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Before he could finish, a threatening hand clamped around his thick neck, circling it in its entirety. “No. Let me explain.” I blinked in surprise at the angry vision of Dash. I didn’t know what surprised me more. Dash coming to my rescue or him choking someone twice his size. “You’re going to take those stubby little fingers off her, or I’ll crush your windpipe.”

Whoa. Scary much?

Instead of being afraid, the guy laughed and snapped his fingers. Just like that, we were surrounded by other jocks dressed in letterman jackets. There were two, and both just as hulking as Shane.

Dash wasn’t lacking in the muscle department, but he was much leaner and outnumbered. “I think you better run along, pretty boy.”

He was right. Dash was extremely pretty, and yet the way he handled the guy was completely natural. Nevertheless, it was five against one, and since male ego wouldn’t allow him to back down, it was up to me. After all, it would be a crime against nature to see that pretty face bashed in.

Shane’s distraction caused his grip to loosen allowing me to pull my arm from his grasp. Dash seemed to notice because a second later, his hand took hold of the same spot that was still warm from Shane’s grip, all without taking his eyes off Shane—or removing his hand from Shane’s neck.

“I think you can let him go now,” I prompted when a moment passed and he had made no move to let him go.

“You should listen to your girlfriend.”

“She’s not mine,” he said, sounding suspiciously defensive. I narrowed my eyes at him, taking the insult to heart. Why wouldn’t I? No one would want to be rejected by someone as finely made as Dash Chambers… especially, in front of company of any kind.

Shane’s snort was mocking and eventually, grew into laughter. “All this for a girl who isn’t even yours? She’s just a piece of ass, man.”

Great. I attracted an even bigger ass. This one just happened to be more of a douche than arrogant. It seemed that the arrogant ass shared my feelings when his fist curled and slammed into the douche’s nuts.

“I guess you won’t be needing her ass now.”

When their leader hit the ground, the other two pounced, slamming Dash with hard hits that would have made a lesser man fall. Dash amazingly proved capable of defending himself and stood his ground against the vicious blows, a skill that could only be acquired through fighting.

I watched him kick jock one in the ass and send him flying to the ground and left with a mouth full of grass. “You’ve proved your point. Leave them alone.”

“But I was just beginning to sweat.”

I huffed, feeling tingly in places that had yet to be awakened. Afraid I would be caught lusting after someone unobtainable to me, I did what any person with a brain would do.

“I’m leaving.”

I didn’t wait around for an answer and stomped away feeling like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I only wish I knew why I was irritated. I had been having an okay day, though a little boring, when he came along and screwed it up with his half smiles and addictively sweet dimples.

“Will you stop walking away from me?” I had heard the growl before I felt an arm wrap around my waist to haul me backward.

“I don’t recall giving you permission to touch me.”

“Don’t you feel safe?” he whispered against my neck. The feel of his breath smoothing over my skin was too good. It was embarrassing how my legs actually trembled.

“I feel violated.”

Rather than let me go, he brought me closer. Oh, God… my ass was actually resting against his… his…

“Is that why you’re blushing?”

* * *


When I woke up hours later in a sweat after succumbing to boredom, I didn’t remember falling asleep. I attributed my soaking skin to the rich leather of the enormous couch and the hours I spent sleeping rather than the dream I had of the first time I felt Dash’s body against mine. My damp blouse stuck to my skin and my hair, if possible, curled even more.

“One day in his presence and I’m already a simpering idiot,” I muttered bitterly. After a long and lazy stretch, I stood to my feet and let my gaze travel the front room, searching for a clue to my freedom. The entire day had passed, and I knew Dash would be true to his word and be back soon. His eyes had promised. I ignored the sudden racing of my heart and thought about taking a cold shower until I remembered I had no clothing other than my clothes from yesterday. They remained in my backpack—which was never returned to me.

Irritated, I stomped over to the door and swung it open. The platinum guard jumped to attention and watched me warily. “My backpack. Where is it?” I was rude, but I didn’t have the patience for false pleasantries.

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