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That peaked her curiosity. “And why do I need to be casual?”

“Because those tall ass heels and short skirts you like to wear won’t be too appropriate for what I have planned.”

“Ooh...mysterious.” She went into her walk in closet and came out holding a T-shirt with a pair of jeans thrown over her arm. She folded the shirt and put it in a bag I was sure cost more than my entire wardrobe. “I’m dying to know. Can I have a little hint?”

I was titanium and there was no way I was giving her one little detail. “Nope.”

She put her bag on her dresser and came over to stand between my knees. She poked her bottom lip out at me and I was positive it wasn’t the first time she had used her beautiful pouty face to get what she wanted. “Not even one little ‘ole hint?”

She sat across my lap with her arm around my shoulders and nibbled my earlobe. Although I recognized it for the tactical move it was, she was irresistible and I couldn’t reframe myself from giving in to her just a little bit. “Okay. One hint and that’s all you’re gettin’. I’m going to show you one of the things I like to do for fun.”

She moved further down on my neck. “So, I get a glimpse into Nick Hawke’s life. Tell me more.”

“Nope, you’ll have to wait and find out tomorrow.”

She shoved me back on the bed again and crawled over me. I lifted my head from her bed to kiss her and she backed away just barely out of my reach to tease me. “I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to find out.”

I tried to kiss her again and she barely got away from me, so I reached for the back of her neck and pulled her down until we were eye to eye. “I said you’d find out tomorrow. Now, stop teasing me and kiss me.”

“I’ll kiss you when you tell me what I want to know.”

That little vixen. She just thought she was going to tease me and hold her kisses hostages in exchange for information. Well, I had news for her; two could play this game.

I sat up and grabbed her by the waist to quickly flip her onto her back before she squealed. “Nick!”

I crawled up her still bikini clad body the way she had mine, except my mouth was only millimeters from her skin. “It’s too late to beg for mercy now.”

Her voice was trembling. “What are you gonna do to me?”

“Finish what you started.”

“By the word finish, I hope you don’t mean us having sex because we’re not.”

“Oh, you got that right, Doll Face. We’re definitely not having sex tonight.” I put my mouth over her ear and whispered, “Not even when you beg me to be inside you.”

I heard her sharp intake of breath and I smiled. I had succeeded in shocking her, but it didn’t last for long because only a second later she was trying her hand at a comeback for me. “I hardly think that I’ll...”

“Shh. Don’t talk.” I didn’t give her the chance to finish because I put my finger to her lips.

She opened her mouth and drew a breath to say something else, but I covered her lips with mine before the words could escape. I lightly feathered her mouth with kisses and then took advantage when she opened enough to allow my tongue access.

Her heart was against my chest and my lips were pressed to her neck when I started my Southward journey. I heard her breathing become increasingly louder and her chest began to rise and fall harder when my mouth paused just above the top of her bikini. I stopped, giving her the time she needed to tell me to go no further, but she didn’t so I pressed on and continued my journey in exploring her beautiful body.

I reminded myself of how Payton was different from the fast girls I was used to so I proceeded with great caution because I didn’t want to scare her. I spread my fingers and placed my hands around each side of her ribcage as I went lower on her body. I let my thumbs lightly touch the under edge of her breasts while my tongue tasted the spot between them. I felt her heart beating a million times a minute under my mouth as she bent her knees upward and apart so my body could fall in between them.

When I finished giving her breasts the attention they deserved, I slid lower down her body to her stomach and I dipped my tongue in her bellybutton so I could see her squirm and she didn’t disappoint me.

“Oh. Oh. Ooh.” That was the sound of reassurance and it meant I was doing something very right.

She jerked beneath me and arched her back as my mouth moved down to her hipbones just above the waist of her bikini bottom sitting low on her hips. I didn’t try to slide it down, but I wanted to when I kissed her groin through the damp white material.

“Shall I stop?” I whispered as my mouth moved across the top of her pelvic bone.

I managed to make out the sound of a ‘no’ through her heavy panting so I didn’t stop. I slid my hands inside the sides of her swimsuit bottom and wrapped them around her hipbones and cupped her bare bottom in my hands. “How ‘bout here? Want me to stop?”

She squirmed beneath me and her voice was breathless as she begged me to not stop, but I had a promise to keep. It was a no sex night, but I planned to give her what she needed while I stayed true to my word.

I heard a moan escape her lips as she covered her eyes with her hand and pounded the mattress with her other and I knew I had just given her an experience she would never forget.

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Wow. He considered that my punishment for teasing him?

I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling with my comforter still fisted in my hand. Was that what I think it was? Hell yes it was and it was magnificent. It was without a doubt the most incredible sensation I had ever experienced. Shiz, I wanted him to do that to me again.

He slid up my body and rested his weight on his elbows that were pressed into the mattress on each side of my head. He stroked his fingertips down each side of my face as he watched my eyes. “Liked that, did ya?”

“Umm, yeah...just a little bit.”

“I could tell...just a little bit.”

He smiled because it pleased him to hear me admit I liked what he did to me. I felt the heat rise in my face when I thought about what I had shamelessly begged him to do to me. He warned me I would, but I didn’t believe him because I had no idea he was capable of eliciting such an uncontrollable urge that would make me throw good sense out the window.

It didn’t matter how much I begged and pleaded with him. He kept his word when he told me we wouldn’t have sex and I found myself feeling regretful about that instead of relieved.

Geez. I needed to get away from him fast because I was thinking about asking him to break his no sex tonight promise. “I probably shouldn’t push my luck with Aunt Tillie. I don’t know how cool she’d be if I showed up hours after I told her I would be there.”

“I don’t want you to get in trouble because I have plans for you tomorrow, Doll Face.” He lowered his lips to mine and gave me a gentle kiss. “Does 12 o’clock sound all right to you?”

“Perfect.” That meant we would only be apart for eleven hours.

We spent the better part of the next 30 minutes kissing good-bye until we finally unglued our lips long enough for me to go to Tillie’s house. When I walked into her house, I found her casually lounging on the chaise in the living room watching television. “Hey, Girly Girl. Have a good night?”

I fell backwards onto the couch and sighed dramatically.

“Sounds like someone had a great night.”

“I did. It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life.” I thought about my incredible experience with Nick and knew I wasn’t giving him enough credit after that thing he did. “I take that back. It was definitely my best night ever.”

“Were you with a cute guy?”

Cute didn’t seem to cut it with Nick. “You have no idea. He is hot, I mean like really hot and he’s considerate. One of my favorite things about him is that he loves my smart ass mouth. Oh, and he’s an awesome kisser.” I thought it might be wise to leave off the part about him giving me my first big O. “Tillie, I seriously think I could fall for this guy.”

I heard my aunt giggle at me. “I think you already have. Look at you. You’re actually giddy. I’ve never seen you like that about a guy.”

“I know. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight because I’m so excited about being with him tomorrow.”

“What do your parents think of him?”

I wished she hadn’t asked me that because I didn’t even want to think about what they’d say about Nick. “They haven’t met him, but I can already tell you that they wouldn't approve.”

“Oh, honey, you don’t know that”

“I do. He’s from Collinsville and that’s all they need to know for them to discredit him. He doesn’t have money or social influence so they’ll give me the thumbs down before they even meet him. You know how they are.”

“Maybe they won’t. You can’t be for sure until you try.”

“They want me to be with someone like Cooper. Never mind the fact that he’s a dickhead that gave me an ultimatum to sleep with him or hit the road. Mother never even asked me what happened. She just blamed me for him breaking up with me.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, honey. Do you want me to talk to Vivian for you?”

“Nah. Let her think I’m a total disappointment instead of a virgin. Serves her right.”

“Does this lucky young fella have a name?”

“As a matter of fact, he does. His name is Nick Hawke. Gah, I even love saying his name. Is that weird?”

I looked up from where I lay on the couch when my aunt didn’t answer and I saw that she had sat up on the edge of the chaise. “Something wrong, Tillie?”

“No, nothing’s wrong. Please, go on. I want to know everything about your Nick.”

My phone alerted me to a text and I knew it was Nick without looking.

“Got to T’s ok?”

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