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I only had a few days left, and Keiran and Lake wouldn’t be back for the Christmas holiday for a few days. By then it would be too late.

I made it back without getting caught and made my way to the bedroom. All the fucking, planning, and sneaking around had done me in, and no sooner had I laid down, I was out like a light.

Shortly after, the low beep of the front door jarred me from my sleep as if it were the sound of a bomb detonating. The clock on the nightstand read that it was just after midnight. Had Dash come back?

Maybe he’d come to torture me more with his presence.

My toes sunk into the plush carpet as I shook off the remnants of sleep. I felt as if I could go a few more hours, but the silence leftover from the door opening was spooking me.

Hesitant steps led me to the front of the apartment, and I was scared shitless by the sight of Keiran standing at the door wearing all black. The dark hood over his head shielded his expression, but the energy drifting across the space was enough.

It took seconds too long as we stared at each across the large space that wasn’t large enough. I managed to find my voice along with a little misplaced courage. “What are you doing here?”

His hand rose to push back the hood, and I could see his eyebrow lifted as if asking a question. “Something tells me you needed me here.”

I fought to keep my voice neutral and guilt free. “I wouldn’t know why.”

“Don’t you?”

“Dash isn’t here,” I offered lamely.

“I know.”


He inhaled and exhaled as if annoyed and disappeared inside the living room. I looked toward the door that was left open and thought about bolting.

Instead, hesitant feet moved against my will guiding me to the living room where Keiran sat absently scratching his chest where his bullet wound would have been if it weren’t for the tattoo of Lake’s name. She said it was a reminder. Of what I didn’t know or care.

“Come sit,” he ordered and patted the couch next to him.

I wanted him gone, but it was now or never.

“Could I get you something to drink?” At first, I thought he would refuse, but instead, he removed his hoodie and nodded.

“I would love something hot. It’s freezing out there,” he remarked.

“Maybe you wouldn’t be freezing if you’d wear a decent coat.

“Funny. Lake says the same.”

“Oh, what do us warm beings know,” I answered sarcastically to which he found no humor.

I disappeared inside the kitchen and placed a hand over my chest to calm my beating heart. It took everything to conceal my nervousness. It didn’t help that Keiran looked at me as if he saw straight through me.

It was enough for me to reconsider and come clean, but then I thought about my brother, I knew it would be a small price to pay for his life.

While the water boiled, I managed to slip to the bedroom undetected and grabbed the powder. I stuck them both in my jeans and rehearsed once again before I crept back to the kitchen.

I nearly died when I entered the kitchen to see Keiran pulling the teakettle off the burning aisle and setting it aside.

“It’s ready,” he said simply.

“Oh. I must not have heard it from the bathroom.”

He nodded and left the kitchen. Only when he was out of sight did I begin to breathe. I prepared the tea and pulled the powder from my jeans. I hesitated and thought of all the ways it could go horribly wrong before hardening my resolve and dumping the powder in the dark, steaming liquid.



“WHAT’S GOING ON, Simon? I thought I was meeting you in Seattle.” I settled into the booth and studied his solemn expression. Just as I had been ready to board, I had received a phone call from Richard Simon saying he was here in Nevada and needed to meet. I made the detour and met him at the bar where we had initially discussed the merger.

“Change of plans. I’m looking for my daughter.”

“Really? I thought you said you didn’t have kids.”

“I said I didn’t have an heir, at least to take the reins of the company. Forgive me, but I’m old fashioned though, so I guess I shouldn’t be choosey. A few years ago, I didn’t even have a daughter but even so, after meeting her, I know running the company would be the last thing she would want. She’s a wild little beast.”

“Hmm. So why do you think she would come to Nevada?”

“She came to visit her mother who lives a few towns over a week ago and never came back.”

“Maybe she extended her visit for the holiday. I’m sure she’s fine.”

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