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Night World : Daughters of Darkness

Night World : Daughters of Darkness

Author: L.J. Smith

Category: Romance , Young Adult

Published: 1996

Series: Night World #2

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Daughters of Darkness (Night World Book 2)

Mary-Lynnette, 17, loves to watch the stars from her Oregon backyard. Then one day, she thinks she's witnessed a murder through her telescope. She's wrong: it's only three vampire sisters burying their mysteriously-killed aunt. The sisters, Rowan, Kestral, and Jade ran away from their enclave home to live the lives of regular teenagers. However, when their brother Ash is sent to bring the girls back, he falls in love with Mary-Lynnette. But will she accept him because of his lurid vampire past and can a now-repentant Ash convince Mary-Lynnette to let him atone for his former sins and be his soulmate?

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