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Her heels clicked on the marble as she sashayed up to me with a grin meant to be seductive but came across as leery. I mustered the will not to roll my eyes. “Hello, lover,” she whispered while sliding her hands up my chest.

“Now that’s just incorrect.” I lowered my voice so only she could hear. “I haven’t touched you in years.”

“We can fix that little problem tonight if you’re a good boy.” I silently made a vow to be on my worst behavior.

“Don’t you two just make a beautiful couple? I have full confidence that you’ll make the most beautiful children.”

“One agenda at a time, Mother. I need to get his ring on my finger first.”

“You mean your ring? No doubt you’ll pick it out yourself.”

“Dasher, don’t be rude.”

“Don’t call me Dasher,” I growled a little too forcefully.

“Why not? That is your name.”

I wanted to hurt her feelings in the worst way, but I showed mercy since her parents were watching. “Come on. We have reservations.”

And with any hope, the next couple of hours would pass quickly.




WE MANAGED TO get through dinner this time without arguing. By the end of the date, my crush had turned into something deeper. It was indescribable and foreign.

“Can I come in,” he breathed. Those four words ended our hot and heavy make out session against my dorm room door.


He took my key from my hand and unlocked the door. We stumbled inside and tore at each other’s clothes in the dark. I would never forget what he did for me tonight by wearing this getup.

Somehow, we landed on the bed and never stopped exploring each other to consider the twin size.

“Fuck, baby. Are you sure?”

I only nodded when words escaped me. This unraveling was the weeks-long culmination of time spent, make out sessions, and pent up desire.

He slipped my sandals off and then slid his hand up my dress, pushing it to rest around my waist. Having him see so much of me suddenly made me self-conscious. I grabbed at my dress to cover myself, but his territorial growl shocked me so much, I froze.

“What are you doing?” His eyes narrowed, giving him a dangerous appeal.

“I’m not skinny.”

“And?” The way he voiced the question made me feel silly. Having low self-esteem was almost as embarrassing as my chunky thighs and pudgy stomach.

I shrugged and stared at the ceiling.

“You have the…” I jumped when I felt his lips touch my waist, just above my panty line, “…the hottest…” his lips kissed another spot on my waist, “…fucking body.” This time, his lips trailed up my stomach, taking my dress with him until it slipped over my head. Once I was free of my dress, he leaned down to kiss me, now completely covering me with his own body.

I felt his leg nudge mine apart so he could settle between them, fully clothed. Once he was settled, he seemed to think better of it and sat back on his haunches. “I want you to undress for me.”

My eyes felt as if they were going to bug out of my head. The only things left on me were my bra and panties. “Can’t we do it with them still on?”

He smirked. “We could…” I relaxed against the mattress, “but I won’t.”


“If you want me inside you,” he leaned forward and planted his fist next to my head and stroked my hair with the other, “you’re going to have to give me all of you.” When I didn’t move, he took my hand in his and moved it down my body to my panties. “Trust me.”

Trust him.

I repeated it to myself and found the courage to pull at my panties. His red-brown eyes darkened as they made their way down my legs. My bra was next and once I was free, I knew there was no turning back.

I lay stiff as a board while he praised me with his eyes. I could feel his gaze rake my body shamelessly.

“I want you to place your hands under your head and don’t move them until I say.” Surprisingly, I followed his order without hesitance, which seemed to please him. It didn’t escape my attention that I was completely bare while he was fully clothed.

When his lips trailed from the tips of my breasts to my stomach, my hand twitched against my resistance. I fought against his order to bare myself to him and keep my hands under my head while he worshiped my body. All I could think of was my pudgy belly he currently traced with his tongue.

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