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“Say it. Say you want to swallow my come.”

“I want to swallow your come.”


“Taste you…” I felt delirious. Words were impossible. I could only feel and submit to his possession.

Finally, after I didn’t think I could survive anymore, he forced one final thrust and then flipped me over. His hand gripped my hair and lifted my upper body from the bed just as his cock erupted.

But it wasn’t my mouth that received him. His warm come coated my lips and cheeks in the most vulgar way that both excited and pissed me off. I stared up at him questioning him with my eyes when my brain refused to function.

“You don’t deserve my come,” he answered simply.



“YOU’LL BE STAYING here,” Dash announced at the last minute as he gathered his bags. He barely even looked at me.

“What made you change your mind?” And why was I disappointed at the thought of not seeing him for an entire week?


I faltered at the sadness in his voice. “Me?”

“I need to think, and I can’t do that with you around. I’ll only end up hurting you or fucking you.”

“So am I supposed to be stuck alone in this apartment for a week?”

“You won’t be alone.”

“Another guard?”

“Of sorts,” he answered vaguely.

I felt as if I should say something but words seemed impossible. He hesitated only a second before leaving without another word or a goodbye.

I wandered to the couch and dropped onto it feeling lifeless. I should have been relieved. I was no longer going, but I was still trapped inside… or so I thought.

My gaze landed on his car keys lying on the glass cocktail table. He must have taken a car to the airport…

My mind raced, already putting my plan into action. This morning as we left he had been too distracted by the phone call from his mother to notice me watching him key in the code. I still had no wallet or cellphone, but I now had my freedom and means of transportation.

But first things first…

I tiptoed to the door and opened it. My eyes ran up and down the private corridor leading to the elevator only to find no sign of a guard.

Had he been toying with me?

I shook off the suspicion and counted my blessings. After dressing in one of the jeans and plain shirts I’d bought during my shopping trip with Sheldon, I prayed that my luck hadn’t ran out and headed for his office.

The next step in my plan would require cash.

I took a deep breath and tried the doorknob. To my utter disbelief, it was unlocked. The door opened a crack, and I hesitated for only a moment before pushing inside. The room was dark so I flipped on the light switch. My eyes immediately landed on his desk.

I crossed the space and came around until I was facing the drawers. I tried them but found my luck had run out. All of the drawers were locked.

I banged my fist on top of the wooden surface in frustration.

What was I going to do now?

I sunk into the leather chair and placed my head in my hands. If I couldn’t get my hands on cash, I would need something else worth trading, but what?

Someone of Dash’s status would have to have something of value lying around…


I rushed for his bedroom ignoring the fact that I had just been reduced to petty theft. Considering what was at stake, I was willing to take the decimation of my character.

The large walk-in closet held all that I needed. I perused the watches and took what looked like the least expensive though I was sure they were all worth a pretty penny.

I resisted the urge to celebrate before the true victory was won and slipped out of the apartment.

All the way down, I held my breath, waiting for someone to jump out to stop me, but no one came.

When I made it to the parking garage, I quickly located his car and slid into the leather seat. I immediately felt out of place. The car looked as foreign as a space ship to me.

I started the car and carefully drove away, smiling only on the inside.

I did it.

Now for the risky part…

My destination was the local university Sheldon had attended. Using the built in GPS, I made it there in just less than fifteen minutes.

The next part took longer than expected. Everyone was wary of the unknown girl asking to buy a product that would surely land them in jail for the rest of their days, but eventually, I scored what I came for and sped all the way back to the apartment.

I rehearsed in my head the next step and ignored my sweaty palms. This part was particularly hard because it involved Keiran directly. I had to get him here without making him suspicious. If he blew me off and warned Dash, then Buddy would die.

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