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The whisper of her hot breath rushing against my neck is more intimate than expected. Her body is pressed tightly to mine. She’s giving herself to me. That knowledge is a potent thing, but I won’t abuse my power. I pull a deep breath into my lungs and vow to go slow – to take my time. If she’s letting me touch her, I will make damn sure this is good for her.

The press of her heavy breasts against my chest is too much to resist, I bring my hands up and cup her tits, unable to wait any longer. They’re firm and soft at the same time and when my thumbs graze her nipples her breath shudders against my neck. I rub them back and forth, slowly, letting her get used to me touching her. Sensing she wants more, I give them a little tug and her whimper punctuates the silence beautifully.

"I want to watch you touch yourself," I breathe against her neck.

Her eyes perk up to mine and she chews on her lower lip. I don’t want her to feel embarrassed that I caught her. Shit, she caught me watching porn, preparing to jerk myself off the other night, even though neither of us spoke about it.

She doesn’t respond, but I take her right hand in mine, the hand she’d been using to touch herself, and place it between her legs. A heavy sigh falls from her lips as I press her fingers into the rosebud of her clit. "Feel how swollen your clit is." I press our joined fingers harder against her. "Touch your pussy for me. Make it feel good," I whisper.

Her fingers begin to circle and her breath falters in her chest. I keep my hand on hers so that both of us are pleasuring her. I watch her eyes slip closed and a look of bliss overtakes her face. Breathless moans push past her lips as her pace builds. She’s so incredibly worked up and ready, its sexy as hell.

I feel like a fucking fool for waiting. I’d assumed all these weeks, ever since I brought home the bottle of oil that she thought was lubricant, that she wouldn’t welcome my touch. I’m not some sick, sadistic Dom that gets off on the thought of forcing a woman to submit. Knowing she wants this every bit as much as me changes everything. Well, almost everything. She is still a virgin, and I’m still… I push the thought away. I will deal with my past later. Nothing will spoil this moment with a wet, naked and willing Sophie in my arms.

Her eyes are wild, uninhibited like I’ve never seen before. I fucking love it. Her movements grow urgent. Desperate. Uneven breaths push past her lips. She’s rubbing her clit in tiny circles, making me ache to take over, when all of a sudden her movements still and she releases a frustrated sigh.

My heartbeat slams to a stop. "What’s wrong?"

"I can’t come without my vibrator," she whispers, her voice a hoarse plea and her mouth turned down in a pout.

The hell she can’t. The alpha male inside me perks up his ears and beats on his chest. Suddenly watching her unravel is the only thing on my mind. "I’ve got you, sweetness." She’ll come so hard she’ll forget her own damn name.

She shakes her head. "I’ve tried…I get close, but…"

I meet her eyes. I don’t need some damn toy to get her off, but if the safety net of a toy is more comfortable than having me touch her I have no problem going to retrieve it. "Where is it?"

"At home. I don’t have it here."

Well that settles that. "You’re telling me that you’ve never had an orgasm either on your own or with a partner?"

"There was only one partner before you and…" her voice trembles.

I hush her with the press of my lips to hers. Knowing I’m going to be the first man in so many ways makes all my blood rush south.

"How in the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that?"

Her cheeks grow rosy and she looks down at the marble floor between our bare feet.

"Answer me, sweetness." I tilt her chin up to mine.

Her eyelashes flutter against her cheeks as she struggles to make eye contact. "I might have watched a few porn videos before the auction, just to be sure I knew how."

Holy shit. Trained by porn stars, yet as pure and sweet as they come. I can’t escape the growl of satisfaction that murmurs from my throat.

She bites down on her plump lower lip, causing my erection to strain as I imagine her mouth around my cock, and the feeling of the gentle tug of her teeth against my skin.

"Just relax and breathe for me, okay?"

She nods, her shoulders dropping just slightly as she inhales. "I’ve never…I’ve been close a few times. I think."

"Do you trust me?" I ask.

She blinks up at with solemn blue yes. "Yes."

I can tell she means it and I like that. A fuck of a lot.

"Just relax and let me make you feel good, okay?" She’d probably put so much damn pressure on herself, or worse, listened to some asshole ex who didn’t know the clitoris from the g-spot and had psyched herself out. I had to believe there wasn’t anything wrong with her anatomy. The trick would be to get her brain to quiet down so that her body could just relax and enjoy.

She draws another deep breath and some of the tension in her posture falls away.

"Can I touch you?" I whisper against the skin at her neck.

She nods enthusiastically. "God, yes."

I swallow the heavy lump in my throat. I’m scared that if I start touching her, I won’t have the restraint to stop. But unable to keep myself from taking what I want, I slide my hand down her belly, finding her center slick and wet. It sends a jolt of desire straight to my dick, which leaps enthusiastically against her belly.

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