy-work, I find myself nodding my head. "Okay. I’ll do it."

"Perfect. I’ll let Kylie know. You can start whenever it suits you."

"Tomorrow will be fine." I don’t think I need another day of lounging in the sun or jogging aimlessly through Colton’s winding neighborhood of mansions.

He chuckles. "Tomorrow it is."


Colton wakes me in the morning with tender kisses to the back of my neck and I push my bottom into his groin and moan at the dual sensations. The damp sucking kisses and the rigid length of his erection nestled between my cheeks perk me up instantly. I’m wide awake. And suddenly very much in the mood, remembering that earth-shattering orgasm he delivered last night.

He nips at the base of my neck, moving lower down my spine. "Does that feel nice, sweetness?"

"Yes," I breathe. Rolling over so I can see him, I bring my arms around his neck and snuggle closer. I like our new lack of boundaries when it comes to touching. It feels nice to be held after not having a man in my life for so long. Last night bonded us and it’s obvious we’re growing closer. I have a feeling I’m going to miss him even more than before when he’s at work.

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