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The use of my name, and not the pet name he gave to me, snapped me out of the vegetative state of lust. “Do you plan to let me go anytime soon?” There, I said it. No good morning greetings or familiarities. “I have a flight to reschedule and a life to return to.”

“I’ll be back tonight,” he stated emotionless as he slipped on his suit jacket. “The kitchen is stocked if you’re hungry.”

I tried to mask my frustration. I really did, but I failed. Plain and simple.

“You aren’t deaf or stupid. You know food isn’t what I want. I—” I was silenced by the long fingers pinching my lips together in an infuriating warning for silence. I never even saw him move.

“What you want isn’t my concern. You came back and now you won’t be leaving.”

I attempted to speak, but he only gripped my lips tighter. I could only use the power of my glare to convey my contempt and hope that none of the misplaced desire I felt shone through—but my body burned with it, but I’d be damned if he’d see.

“I have nothing I wish to hear from you, Angel. Therefore, you have nothing to say. As I said, I’ll be back tonight. The kitchen has food.”

The cold, crisp tone of his voice gave me chills and simultaneously, made me want to obey. To add insult, he assaulted me with an especially invasive kiss while he groped my ass before leaving me trapped in an empty apartment—his empty apartment, which was now my cage. I stood dumbfounded and without a single thought other than his kiss and the promise it held before I came to and snapped into action.

I ran for the door thinking there was surely a stairway in case of a fire. The door was without locks and with one tug, it opened. My victory was short lived by the presence of a man with platinum blond hair and more muscles than humanly necessary waiting in the private corridor.

Think, Willow. Think.

“Um… Hi.” I tried for a cheery tone to mask my deception.

“Ms. Waters,” he greeted brusquely. He watched me warily from his position waiting for what I might do. “Is there something you need?”

“I have a small request.”

“Go on.”

“If you could unlock the elevator, I’ll be on my way.”

“You are aware I cannot do that.”

I feigned inconvenience and confusion, hoping to win my way over the burly guard who looked as if he would rather be any place but here. “You’re his employee, are you not?”

“You can say that.”

“Is kidnapping part of the job description?”

“When the occasion calls for it.”

I hid my surprise well at his blasé tone

“I’m sure you are aware of the legal boundaries being crossed here. I’m being held against my will and want to go.” Immediately, I added, guessing he needed the extra kick toward common sense.

“Please, lady. I’m just doing my job.”

“And I’ll forget that fact when I go to the police if you let me go now.”

“Sorry. No can do. Go on inside now and I won’t tell.” He actually had the nerve to wink and look self-assured as if he were doing me a favor.


Frustration led me to slam the door shut as hard as my strength would allow, and when it wasn’t enough, I kicked it until my foot became sore.

What am I going to do now?

* * *


“Ok.” I attempted to control my breathing to no avail. “What just happened? Get it together, Willow. That did not just happen.” I turned back praying he wasn’t still there while at the same time hoping to catch another glimpse of him.

He was there all right. Only his head was bent, and what I could see of his facial expression looked ready to strangle the phone.

“Hey, wait up!”

A severely muscled guy in a letterman jacket that matched the school’s colors and destroyed jeans jogged up with a cocky smile as if he already had me in the bag.

“I’m not interested.” I was sick of cocky men for one day.

“You can’t turn me down until you at least ask my name.”

“Fine,” I huffed. “What’s your name?”

“Shane,” he offered simply as his smile grew. I could tell he expected his name to spark a reaction, and when it failed, his charming smile fell.

“Well, Shane, I’m not interested.” I moved around his hulking body, but his hand on my arm kept me from getting far. I tugged to no avail. “Let me go.”

“You’re obviously new here, so I’ll let your rudeness pass, but let me explain something to you—”

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