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“Be mymate, darlin’,” Brett looked down in Evan’s face. “Say yes.”

“Yes,” Evan said in a dreamy, breathless tone, his eyes closed.“I-I mean…I don’t know…I just want to be close to you, to feel your arms around me. Damn it, what’s happening to me?”

“This is what you want, what you need, baby. Just leave it all up to me.”

Evan took a deep breath and fluttered his eyelashes open.“Y-Yes, I want it. I want you.”

Brett smiled and tilted up his chin with his knuckle.“Then let’s take off those clothes, sweetheart.I’ve been wanting to make love to you since that last night in my cell.” And it was true.He hadn’t been able to get Evan off his mind for more than a few minutes at a time. Damned blood match! Yet he knew it was more than just the blood match. His kindness in caring for him, bringing him aspirin and sandwiches, even antiseptic cream for the lash marks on his skin. Then when Evan put his sweet tongue on his skin—good God, Brettthought he’d lose his mind.

Brett pulled at their clothes until they were bare, and then he reached for Evan, who was half swooning on the bed beside him, drawing him closer in his arms again. He was so near to having his mate now, andhe didn’t want to do anything to scare him away.

Pulling Evan’s body on top of his, he ran his hands down over his rounded ass, grinding his body into his groin. His hand drifted down to his rim and stilled as he made contact with the butt plug.“What the hell?”

Brett pushed Evan back and peered into his face.“What the hell is that?” Moving Evan off to fall on the mattress, Brett rolled him to his side, his hands busily prying apart the crevice between Evan’s cheeks.

He touched the end of the plug sticking out of Evan’s formerly tight little hole, making Evan shiver as it jiggled against his prostate. Brett chuckled.“What the hell have you done to yourself, darlin’?”

Evanstruggled to move away from Brett’s confining hands, but gave up after a few seconds when Brett made itclear he wasn’t going anywhere until this new development had been thoroughly explored.“Evan?”

Evan slumped, his whole body going red and hot with embarrassment.“Damn it, it’s a plug. Dr. Cornsilk said to wear the damn thing until we mated.He said it would make it easier for me.”

“Oh really?” Brett moved it again, teasing Evan and making him jump and gasp.

“Stop, Brett.Let me take it out.”

“Are you sure you want it out, honey?” he jiggled it again and tapped on the end of it.“It’s in there nice and tight. Does it feel good?”

“No, it’s miserable.” Brett tapped it again. “Oh God!”

“Okay, hold still, babe. I’ll take it out.” Brett grasped the end of the plug and pulled it gently, unable to resist wiggling and twisting it just a little on the way out. Evan squirmed and breathed hard through his mouth.

“Let me up, Brett. Please.”

Brett rolled him back over on his back, tossing the plug on the bedside table.“Where do you think you’re going, sweetheart? Like you said, the plug has you nice and ready for me.” He reached for Evan’s rigid cock and ran his hand up and down the shaft, making Evan twist and groan. He leaned down and parted Evan’s lips, letting his tongue go inside the other man’s mouth to play. A prickling need was building up in Brett’s body and he couldn’t hold back much longer.He bent down and tasted the tip of Evan’s dripping cock.

A strangled moan escaped Evan’s lips and he arched his back as Brett swallowed him, teeth and tongue working over his shaft. Evan tried to retreat a little, the sensations maybe too intense, but Brett hauled him back, holding him by the hips.“Mine!” he growled and put a finger under his hips and into his crease.

When he stuck the finger deep inside and crooked it over his sweet spot, Evan was overcome and his hips bucked wildly.“I’m coming! God, I can’t stop!’

“Come for me, darlin’, come in my hand.” Evan’s body twitched, and he arched up, almost screaming in ecstasy. Brett put his mouth back over his straining cock and caught every drop in his mouth, keeping the suction up until Evan was squirming and moaning.

Brett turned him over and trailed hot kisses down his back, while his fingers went underneath him, holdingEvan’s chest tightly, tweaking at his nipples. Evan was sagging, already seeming drunk with Brett’s lovemaking, but Brett was far from being done. He moved down his back and his tongue bathed and teased at Evan’s abused and stretched entrance. Evan’s hole began to quiver and pulse, and Brett smiled in anticipation.“See how your body responds to me, baby?That’s because you’re mine.”

Evan trembled and clutched the pillow under his head while Brett opened the drawer next to the bed and pulled out the lube. He lavished it over his cock and Evan’s hole. Evan writhed and bit into the pillow he held to him so desperately. The gamma wolfpulled Evan’s hips up to put his ass in the air. Thick fingers in his ass had him groaning, yet pushing back for more.

“Even after that plug, this is gonna hurt.Push back as hard as you can, okay?”

Brettpushed the head of his cock into Evan’s ass slowly, making him drop his head to the mattress, his dick softening at the pain.“You’re stretched pretty well, but you’re tense. Relax, baby.I won’t move much at first. Just get used to feeling filled up with me inside you. My cock is pretty thick, so the knot is not too much bigger.We’ll take this nice and slow.” He reached around and pumped Evan’s dick with his fist, his thumb rubbing across the sensitive slit.

“This is it, baby. You’ll belong to me, now. I own you..” He began to move slowly, thrusting deeper and deeper. Evan thrust back against him, tentatively at first and then stronger as he became more excited.

“Fuck me, Brett. Harder!”

“I will, baby. But you don’t need to come just yet. Not until my knot is inside.” He began to work it slowly in, stretching Evan’s hole. He reached for more lube with one hand and worked it around his gland. Evan screamed and tried to pull away, but Brett held him tightly to him and pushed him from the front back onto his cock.

Then, with a sudden plop, it was in and Evan screamed again.“I can’t! I’m tearing!”

“No,you’re not. Be still and push out.” He licked the back of Evan’s neck and bit down hard, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh. Instantly Evan relaxed, and Brett knew he was experiencing the rush of pleasure the bite brought to mates. Evan moaned in ecstasy and pushed out and back onto his cock, his ass now seated against Brett’s groin. Brett held the bite for a long time, and then pulled away, leaving a mark that would be a permanent scar on the back of Evan’s neck. He licked at it to sweep away the blood and help the pain, then held tightly to his mate for the orgasms that would by now be slowly building in his body.

The bulbus glandis brought on extremely intense multiple orgasms, bathing the prostate in chemicals and creating a steady pressure against it. Most mates didn’t stay conscious for all of the orgasms, and once Evan’s started, they were so extreme, Brett thought he would soon pass out.

He screamed and clawed at the bed, trying to alternately get away from Brett and then to reach back to him for comfort. Brett held on as tightly as he could, crooning to him and kissing him, unable to pull out until he was finished. Once inside, the gland had swelled even more and wouldn’t release for a long time yet. All Brett could do for his mate was comfort him. After about the fourth or fifth intense orgasm, Evan slumped in his arms. Brett checked his pulse and kissed him tenderly, but there was nothing else he could do. He was tied inside his mate and couldn’t pull out without injuring them both. He checked Evan’s cock and it was still rigid and straining, though no more semen remained in his balls to pump out. Even in his unconscious state, his hips still jerked and thrust. Finally after almost thirty minutes, the thrusts slowed and Brett could feel a softening in his gland.

Evan was awake and had been for some time, too exhausted to move or do much more than moan occasionally. Brett pulled and his cock came out with a plop. Immediately, he rolled Evan over and saw his eyelids fluttering. He bit his wrist and held it to his lips.“Drink, baby. Drink as much as you can.It will help you.”

At first the blood ran down his chin and onto his chest, but finally he latched on and sucked. His eyelids fluttered and once he looked up into Brett’s eyes. He was so beautiful with his red lips and blue eyes it almost took Brett’s breath away.

Once Brettwas sure he’d fed enough, he pulled his wrist away and turned Evan over on his side, pushing down his still reaching arms, and spooning him. Once Evan stopped moaning and trying to turn back over to get to him, he finally let the exhaustion overtake him and fell into a deep sleep.

Brett felt almost too exhausted to sleep, the ordeal of the past few days still keying him up with adrenalin. Eventually, the soft snores of his mate and the comfort of his soft, warm body in his arms relaxed him and he drifted down into dreams of running under the moon, howling with his brothers.He didn’t know how long he slept, but he came instantly awake as Evan was pulled roughly from his arms.

Chapter Three

Groggy with sleep, Brett sat up rubbing his eyes. He saw two men wearing the green uniforms of the Hunters pulling an unconscious Evan from the bed and dragging him to the door. He roared in anger and tried to leap from the bed when a huge net was thrown over him, making him claw and growl as he felt himself shifting into his wolf.

Dr. Cornsilk stepped into his line of vision, holding up his hands. “Stop, Brett. No one is hurting him.I’ll be with him every minute, and I promise you we’ll bring him right back.” He turned and hurried for the door to follow Evan.

Some of what the doctor said filtered through to Brett ’s brain, but hewasn’t able to completely stop his shift. He felt his claws ripping at the net, shredding it so he could leap free and hurl himself against the locked door over and over. The heavy steel door sustained a few dents, but held against his onslaught. Slowly, he came back to himself and his claws and hair retreated back to his body. He was furious and restless though, pacing up and down in front of the door.He’d known they would do this, take Evan away to test him like this, but he hadn’t been prepared for how it would feel. It was agonizing.

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