The Lost Slipper Page 25

“Koda has been an asset to the pack. I’m really glad he decided to stay and help with Dominic’s duties while he spends more time at home with the boys and his mate.”

I nod my head, proud of my brother and his ability to bring strength to our pack. “I’m also really proud of the twins for stepping up and volunteering to watch the kids for Gwen and Ruby. I’ve seen a lot of initiative in them these past few months.”

“I noticed that, too. They seem to be taking on more pack responsibility, and I think I have you to thank for that.”

Smiling at Stone, I don’t confirm or deny his suspicion. After my talk with the twins, I think some of what I said resonated with them, and they seemed to understand what they were doing wasn’t right. I don’t think that all of their inner bitch will ever be gone, but from what I’ve seen and seeing how they’ve treated me since that day, it’s been a good transition.

Stone leans down, kissing my belly before pushing my robe off me and kissing my naked breasts. I hum with desire as he licks my nipples, sending pleasure through me. I grip the long hair on the top of his head, pulling him to me and silently asking for more.

“You know I have to be gentle,” he whispers against the soft underside of my breast.

“Please, Stone. Just this once. Be rough with me. I need it.” There’s a slight whine to my voice, but I don’t care. He’s been so sweet and tender the past few months, and I need my hard fierce lover to come back to me.

Letting out a sigh, he stands up, stripping off his clothes and standing naked before me. His hard cock juts out and points right at me, as if it knows what I want.

I let out a little squeal as Stone grabs my ankles and pulls me to the side of the bed. He pulls my legs up, throwing them over his shoulder as he stands on the side of the bed and pushes his cock into me. His thickness stretches me so deliciously, and his first hard thrust makes me moan loudly. In this position, he gets to stand and doesn’t have to lean over my big belly. And this way, I can lie back and enjoy the ride while he pounds into me.

I look up at him and see him grit his teeth, fighting his wolf for dominance. My own animal comes forward. My bear is always with me now. She loves when Stone’s wolf comes out, the strong female needing his alpha wolf to tame her.

It doesn’t take many strokes before I’m clenching around Stone’s cock, my body always attuned to him. And as he whispers dirty words of love, I find myself climaxing again before he reaches his own peak.

He stays inside me, just enjoying the feel of my warmth wrapped around him while I enjoy his hardness. Neither of us want to separate from our intimate embrace.

“I love you, little cub,” he says as he kisses my toes.

“I love you, too, my alpha.”

The dark tattoos covering his body and his shaved hair make him look nearly menacing. But then my eyes travel to my name over his heart, and I see the true tender man inside. He’s my mate, and my alpha, and he will always protect me.

I smile as he thrusts into me again, knowing this is only the beginning.


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