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Charlie moved in her sleep, her back arched, and a soft moan came from her parted lips. He froze and watched her wiggle her hips, noticed her faster breathing, and flushed features. A slow grin spread as he inched closer to the bed. She dreamed and he had a good idea where it had led.

He’d be a bastard for taking advantage of the situation. Then again, he reasoned silently, she already believes I’m one.

He reached for the bedding to slowly pull it down her body to reveal every seductive inch of her pale, creamy body. It took his breath away to see her stretched out naked, bound, and spread open. His gaze traveled from her wrists to the vee of her thighs where proof gleamed wetly that her sleeping mind had gone where he’d hoped it had.

He debated for a long minute but then she tossed her head, another moan passed her lips, and his c**k twitched painfully, aching for the woman who had become his sole focus, and probably the beginning of an addiction. His knee gently dipped the mattress when he climbed onto it with her. He tried not to wake her when he unbound each ankle. The worst that could happen is that she will be very angry when she wakes up…but she already is.

Charlie arched her h*ps to seek the hot, wet, wonderful sensation that rasped across her clit. She ached badly, desire burning throughout her body, and the heels of her feet dug into something warm, solid, and fleshy. Firm hands pushed her thighs wider apart and something tickled the skin there as well but nothing distracted from the constant flicking against her throbbing clit.

“Yes,” she moaned, bucking her hips.

She had to be dreaming about Zorus. No man had ever made her feel the way he could. She opened her eyes to stare in a passion-filled daze at the ceiling and the sensation only grew stronger. She hovered on the edge of cl**ax, ready to beg if need be to get there.

She lifted her head to peer down over her stomach to watch a dark head and broad shoulders between her spread thighs, her legs bent up around his upper arms, and her heels rested on the top of his shoulder blades. Zorus suckled her clit, tugged on it, and his tongue swiped across the swollen, throbbing bud again.

“Faster,” she whispered. “Please, Zorus?”

He groaned, the deep sound vibrated against her clit, and his mouth tugged harder, his tongue doing things to her that nearly hurt—the pleasure was that intense and raw. Her body arched up again to press her h*ps tighter against his face and that did it. Charlie screamed out when the orgasm gripped her and shot her into sheer bliss that threatened to steal not only her ability to think but to breathe.

Her eyes were closed and she panted. Her vaginal walls twitched hard, aching to be filled. Hell of a dream. It had seemed so real, still did when the bed shifted and her heels slid down his back while he shrugged them aside. She opened her eyes and watched him crawl higher over her body. His dark eyes looked black in the dim room and happened to be the sexiest things she’d ever seen. His handsome face seemed a darker, duskier color, and his generous lips looked a little swollen to her, puffy, and she wanted to kiss them.

“You’re so beautiful,” he rasped softly.

His body lowered, his chest pressed tightly to hers, nearly crushing her taut ni**les against his hot skin. They lay stomach to stomach, his face hovering mere inches over her own.

“Tell me ‘no’ if you don’t want me.”

She tried to touch his face but her arms wouldn’t work. The dream turned to frustration for an instant and then his gaze narrowed. Zorus softly groaned when the broad, hard tip of his c**k nudged her very slick, ready pu**y. The instant he started to enter her, stretch her, reality slammed home. His mouth crushed down over hers to capture the moan he drew from her when he filled her. His c**k reminded her of steel and pleasure blinded her while he made her body take all of his thick cock. He held still there and then his tongue slid between her parted lips.

She could taste herself on his tongue, not an unpleasant thing, and then he growled loudly and started to rock his hips, to f**k her deeply and steadily. Her muscles gripped his driving cock, fluttered from the aftermath of her cl**ax, and she wanted to scream out from the way it made her pleasure rise higher to draw out the orgasm that still resonated.

Sensory overload enthralled her, from his hungry mouth dominating hers and his powerful body that took her harder and faster as his h*ps hammered her into the soft mattress without mercy. Her erect, sensitive ni**les rubbed against his chest and with the angle he had on her hips, his groin rubbed against her swollen, oversensitive clit. Even having her arms tied above her head notched the level of sexual tension. She came again, bucked against his body frantically, and cried out against his tongue.

Zorus tore his mouth from hers, threw his head back, and roared out her name while his body jerked violently. His se**n spread warmth deep inside her pu**y while his c**k throbbed as if it had a heartbeat against her convulsing vaginal walls. He braced his arms to keep from totally collapsing on top of her chest when his body sagged until he stilled over her.

Charlie turned her head, panted, and closed her eyes. That had been no dream. It may have started out as one but somewhere along the way it had become reality. Zorus lowered his head, his mouth brushing a kiss on the side of her throat, and then his lips parted, so his tongue could trace the vein he found. She shivered with erotic delight at the soft touch.

“Promise me you won’t try to escape. I want your hands on me.”

She hated how badly she wanted to say yes. She bit her lip. Zorus softly cursed and kissed her throat again, this time harder, and his c**k flexed inside her. It amazed her that he remained hard after coming. She knew he had since there was no missing the heated warmth and she guessed his hotter body temperature accounted for that.

“Please,” his voice turned husky when he spoke against her throat. “Just promise me for now.”

That she could do. “Yes.”

His mouth left her and he lifted up. Charlie turned her head and watched him reach up with one hand. He grabbed the material above her wrists and gave a mighty tug to easily tear it from the frame of the bed. It showed her how strong he was since she sure hadn’t been able to do that.

He gripped one wrist and brought it to his mouth. He used his teeth to untie the knots and free her. He turned his head and dropped the material from his mouth then frowned when he saw the skin that he had uncovered.

“You mark so easily. I’m sorry.”

Their gazes met and she could see the truth lurking in his eyes. “It doesn’t hurt. Whatever you used didn’t tighten on my skin and it’s soft.”

“I believe they are leggings, belonging to the human who normally occupies this room.”

Charlie turned her arm, twisting a little, and Zorus released his hold on it. She slowly lowered her arm until her palm rested on his biceps. She loved to touch him, to feel his smooth, strong body, and the heat he generated.

“The other one, please.”

He nodded and then shifted his gaze from her to free her other wrist. She gripped both his arms. Zorus lowered back on top of her, braced his elbows on the mattress next to her ribs, and effectively caged her under his body. Their gazes met again and held as effectively as their bodies were connected.

“Please don’t attack me, Charlie. I won’t hurt you but I don’t want to tie you again.”

“I’m not stupid. You’re too strong and fast. I saw you fight with that other cyborg inside the cargo hold and I’ll never forget how easily you snapped that dock worker’s neck. I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

He actually flinched. “I don’t want you to fear me. I’d never use my strength to harm you.”

“Just to tie me to a bed and seduce me when I’m half asleep.”

Guilt passed over his handsome features. “I’ll take you any way I can get you. Do you hate me for admitting that?”

She actually didn’t. “At least you’re being honest. You get points for that.”

“Points?” His eyebrows arched. “What does that mean?”

The humor struck her, Zorus had a way of doing that to her sometimes with his lack of basic slang terms, and she smiled against her will. “It means I have to respect you for telling the truth. The points thing is just a saying.”

“I’ll make note of that for future reference.”

She flat out grinned.

“What is so amusing?” He looked anything but amused with that befuddled expression that she found so cute on him.

“You’re showing your computer side again.”

“I’m not familiar with Earth sayings any longer and admit it wasn’t my strong suit even when I lived there.”

“I bet. It’s all about logic with you.”

“Not all.” He took a deep breath, nearly crushed her chest under his, but then adjusted his body a little higher to ease his weight from pressing too hard against her. “There’s nothing logical about my reactions to you. I’m…” He didn’t continue.

Curiosity gripped Charlie. She rubbed his arms, tracing upward to the curve of his shoulders. “You’re what? Talk to me.”

“I’ve entirely evaluated my reactions to you. I’m displaying possessive, bordering on obsessive, behavior that isn’t within my normal range of emotions. You make me feel unfamiliar sentiments, Charlie. I’m not certain how to proceed with them, but regardless of my inability to control them, I refuse to suppress them. You make me take risks I never believed I would be capable of. Even telling you all of my uncertainties is against my normal personality traits. I am usually very guarded with my thoughts.”

“I’m glad you’re talking to me.” She continued to run her fingertips along his skin, realizing she could touch him for hours and never get tired of it.

“Tell me what thoughts and emotions you are experiencing.” He hesitated. “Please.”

She swallowed and then took a deep breath. “I’m confused. You do that to me. I didn’t like you at all when we first met. You were ice cold and a real ass**le, if you want the truth. When we’re in bed together you’re softer and a lot easier to like.”

His features hardened and all emotion cleared. “That’s all you feel for me? A like of the f**king we do together?”

She studied him carefully and saw a hint of anger brewing. He tried to hide it but the more time they spent together, he became easier for her to read. The darkening in color of his eyes—quickly turning nearly black—gave him away. She tried to form her words carefully.

“If that is all that is between us, I’ll order them to pilot us to the nearest station where you can obtain passage to Saturn.” He tried to lift off her.

Charlie’s fingernails dug into his skin to grasp hold of his shoulders. “Freeze.”

He stopped moving and his mouth tightened into an angry line. Fury radiated from his gaze, clearly now. Oh yeah, she realized. He’s really pissed and maybe even hurt. It surprised her that she could make him feel that much so fast.

“I won’t force you to stay with me just for the sake of good intercourse.”

She noticed he’d changed back to the habit of calling sex between them the colder term instead of saying f**king. He’d at least made an effort to call it something she’d suggested, a fact she’d taken note of.

“I said I’m confused. We just met and I’ve never gone to bed with a man so fast. I’m feeling more for you than just the physical stuff we do. I’m just afraid to trust you and I don’t know if we’re too different to try to have any kind of lasting relationship. We’re moving way too fast and after what my brother did to me, and my ex-lover, can you see why I don’t trust my own judgment when it comes to guys I’m drawn to? I want to trust you but your own cyborgs don’t like you. That’s screaming a warning signal inside my head that I’m going to get hurt.”

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