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Blayde took him by the wrist and pulled him down the corridor to his quarters. Once inside the door, Blayde gestured toward the bed.“Take off your clothes and lie on the bed. Spread out your arms and your legs.”

“Fuck you,” Ryan said sullenly.“You can force me to do pretty much anything you want me to, but what will that prove?I’ll only hate you for it. Is that what you want?”

Blayde stared down at him. It was true what Ryan said. He would hate him if he tried to force him in his current mood. The times before had been playful compared to this. Before they were playing a kind of sexual domination game, but this was for real. Blayde knew that how he acted toward his mate in the next few minutes would set the tone for their future together, but not only that. His mate was in emotional distress, and he had to find a way to keep him from losing it.

“I don’t want to force you to do anything, Ryan. I want you to trust me.Maybe I haven’t given you much reason to trust me up to now, but I want you to. I want to be your best friend, as well as your lover. The one you can come to with your problems, just like I want to bring my problems to you. I said something cruel just now because I was lashing out at you, and that was wrong. I hope you can forgive me. I love you, baby, and I’ll never leave you. I’m proud to have you as my mate. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I trust you with my heart. Won’t you trust me with yours too?”

Ryan didn’t answer him, but Blayde could tell he was moved by what he said.Ryan’s eyes darted up to his and then away. Blayde pulled Ryan into his arms and brought his lips to his gently.“That’s it, Ryan. Let me love you. You look so broken. Let me put you back together again.”

Slowly, almost as if he was testing Blayde, Ryan nodded and obeyed him, throwing down his clothing by the bed and then crawling up to lie on his back, his eyes wary and guarded, waiting to see what Blayde would do.“I-I feel out of control, Blayde,” he said, with a sob catching in his throat.“I don’t know what to do—my life is so fucked up!”

Blayde quietly retrieved a few lengths of soft leather strapping from the cabinet built into the wall and approached the bed. He showed them to Ryan, and then keeping eye contact with him, Blayde spoke softly to him.“I know what to do, sweetheart, and it’s not fucked up. I want to help you. Just trust me, because you need this. Now give me your wrists.”

Ryan’s eyes grew larger and he flinched in fear. Blayde remembered thatwhen they’d first talked on the holo-cam, he said one of his limits was no bondage.Yet when he’d cuffed Ryan back home, he’d seemed to enjoy it. Blayde knew he needed to regain his confidence, so he decided to take a chance.“You know I won’t hurt you, sweetheart. No matter whatyou’ve done or haven’t done, I love you. Trust me enough to give me your wrist.This isn’t about punishment. This is about trusting me. Knowing I only want to bring you pleasure.”

Slowly, tentatively, Ryan held out his arm and Blayde quickly buckled one end of the strap around his wrist and then the other end to the bedpost.He did the same with Ryan’s other wrist and then looked down at him again.“Now your ankles.”

As he fixed the strapsaround Ryan’s ankles, he spoke softly to him. “You have to trust me, baby. You have to know that I will do onlywhat’s best for you. I have no wish to hurt you. You told me you didn’t like to be bound, but I think you do. I think it excites you. If I’m wrong, you only have to say the word and I’ll release you. You have to trust me to know what you like and know that I’ll make it good for you. You have to let me take care of you and give up that control of yours. It made you lie to me, and it drove a wedge between us. But there can’t be any barriers between us. Do you understand? If you can trust me to do this, then you can trust me with anything and know I’ll never take advantage and never hurt you.”

Ryan nodded, and his beautiful eyes stayed on Blayde as he lifted his ankle. Blayde took it in his hand and secured it. He put one hand under Ryan’s back, and pulled up the leg so he could wrap it with a longer strap to the same bedpost as his wrist. He followed suit with his other leg. Ryan’s delectable ass was now pulled up off the bed slightly, his legs wide open, exposing his tightly puckered pink hole, making him seem extremely vulnerable and helpless. Despite his position, his cock was rigid and pointed toward his face. Blayde slipped a pillow beneath his back for support.

“I’m going to make love to you, darling. Do you want me as much as I want you?”

Ryan bit his lip again, but nodded ever so slightly.

“I’m sorry, honey, but you have to tell me.Do you want me to make love to you?” “Yes!” Ryan said, his voice harsh with passion and need.

“Good, sweetheart. Together we can find out what you like and what you need. I want to give you everything you need, so you’ll never want anyone else.” Blayde took off his clothing slowly and sensuously, seeing Ryan watch him, knowing it was making him want him more and more, but Ryan was trembling, not liking being secured with straps and perhaps feeling too vulnerable. He started crying, tears running down his cheeks.

Immediately, Blayde came forward and stroked his cheek.“If you want these off, all you have to do is tell me.Are you still okay?” Ryan bit his lip, but he nodded. Blayde climbed on the bed and took Ryan’s balls in his hand, cupping them and handling them gently. The crying stopped and Ryan’s cock stiffened again. Blaydelooked into Ryan’s eyes and Ryan dropped his gaze, giving him his submission. Blayde wanted him so badly, he had to force himself to take it slowly.He took some lube from the table next to the bed and spread it soothingly over Ryan’s hole, and his own cock, now dripping with pre cum. He gently inserted a finger to stretch him, giving him time to get used to it before inserting a second finger. As Ryan tightly closed his eyes and began to open for him, Blayde kissed the insides of his thighs, running his tongue down each of them all the way to his groin. Ryan hissed his pleasure.

Finally, when he had Ryan ready, he eased the tip of his cock into Ryan’s tight hole, pushing in until he reached his prostate and giving it a good rub with his cock.Ryan’s eyes rolled back in his head and he cried out. Blayde leaned between his legs and kissed his lips, nudging them apart with his tongue. Ryan opened to him completely, relaxing the tension in his body, offering up everything he had, and Blayde exulted at the change he felt in him. His darling mate finally trusted him, completely giving his submission to him, with no hesitation, no resistance.

Blayde thrust his cock in all the way to his groin, again and again, setting up a rhythm that made Ryan lift his hips up in invitation.Ryan’s tight passage clamped around Blayde’s cock, spreading heat and passion through every nerve in his body. He pumped harder, reaching for Ryan’s sweet cock and pumping it in time with his own. They came together explosively, his seed pumping into Ryan as Ryan screamed his pleasure and shot semen into Blayde’s hand. Blayde stroked him dry, reveling in his release, and the look of heat in his eyes. He leaned forward again, Ryan’s cock still in his hand and kissed him passionately, leaving Ryan in no doubt how much he loved him.

Finally, when they both needed to breathe again, Blayde pulled reluctantly away, stroked Ryan’s cock one more time and slipped the ropes off his ankles. He pulled the pillows out from under him and untied his wrists. Then he took Ryan in his arms and kneaded the muscles of his shoulders and back, whispering Lycan love words to him, knowing he may not understand the words, but he would respond to the tone. Ryandid respond, nuzzling his nose into Blayde’s neck and crying softly again.

“I-I thought you hated me. I thought you were sorry you made me your mate.”

Blayde pulled away and gazed down at him.“Hated you? Never, baby. I was disappointed, and I felt likeI’d failed you by not giving you enough reason to trust me to tell me the truth. I rushed you, I know that now. Tell me, darling, one last time. The last story you told me, was it the truth?”

“I swear it is, Blayde. Every word was true. I lied to you at first because I was afraid you might take me to prison. I know I should have been honest, but I was scared. I meant to tell you, eventually. II just wasn’t sure if I could trust you not to send me away.”

“I believe you, baby. At least,and please don’t be angry at this, I believe that’s what you think really happened. It may be just as you say, and we need to find out for sure. If we find out that the vidthey sent us wasn’t faked, then I think they must havedrugged you, or there’s something else going on, maybe inside your mind.If Partland faked it, I’ll never rest until we clear your name. If I have to choke the truth out of the son of abitch, I’ll do it. Whatever it is we’ll face it together. All right?”

Ryan nodded and wrapped his arms around Blayde’s neck again, then crawled up into his lap and wrapped his legs around his waist. Blayde sat that way with him for a long time, his cock nudgingRyan’s creaseuntil Ryan’s breathing became slow and steady, then he lowered him to the bed and lay beside him, turning him around and spooning him. Kissing the back of Ryan’s neck, Blayde let sleep take him too, relaxing his tension for the first time in several days.

Chapter Seven

Ryan stood in the kitchen of Blayde’s house, preparing a meal in the processor. They’d been home for two days, and things between him and Blayde were good. Blayde had been kind and thoughtful toward him, and the sex between them was amazing. Blayde had brought over a doctor the day before who had examined him carefully with his scanner, and pronounced him healthy. That morning a human psychiatrist Lucas had flown in specially to see Ryan had come in, asking Ryan a lot of questions and even hypnotizing him after asking his permission.

The door opened and Blayde walked in, came over to him and kissed him for a long time, bending him back over his arm until he struggled for release, laughing and shoving at him.

“I got the psychiatrist’s report, sweetheart, and he says you’re perfectly fine. He said you still have a few lingering issues over your childhood, but considering how traumatic it was, it would be odd if you didn’t. All those foster homes.”

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