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He winced. “You’re cruel and heartless. If I was still alive we’d already be in the back of my van.”

“If you were still alive you’d be pushing fifty, and we wouldn’t even be breathing the same air.”

“Who the hell are you talking to?” Mace demanded.

I shot the ghost a questioning look. “Care to introduce yourself? Or should I just tell my friend to call you DD?”

“Really? You don’t know who I am?”

“Should I?”

The ghost came over and sat down across from Mace. He waved his hand in front of his face. “He can’t see or hear me, can he?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Is he your boyfriend? Did you get picked up having sex at the graveyard? Man, I nailed a lot of chicks near the grave of some girl that died of a broken heart.”

If stares could be iron he’d have been dusted right then. I knew that grave—it was sad.

He sighed. “Fine. I’m Joe Hard.”

I laughed. “Joe Hard? You’re freaking kidding.”

Mace sat up. “Joe Hard? That’s who you’re talking to?”

Suddenly the ghost snapped to attention, too. “Nice to know not everyone’s forgotten me.”

“Skinny guy with big hair and eye liner?” I asked.

Mace nodded. “Tattoo of angel wings on his left arm.”

Joe lowered the sleeve of his jacket. Beneath it he was wearing an electric-pink tank top. He did have angel wings on his biceps. “That’s the one.”

A huge grin took over Mace’s face. He looked both goofy and gorgeous at the same time. “Dude, my mother had such a thing for you.”

“Is your mother hot?” Joe asked, leaning on the table.

I opened my mouth to tell him off, but as luck would have it, that was the moment Wren arrived. She materialized right beside Joe, who turned and looked at her—then me—then her again. I swung my feet off the table and sat up.

“Twins.” He said it with a sigh before giving Mace a dirty look. “You lucky bastard.”

Wren looked at him. “I know you. And...bastard? I don’t think it matters these days if Mace’s parents are married.”

Joe grinned. “You are so strange. Sit down, darlin’. You’re way more my type than your sister.”

Wren did sit down. “Oh, don’t let the fact that she’s alive stop you. We’re tangible to her. See?” To prove her point she pinched me.

“Ow!” I rubbed my arm.

“You okay?” Mace asked with a frown.

I nodded.

Wren smiled the same smile I’d given Dead Douche. “That’s for the iron.”

“Tangible, huh?” Joe grinned. “Why don’t the three of us get out of here, then? Come back for your boy later.”

This was quickly spiraling into sitcom territory. To be honest, I was almost relieved when the door opened and Olgilvie walked in. What was interesting, though, was the way Joe’s expression changed when he saw the cop. That was real hate on his face. Interesting. Finally, things were looking up.

“You’ve been chatting a lot in here, Miss Noble,” Olgilvie remarked. “Who are you talking to?”

I pointed at Mace. “Uh, him?”

Mace nodded. “It’s true. We talk.”

Olgilvie wasn’t fat, but he was big—burly. Nan would call him “solid.” God, she was going to be so embarrassed that I got picked up by the cops. Reminding myself of that sucked some of the bitch out of me. I did not want to hurt her.

He pulled out the chair across from me—the one right beside Joe—and sat down. He set the can of salt and my iron rod on the table between us.

“Could I talk you into bashing his head in?” Joe asked. “Just a little?”

I didn’t smile, but I wanted to.

“We found these things in your bag, Miss Noble.”

“I had some tampons in there, too. Did you find them?”

Under the table, Mace nudged my foot with his.

Olgilvie didn’t look impressed. “Please explain to me what these are for.”

“Have you notified Lark’s grandmother that she’s here?” Mace asked. “She should have a guardian present.”

I leaned my forearms on the table. I pointed at the can of salt. “That’s where I hide my drugs. Open it up and take a snort.”

“And this?” Olgilvie picked up the rod, and for a second, I saw that he wanted to hit me with it. Wow.

“Back scratcher.” That was possibly the lamest thing to ever come out of my mouth, but it was all I could think of.

“Why were you trespassing at Haven Crest?”

“You don’t have to answer him,” Mace said. He kept his gaze on the older man. I had to hand it to him, Mace didn’t intimidate easily. Then again, when your daddy was chief, you could be a little arrogant.

I shrugged. “Trespassing. Isn’t that against the law?” I certainly wasn’t going to admit to it. “Why were you there?”

“Security thought they heard screams. Did you see a ghost?” He grinned mockingly. Jerk.

The door to the room opened and an older man stuck his head in. I could tell from one look that he was Mace’s father. They really looked alike. “Get your ass out here,” he said to his son.

Mace got up. He glanced at me. “I’ll take care of this.”

I didn’t need him taking “care” of anything for me. I’d just made things “even” between us, I didn’t need to owe him another favor so freaking soon.

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