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Ryan blushed again.“You’d better not let Blayde hear you. He’s kind of jealous.”

Nikolai snorted.“Kind of? He’s a maniac! He’s going to kill me for coming in here first, but I really wanted to meet you. We have to make it look good in front of the other prisoners too, like I’m in here having my way with you.” He stood up and sighed. “Speaking of which, I guess we’d better make it look good.I’ll hit my fist and you shout out, okay? Make it sound good.”

Nikolai smacked his hand in his fist a few times and then jumped back, startled as Ryan let out a bloodcurdling scream like he was being killed. Ryan screamed out, “No, please stop! Please don’t hurt me!” Nikolai got a wicked grin on his face and smacked his hand again.

Another terrified scream and the door burst open and slammed back against the wall. Blayde bounded into the room with murder in his eye, his fangs down and claws descended. He rushed across the room and flung himself down acrossRyan’s body, looking up at Nikolai with fury.

Nikolai backed quickly away and shut the door of the cell before any of the prisoners could see what was going on. Nikolai came back slowly toward Blayde, holding his hands up in surrender, and speaking softly.“It’s okay, Blayde. He’s fine. See? We were only pretending.”

Ryan, almost smothered under Blayde’s bulk, was trying desperately to push him off and allow him to breathe. “I’m all right, Blayde.Really. It was all an act.”

The red haze began to recede from Blayde’s eyes. Embarrassed, he stood up and clenched his fists.“I thought…”

Nikolai laughed.“You thought I was enjoying myself with your mate.No, Blayde, I don’t have a death wish, no matter how charming your mateis, and he’s very special, I must say. He’s completely untouched by me.”

“He’d better be,” Blayde growled. “Get the hell out of here. I’ll be up later.”

Nikolai left, a shadow of a mischievous grin still playing around his lips. Once the door closed behind him, Blayde turned and held out his arms.“Come here, sweetheart,” he said softly, and Ryan stepped forward into his arms, wrapping himself around Blayde and breathing in his delicious scent.“Are you really all right? It scared meto death when you screamed.”

“I’m fine. Nikolai was regaling me with stories about his great-grandmother and her brother and the curse.”

Blayde groaned.“Oh gods, not that again.” He took Ryan’s face between his hands and stared at him for a few moments, then gently kissed him, licking at his lips and pressing his tongue gently inside Ryan’s mouth. “I missed you, baby.”

Ryan felt himself melting.“I missed you too.”

“I brought you something to eat, but I can’t seem to let go of you right now.”

“It’s okay,” Ryan breathed back at him.“I’m not very hungry.”

Blayde bent his head and took his lips again, walking him backward toward the mattress and catching him around the waist to lower him to it. With a strong arm around his waist, he hoisted him up to the top of the mattress and then began expertly removing all of his clothes, starting with his pants.“We don’t need these,” he said, easing them down his legs and tossing them aside. He raised his T-shirt over his head and pulled it off.“And this is just in theway.”

Ryan began to laugh a little as Blayde dispensed with all of his clothing, leaving him naked while Blayde was still fully clothed.“Mmm, I’m going to keep you like this once I get you back home. Clothing is highly overrated for a gorgeous boy like you.Maybe I’ll put you in a thong, like they do with mates back on the home planet.This pretty skin needs to be able to breathe.” He kissed him again and ground his erection into Ryan’s bare groin. The rough material of his pants caused Ryan to shudder and buck his hips a little.Ryan reached for the buckle on Blayde’s belt, but Blayde caught his hands on one of his and took them over his head. Holding him there, heteased Ryan’s nipples with his tongue, then bit them hard enough to make him gasp. He licked at the bites until Ryan was writhing beneath him and panting for breath.

“Look at you, so beautiful.” He bit gently at Ryan’s nipples again. Ryan squirmed to get away, but he held him effortlessly.“All those men out there imagining what it would be like to lie between these sweet thighs, but no one will ever know for sure. Only me, sweetheart. This is mine.” He moved his hand down to cover Ryan’s cock and move up and down his shaft slowly, rubbing his thumb across the head as he reached it, smearing the pre-cum across the broad head. “Say it, baby. This belongs to you, Blayde.”

“It does belong to you, Blayde. And you? Do you belong to me?”

“I’m all yours, baby.” Blayde smiled and released him and pulled at his own clothes until his flesh was as bare as Ryan’s. He fell down beside him and rolled Ryan over on his stomach. Putting a hand underneath him, he raised him up and began to rim him, showing him no mercy as he cried out and gripped the mattress beneath him. He raised up long enough to reach for his pants to retrieve a small tube of lube from the pocket. He smoothed it on his cock and put some on a finger to slowly move it inside Ryan. Ryan looked back over his shoulder at him and there was no hesitation in his glance, just pure need and longing. He turned back over, dislodging Blayde’s finger and surprising him. Ryan climbed onto his lap, and Blayde fell back on his heels as Ryan smiled into his eyes and impaled himself on Blayde’s cock.

“My turn to be in charge,” Ryan said, looking up at him through his lashes.

“Gods, yes, baby,” Blayde said, his eyes fluttering closed as pleasure swept over him. “Take me!”

Ryan chuckled, but his eyes were dark with need.He moved up and down on Blayde’s cock, holding himself up by his grip on Blayde’s shoulders. “Fuck me, baby,” Blayde said softly and Ryan grinned a feral kind of grin.

“You do love to talk, don’t you? Shut up, now, Blayde and let me concentrate. I want to love you.” Blayde did as he was told, only raising his eyebrows a littleat Ryan’s tone, but his hands clenched tightly around Ryan’s hips as he proceeded to drive him out of his mind. When it was over and Ryan collapsed in his arms, his ass still impaled on Blayde’s cock, Blayde was speechless for once, breathing hard.

When they could both move again, Blayde eased Ryan down on his back and lay beside him, spooning him and holding Ryan’s softening cock in his hand.

“Baby?” Blayde’s sounded soft and dreamy in the little room.


“Uh, I hate to bring this up and get you upset, but you have to feed from me, honey.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, remember that full disclosure thing you were talking about-about how I didn’t tell you everything?Uh, there may be one other thing I neglected to mention.”

“Shit,” Ryan said, sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the mattress.“What now? Am I going to sprout wings and cluck like a chicken?”

Blayde laughed,“No, but you do have to drink Lycanblood from time to time.” Ryan turned to give him a chilling glare.“Say what?”

“Just every four weeks or so…”

“That’s disgusting.”

Blayde looked hurt.“Disgusting? Really?”

“Well, duh. Drink your blood!”

Blayde smiled at the look of horror on his face.“Aw hell, it’s not that bad. They say it tastes good to our mates, actually, and it’s just a little bit of blood.”

“What!” Ryan got to his feet and paced over to the door. “Fuck that! Find yourself another bloodsucker.Count me out.”

Blayde got to his feet and warily approached him as he paced.“Now, baby, don’t make me spank you.”

“Don’t ‘now baby’ me. You can spank me all you want, but it’s not happening. Stay back.”

Blayde continued to get even closer.“Let’s discuss this reasonably, baby.” He reached for Ryan and pulled him into his arms, but Ryan pushed back against his chest.

“Leave me alone, Blayde, I’m warning you.”

“I know. And I’m listening. But this is kind of a requirement, honey.If you don’t drink the blood, you’ll get sick. Look, just try a little of it.If you don’t like it, we’ll figure something else out, okay?”

“No. I said no, and I meant no.” He wrenched himself out of Blayde’s arms and stomped back over to the mattress to sit down.“Please, Blayde. I hate the sight of blood.I’ll be sick! Stay over there.”

Blayde frowned and came over to sit beside him anyway. He stayed quiet a long time and then smiling, he put his arms around Ryan.“You know, it probably doesn’t matter what bodily fluid of mine you swallow…I mean, one is just as good as another.”

Ryan turned toward him with a grin.“Well, why didn’t you say that in the first place? Lie back, Alpha, and let me take care of business.”

Blayde lay down on his back, propped up on one elbow, watching Ryan with his glowing eyes.Ryan knelt down between his legs and took Blayde’s long, thick cock in his hand. Ryan thought it was the most beautiful cock he’d ever seen, and he’d seen plenty in his day. Looking up in Blayde’s eyes, he slowly licked its length, ending with a swirling kiss on top. Blayde sucked in a hissing breath and closed his eyes, letting his head fall back. Ryan smiled and then opened his mouth to suck him in. Instead, Blayde moved with lightning quickness, biting into his wrist and thrusting it up to Ryan’s open mouth.

Ryan fell back on his heels and pushed againstBlayde’s arm as hard as he could, but he couldn’t budge it. He could feel the hot liquid filling his mouth, and though he refused to swallow, some of it was slipping down his throat, running down his mouth.“That’s it, baby, open wide. This is for your own good.Now drink, damn it!”

Blayde’s arm was cutting off his air, his blood was choking him. Finally, Ryan surrendered and took a huge swallow of the blood. Instantly, it seemed, his throat was soothed by the thick liquid, the taste as sweet as honey. Almost against his will, his mouth latched onto the wrist, pulling the elixir close to his lips, refusing to let it go. Why had he resisted?

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