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Once I’m finished getting clean, I jump out of the shower and throw on some clothes. I opt for a black T-shirt and some loose jeans and go barefoot. As I look in the mirror, I finger comb my hair to try to tame it some. The sides are shaved, with the top a bit longer, the way Winnie always looked at it made me think she liked it.

Looking down at my arms, I see the tattoos that start at my wrists and run up my arms. They cover the entire span of my chest as well, showing off my alpha status. Shifters don’t normally get tattoos because it can be painful, and unless you use a special kind of ink, most won’t stay in the skin. I got mine slowly over the years after my father died, commemorating our heritage and the Gray Ridge pack. There’s a tattoo artist in the neighboring pack that does them for me, using a special ink and needles. It always takes hours for even a small one, but I feel showing my pack that I’m committed to them, even through the pain, is important. I’ve been saving a place on my chest for my mate, and I look forward to putting Winnie’s mark there. She and our babies will have a special place of pride on my body, showing anyone who sees me that I’m taken and proud of who owns me.

I walk out of my bedroom, wondering if Winnie and I will have pups or cubs. Female bears are so incredibly rare that I don’t know of a case like ours. I smile, hoping we have cubs. I want them to look just like her.

I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can’t stop the hopeful, warm feeling in my heart. We will mate, and it will all be okay. We’re just going to get there a bit slower than most shifters in our pack.

As I walk into the living room, I hear a quiet knock on the door. It might as well be a bulldozer coming through for the way it makes my heart race. I leap over the couch and nearly face plant as I reach the door, pulling it open.

Winnie is standing there with big eyes, looking at me, and I’m afraid I may have frightened her with my excitement to get to the door.

“Hi. Sorry. Welcome. Please come in.”

She blushes a little and takes a step forward off the porch and into my home—soon to be our home. I like the way that sounds.

As she passes me, I catch her scent, and my cock is rock hard again. Her sweet honey smell, mixed with just a hint of cinnamon, makes my mouth water, begging to taste her. To mark her again.

“These are for you.” She holds out a small white box from the bakery, and I reach out, taking it from her. As I touch the box, our fingers connect, and the warm tingle is there again. When our skin connects, it’s as if I’m feeling things for the first time.

Holding the box up to my nose, I inhale and smile. “Cinnamon rolls?”

“Yes. I made them this morning.” She blushes again, her big brown eyes blinking sweetly at me.

It’s then I notice she’s got just a hint of make-up on. Her lashes are dark, and her full lips are a deep red. Moving my eyes down her neck, I see my mark is exposed, and my cock throbs at the memory. I audibly swallow, trying to avoid my tongue falling out of my mouth and getting drool on my chin.

“You look…” My eyes trail down her neck to her full cleavage. I’ve never so much as seen a hint of her chest, but now her big swollen tits are pushed up and waiting for my mouth. Our babies will never go hungry feeding on them. The thought of tasting her milk makes me want to fall to my knees and suckle them, needing just a hint of what’s to come.

“You look…” My eyes move even further down, seeing the tight dress she has on. It’s dark brown and clings to every curve, showing off her wide hips and little belly. Her body is absolute perfection. She’ll be soft and welcoming when I’m on top of her, thrusting into her body. I’ll be able to grip the flesh of her thick thighs and kiss the curves of her stomach as she grows with our babies. She’ll take my seed easily and provide me with many offspring. It’s painful to look at her like this and not be inside her. I can’t finish the sentence I’ve tried to start twice because my need for her is so fierce.

“Gwen dressed me. It’s different.” She fidgets a little, tugging on the bottom of the dress, trying to make it longer.

I put the box of baked good down on the table and take her hand, pulling it away from the hem of her dress.

Her warm hand in mine sparks the tingle again, and I pull her close to me, needing to close the distance. “You’ve always been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Placing my hand on her chin, I lean down, barely brushing my lips across hers. “You look just as beautiful tonight as you did this morning in the bakery.”

I press my lips to hers, needing just a sweet taste. I know if I go too hard, too fast, it will push Winnie away. She’s always been skittish, like most bears, so I try to make my moves deliberate and slow.

I don’t open my mouth, just press my lips to hers. After just a second, I pull back, not wanting to deepen it just yet.

“Thank you for coming tonight. May I serve you dinner?”

7 Winnie

Before I can stop myself I throw myself into his arms. I’m afraid for a second that I might knock him over as I catch him off guard, but he catches me easily, my soft body colliding with his immovable one.

I have no idea what’s come over me. When he opened the door looking as handsome as he always does, then placed the soft tender kiss on my lips, I couldn’t help but want more. And it isn’t just me, my bear wants more, too. It is as if she’s woken from a deep hibernation and she is hungry and wants to feast on Stone.

My body melts into his, like it’s been doing it for an eternity, as his big hands go to my ass. They firmly grip me in a tight, unbreakable hold as my mouth goes for his. This kiss isn’t soft like his was. No, it’s hungry and inexperienced. Teeth clash as we both try to force our tongues into each other’s mouth. Like we can’t get deep enough. We just need.

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