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After the past week, we’ve been basically locked in our home together, just enjoying our new life and new love. But I wanted to do something to present Winnie to the pack and to show everyone how proud I am of her.

When I see the front door open, I feel a rush of excitement in my chest. I smell my mate before I see her, and I wait as first Gwen enters the room, taking her place at Xavier’s side, and Winnie follows behind her.

She’s got her brown curls pinned back, and her soft blue dress clings to her every curve. The neckline dips low enough that my mate mark shows, and it makes possessive pride swell in my chest. My eyes travel down her body to see that she’s got on what looks like clear shoes. They sparkle in the light just like her dress, and she looks as if she’s covered in diamonds.

“Am I like a fucking fairy godmother or what?” Gwen whispers from behind me.

I can’t take my eyes off Winnie as I hold out my hand, and she blushes a deep red as she walks towards me. When she gets to where I’m standing, she reaches out, taking my hand and coming to my side.

“What’s going on, Stone?” she whispers, as she looks around at everyone in the pack.

“I wanted to invite everyone here tonight to see your beautiful pictures, as well as show off my new mate. I wanted to officially announce you as mine and let everyone meet you.”

Her eyes go wide as they travel around the room, seeing her photographs displayed on every wall of the town art gallery. “Oh, Stone. You didn’t.”

“I most certainly did. Your pictures are beautiful and deserve to be seen. Just like you.”

Her eyes come back to mine, and I see unshed tears there. Kissing her cheeks, I hold her to me and breathe in her scent. Someone plays some soft music, and we start to sway to the music. We don’t really move much, or dance around the room, but I close my eyes, and it feels as if we’re the only people here. And it’s the most wonderful night.

I close the bedroom door behind me and stalk slowly towards Winnie. She’s standing beside the bed, removing her dress, keeping her eyes locked with mine.

I unbutton my shirt and take off my shoes and slacks. When I’m undressed, she looks at my naked body, licking her lips as she stares at my cock.

“Later, little cub. I need to be inside you. The need for you is painful after so many hours of holding you.”

“You could have let me go.” She gives me a wicked smile and raises an eyebrow, daring me to say that I would have.

“Never,” I growl, and take another step towards her.

She climbs onto the bed, and I follow her, but I don’t touch her. I just mirror her moves, like I’m hunting her.

“Didn’t think so.” She lies back on the bed, wearing nothing but the shoes that look like they’re covered in little diamonds.

I gently raise her feet and kiss her ankles as I put one, and then the other, over my shoulder. I hover over her body and press my hard cock to her wet opening.

“I told you, little cub. I’m never letting you go.” Thrusting inside her warmth, my cock is squeezed tight but slips inside easily. Her sticky honey coats my cock as I dip in and out of her. “It’s too good,” I moan, keeping up the strong rhythm.

“More, Stone. Harder.”

I’ll never deny my mate what she wants. I grip her thighs as they press against my body. Her feet are dangling behind me, and I hear one of her shoes hit the floor.

“Looks like you lost a slipper, Cinderella.”

“Cinderella wishes she had it this good.” Winnie smiles and raises her hips, allowing me to go deeper.

As she clenches around me and finds her pleasure, I follow her over the edge into the same sweet oblivion.

Our perfect fairy tale is complete.

Epilogue Winnie

I rub my big swollen belly, smiling down at it. I think it’s a bear, only because of how long I’ve been pregnant. Most wolf shifters are pregnant for three months, but bears take longer. I’m almost seven months gone, so Stone is convinced. He’s over the moon about it, actually. He said from the beginning he wanted a little bear cub. I think he secretly wants a boy bear so he can be an alpha one day.

I’ve just gotten out of a long soak in our tub, and I wrapped a robe around me, collapsing on the bed. I just smile and lie back as I think about how perfect my life is.

Everything has gotten so much better since my brother, Koda, showed up and my memories came back. Having him stay in Gray Ridge and become a part of our pack has been amazing. I feel like I’ve finally found myself and found my place in life, a place I’ve been missing for so long.

“Why are you smiling so big?” Stone’s voice makes me look up at him as he walks into the bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed.

“Just thinking about how much I love you,” I say, putting my hand on his scruffy jaw. The whiskers are prickly, but I love how they feel.

He holds my hand, kissing my palm, and smiles back at me. “You did too much today.” His tone is stern, but I know he just means well.

“I’m fine. Today was great, and I was happy to help.” Ruby finally had her triplets months back, and I helped her out today by going to the bakery and working a little. Gwen had her twin girls shortly after, so the two of them have been busy with babies, but luckily, people from the pack have joined in and helped out, so neither of them has been without extra sets of hands.

“Besides, I don’t know how much longer I can contribute with as big as I’m getting, and I wanted to help out as much as I could.”

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