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Growls fill the room, and I have no idea who they’re coming from. My back hits a soft surface as I slide my hands up the back of Stone’s shirt, wanting to feel his warm skin against my fingertips. My fingers run along the lines of the vast muscles of his back, and he growls into my mouth. I swear it vibrates all the way down to my toes. The feeling makes me moan.

“You taste better than I thought you would,” Stone says as he pulls away from me. “You’ll have to tell me to stop. I can’t.” He grinds against me, his cock pressing into my core, making me clench. An ache builds in the pit of my stomach. I want to be filled. Need it.

His eyes start to deepen, his pupils dilating. I can tell it’s his wolf looking at me. If I couldn’t smell his desire, I would think he was angry. I’ve seen anger on his face before when others tried to challenge him for dominance. That look flashes across his face and shifters bare their neck to him in response.

I just stare, not pulling my eyes away from his. A whine sounds from his throat and makes my heart twinge. He’s fighting his wolf. They both want me, and the feeling is surreal. To be wanted like this is something I’ve never felt before. It makes me feel like I have power for once in my life. As if I’m finally in control. And what I want in this moment is him. I want him to give me the feeling he gave me when we were standing in Gwen’s living room—this time without people watching.

“Taste more of me.” The words come out breathy, but Stone doesn’t hesitate. He moves fast, like I might change my mind, and settles between my thighs. His broad shoulders spread my legs wide for him. They have no choice but to accommodate his size.

Before I can even react, my dress is bunched around my waist. The sound of tearing cloth reaches my ears as I feel warm breath against my pussy. The room fills with the sound of heavy breathing. I can feel my clit throb fiercely. I’ve always wanted Stone, had a crush on him. But this, this feeling of need, want, and desire, this is new. Thick need pumps through my blood, and I’m almost sure Stone can hear it.

I try to raise my hips to press myself against his mouth, but a loud growl stops me. I look down at Stone, his mouth a breath away from my pussy. He’s just staring at it. Then I realize he’s breathing me in. Like he’s trying to brand the smell into his memory forever.

“Please,” I beg, needing his mouth on me.

He eyes jump up to mine.

“I…” He stops, closing his eyes for a second before opening them again like he’s trying to get his bearings. That he can’t seem to control himself around me only turns me on more. Stone, the epitome of control, is at a loss when it comes to me: Winnie. The little bear shifter who is easily forgotten. I only stand out because I look so different from the rest.

“I want to make you beg. Hear you plead with me to make you cum. Beg me to fuck you. Make you say you’re mine over and over again.”

Shit. Can someone cum from just words?

“But then I don’t want to do that. You shouldn’t have to beg me. I should just give it to you. I’m weak when it comes to you, my Winnie. I can’t think straight. I’m going out of my mind. I don’t know what’s up or down anymore.”

“Oh, God!” I throw my head back because I can’t look at him. I don’t know what to do with that either. I want all of the above.

Then I feel his mouth on me. A warm tongue that slides tentatively through my folds in a long soft stroke. So we’re going with begging.

“Stone,” I whimper, needing more. It’s too soft. Just a little harder. A little deeper.

The begging works with the one word. Stone’s mouth latches around my clit. His hands move to my thighs, gripping me in a possessive hold as the orgasm shoots through my body. I jerk against his face, but Stone continues sucking, drinking down every drop of my orgasm.

It’s too much. I reach down, grabbing him by the hair. I think I’ll have to yank, but he easily pulls back when my fingers slide through the strands.

Then he’s prowling up my body until he collapses next to me, pulling me into his arms, resting his head on my breasts. I feel a tongue come out and lick the seam of my cleavage, making me wiggle. I feel like my whole body is still buzzing from the orgasm, like every part of me is connected to my clit.

Stone’s hard cock digs into my hip, but he makes no move to take things further. He actually seems more content than I am. It’s like he was the one to have the best orgasm of his life instead of the other way around.

“I’ve missed sleeping with you,” he finally says. I wish I could see his face, but it’s clear he’s enjoying using my breasts as a pillow. If you would have told me a week ago I’d be lying with him like this, I would have said you were crazy.

“You hated when I crawled into your bed,” I remind him. I’d always wondered if I stopped crawling into his bed and following him around, then maybe he would have let me stay.

“I did,” he admits.

I swallow back the lump that forms in my throat. I had to pick at what he said and kill the moment. Why can’t I let myself enjoy anything?

“I should go.”

He meets my eyes, confusion clear on his face.

“Please, Stone. I need more time.” Yeah, time to cry into my pillow as far away from him as possible.

I can see him fight something, but he pulls himself from the couch, taking me with him. The hem of my dress falls, covering me once again. I don’t even ask where my underwear is. I’m sure it’s probably in three pieces, strewn around here somewhere.

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