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“Oh, baby, yes. Play with your tits for me. Show me where you want my mouth.”

Her thumbs caressed circles around her ni**les. “Here, Derek.”

A heartbeat later, his mouth descended onto her breast, flicking the pink bud with his tongue before drawing the tightened tip into his mouth. Ginger’s head tossed on the pillow as he went back and forth between her br**sts, rolling the stiff peaks in circles under his palms, blowing against them softly and grazing them with his teeth until she cried out for him to stop.

He raised his head, dark green eyes still riveted on her reddened, glistening ni**les. “Where do you want me next, Ginger?”

The deep resonance of his voice washed over her, making her body tremble. Bravely, she took one hand and trailed it down her bare stomach, watching his diligent mouth follow in its wake, kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin of her belly. Finally, her fingers dipped below the waistband of her leggings, signaling where she wanted him to go. He caught her hand before it went too far, biting her sensitive palm in reproof.

“You like my tongue between your thighs, don’t you, sweetheart?” He hooked his thumbs into her waistband and slowly began sliding the leggings down her legs, along with her black thong. Ginger’s hips writhed in response to his question. “Yes, I know you do. I still have the nail marks on my shoulders from last time to prove it.”

Derek knelt at the end of the bed and slid his big hands underneath her ass. He gripped her tightly, urging her legs over his shoulders. Ginger’s body quaked in anticipation of his mouth finding her most sensitive place. She reached above her head and curled her fingers around the headboard for leverage.

Derek took his time looking her over before nipping at her inner thigh.

“Please, Derek,” she whimpered.

He smiled wickedly. “Can I tell you a dirty secret?”

“Yes,” she gasped. “Just hurry.”

Derek’s dark laughter increased her arousal, coating her in slick heat. Achingly slow, he sunk two thick fingers inside her. “If I could go back and do one thing differently that first night, I would taste your virgin pu**y before I f**ked you. I bet it would have been extra sweet.”

Ginger climaxed. Her scream resonated through the room, ending in disjointed pants and moans as Derek prolonged the pleasure with his fingers. Arching away from the bed, she rotated her hips against his hand, never wanting the rippling spasms to end.

When she finally opened her eyes, Ginger sought his face and found him watching her with reverence. “God, you’re incredible.” Then his mouth found her core once more, licking the sensitive flesh with long, torturous strokes of his tongue, focusing on and exploiting the bundle of nerves begging for attention. Digging her fingers into his broad shoulders, she hurtled toward a second peak.

Derek growled as she came again, this time against his mouth. Ginger heard the now-familiar sound of him ripping open a condom wrapper with his teeth.

“I take it back. Nothing could taste sweeter than that.”

He jerked her hips up to rest on his thighs, pushed her legs wide, and filled her with his erection. As vulnerable and exposed as the position left her, Ginger had no choice but to match his demanding rhythm.

She needed his full weight on top of her, though, pressing her down into the mattress. She wanted to feel mastered, overcome. “I need you on top of me now. Please. I need…you to hold me down.”

His sharp eyes focused on her. “Baby, do you know what hearing that does to me?”

Following her down onto the bed, he pinned her soft body with his harder one, without sacrificing one precious movement of his body inside hers. Ginger sobbed at the perfection of it.

“Tighten those pretty thighs around my waist. I’m going to give it to you rough.” She obeyed. Holding her arms near the headboard, immobilizing her, Derek pounded into her. The sound of damp, slapping flesh and the metal headboard bumping against the wall echoed through the room, mingling with Ginger’s cries and Derek’s sharp expletives. “Is this how you wanted it, beautiful girl?”

“Oh God, yes. Harder, Derek.”

She didn’t think it possible, but he complied with her plea, pushing the headboard against the wall with even greater force. Ginger felt her body reaching for another orgasm and raced to meet it. Her wrists ached from being held in his punishing grip, but the pain of restraint only heightened her experience. She tugged on the unyielding hands holding her hostage and felt the dizzying heat move through her lower abdomen when she couldn’t get free.


“I’m here, baby.”

The orgasm shook through Ginger. Derek thrust deep and ground his pelvis against her. Her insides quaked while her body remained completely restricted, unable to move. Ironically, she’d never felt freer in her life. The room dimmed and spun around her as she tried to hold on to the sensation, to memorize it.

Ginger knew eventually she’d have to question why being restrained fulfilled her and how Derek sensed it and indulged her needs so perfectly, but right now she could only focus on keeping her legs locked around Derek’s back as drove into her one final time and peaked.

“Ginger. Baby. Ginger!”

His grasp loosened as he climaxed, and she used the freedom to grab his ass and pull him deep. Sinking his teeth into her shoulder, he groaned. Ginger wrapped her arms around him when he finally collapsed, placing kisses along his collarbone and neck.

Rolling onto his side a while later, Derek pulled her hard against his chest. He didn’t speak, instead seeming content to watch her. One hand stroked her hair, separating the sweaty strands from her neck and face.

His continued silence began to unnerve her. Derek had called all the shots every time they’d been together. Maybe she’d made him uncomfortable, asking him to hold her down?

She kept her head on his chest, mortified over her brazenness. “I’m sorry.”

The hand stroking her hair stilled, and she held her breath. “Why?”

“You’re so quiet.” She paused to gather her courage. “I figured what I asked you to do…was it… not normal? Or wrong?”

She squeaked as Derek flipped her over onto her back. When she looked up into his face, it was covered in disbelief. “Ginger, you listen to me very carefully. Nothing we do together is wrong. Ever.” He shook his head. “If I’m quiet it’s because I’m trying to figure out a way to never leave this bed again. That was—”

She didn’t let him finish. Relief roared through her, and with a laugh, she sat up, threw her arms around his neck, and hugged him. At first, Derek seemed stunned by her action. But his arms slowly banded around her waist and held her so tight she struggled to breathe.

“You have no idea how happy hearing that makes me, Lieutenant.”

His laugh rumbled against her ear. Without breaking their embrace, he pulled her back down onto the bed, tucking her head into his neck. “Me, too. Sleep, now, beautiful girl. I don’t have to be at work for a few hours.”

Ginger snuggled in close. Within minutes, she started drifting off, lulled by the fingers stroking up and down her spine.

Chapter Twenty-Two

“Hot damn, Wip. We’ve got a stone-cold fox on our hands.”

Willa flipped Ginger the bird without looking away from the full-length mirror. “This touching family sitcom moment brought to you by the letters F and U.”

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