Breaking Love Page 59

“Dash, please.”


“What? Everyone calls you Dash.”

“You’re not everyone.”

“Then what am I?”

“You’re just mine. So don’t fuck with me.”

I tried not to melt from his words. I really tried but melt I did. Right against his lips. In such a short time, kissing him had become my drug of choice. I was a willing addict.

“Are you ready?”

“I think so.”

“Be sure, Angel, because once I start, I’m not stopping. I won’t be able to.”

“Please… I need you.”

My plea acted as a spell, transforming him before my eyes. I watched the amber flecks in his eyes darken further and his tongue flicks his lips. He left me and stood beside the bed. Keeping my gaze, he undressed, starting with his shirt. He took his time and this time, I worshiped him with my gaze. I searched every muscular plane until I came to where his cock jutted almost angrily.


That was the first word that came to mind.

And long.

I didn’t have experience to compare him to, but the size of him was remarkable. His body was lean and fit and unyielding.

He produced a foil packet from his jeans and brought it to his lips. His teeth tore into the packaging with a single tear. The act was simple but from him it appeared savage. A promise of what’s to come.

Once he sheathed himself, he settled between my thighs again. I expected him to enter me, but his hand disappeared between our bodies, and I felt him touch my clit with a kiss of his fingers.

“You’re wet,” he praised. I felt his cock press against my sex.

“I want you.”

“You have me.” My pussy came alive with the sensation of pain and pleasure all at once. He pressed forward and with each press of his hips, my discomfort grew until it became unbearable.

“How bi—big are you?”

“Big, Angel.” He clutched my thigh and brought it to rest on his hip. “Very big.”

“I can’t.” I began to back away but his hand on my thigh stopped my escape.

“No, baby. Don’t run away. You can take me.”

“Maybe just a little.”

“All of me.”

“All of you?”

“Every inch. And if you’re good… I’ll kiss your pussy better.”


His lips brushed mine, distracting me from the pain. I deepened our kiss, searching for more pleasure as he moved lazily inside me. “You fucking bet. Spread your legs more for me.” I did as he commanded and felt some of the pressure ease. “Hold onto me.”

His hips grew bolder and stronger until he was pounding me. I buried my face in his chest to muffle my cries, but his hand gripped my hair and forced my head back, making my cries fill the room. I worried that someone would hear, but I wanted more of what he could give me so I let go and… came. I fucking came.

Dash’s eyes locked with mine so he could watch me. He plunged harder inside me, prolonging the sweet agony of my release. My body trembled and I screamed, and then I felt the inner walls of my pussy gripping Dash. He groaned and then roared, marking his own release. I could feel every inch of his cock throbbing, but what he did next shocked me into another release.

He pulled out of my body, ripped off the condom, and pumped his come on my stomach. His groans mingled with my cries and the room seemed to echo with them. Eventually, he collapsed on top of me and we both lay spent.

It was a struggle, but I caught my breath eventually and even found the strength to run my hand through his hair soothingly. He had gone completely still and I wondered if he was sleeping.

“I’m sorry, Angel.”

Nope. Not sleeping.

“For what? You didn’t hurt me… much.” The soreness between my thighs attested to it. I found myself giggling. An act I would have never been caught dead doing before.

He lifted his head to look at me. His eyes were wide and emotional. He looked… scared. “I’m sorry that I can’t let you go now. No matter what happens. You’ll hate me… but I can’t.”

“Who says you have to?” I smiled, but it wasn’t returned. “Come on, Dasher.” I emphasized the use of his full name as he commanded. “I expected pillow talk but not this… besides, you promised me something.”

His face turned down with confusion until the blush heating my cheeks enlightened him. He smirked and once again, appeared entirely in control and cocky.

“I remember now… I promised to kiss your pussy. I don’t want to keep my woman waiting but first…” He brought his hand between us. I gasped at the contact of his hand on my stomach, rubbing his come into my skin. “MINE,” he growled.

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