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Protecting What's Theirs

Protecting What's Theirs

Author: Tessa Bailey

Category: Romance , Young Adult

Published: 2014

Series: Line of Duty #1.5

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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...
Possession is nine-tenths of the law. And she belongs to him.
Ginger Peet has never regretted leaving Nashville with her sister and their life-sized statue of Dolly Parton. Now she’s settled in Chicago with Lieutenant Derek Tyler, spending her nights pressed against every inch of his hard, dominating, and panty-meltingly-hot body.
And there’s nowhere Derek would rather be than reminding Ginger—thoroughly and exquisitely—that she belongs to him. But then trouble hits the streets of Chicago. The kind of bust the old-school boys call a "widow-maker." To keep Ginger safe, Derek’s forced to shut her out and keep himself away from her luscious body, or risk losing her forever.
But Ginger has just been presented with some, er, unexpected news. And right now, it’s best she keeps that news to herself. Because Derek stands to lose far more than he knows, until he takes the law—and Ginger—into his own hands one last time...

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