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Iron’s face was flushed with passion and his beautiful gaze locked on hers. “Why did you stop?”

She released his sac and stood up. “I want you flat on the bed.”

He hesitated but then moved. She loved watching him walk. He was so hard his c**k bounced with every step. She stared at his beautiful ass, loving the round fullness of it and the muscles that flexed as he walked. He stretched out on his back on the bed, his gaze locked on her as she slowly approached him.

“Climb on me,” he ordered softly. “Ride me.”

She was tempted but then she smiled. “Ever done sixty-nine?”

“No.” He frowned. “What is that?”

Dawn grinned as she put her knee on the bed. “You’re bottom.” She glanced at his impressive manhood. “I’m afraid you’d choke me so you’re definitely bottom. Scoot down some so your legs are bent at the edge of the bed and then raise your arms above your head to get them out of the way.”

He hesitated but then inched down, following her directions until his feet touched the floor and his knees were bent over the edge of the bed. Dawn eyed him and then carefully straddled his chest. She looked back over her shoulder, seeing his confused expression until she backed up, her knees ending up next to his chest with her legs spread so her pu**y hovered by his chin. His gaze zoned in on her lower half right in front of him.

“Are you getting the picture now?”

He tore his attention from her sex to meet her gaze. She winked at him and then looked down at his cock. She braced one hand on the bed and gripped him with the other, circling his shaft with her hand. She licked at the head of his c**k as if he were ice cream, letting the tip of her tongue trace the ridge of the crown.

His arms moved, pressing against the back of her thighs and then his fingers were spreading her pu**y lips open to expose all of her to him. His tongue was hot as it made contact with her sensitive clit. Dawn moaned and spread her thighs more to give him better access.

Iron caught on quickly what the term meant as he closed his lips over her, sucking and licking at the swelling bud. Pleasure seeped through her body slowly, starting at the point of his warm, wonderful mouth and inching upward to her sensitive ni**les that brushed against his stomach as she took the entire crown into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it over and over, to tease. She didn’t want him going off too fast and leaving her behind since she knew he had been close to release.

Dawn slowly worked him deeper into her mouth but was careful to not suck on him hard or too fast. She moaned around his thick, hard flesh as his teeth scraped across the pearl of her cl*t that he exposed as he pushed back the hood of it with his tongue. Raw ecstasy tormented her as she started to slowly move her h*ps against his mouth, needing more, wanting to desperately come. Her vaginal walls tightened and she knew she was close. She sucked on him harder and her lips sealed around him firmly as she moaned louder, realizing he could probably feel the vibrations.

His hands suddenly shifted and he gripped her thighs, lifting her off his body as he struggled to sit up. Confused as he jerked out of her mouth, she turned her head as he put her on the bed next to him. There was no missing the passion in Iron’s blue gaze as he sat up on his bent legs. He grabbed her h*ps and almost growled at her.

“Brace your arms.”

She hesitated a second, trying to understand what he wanted, but then she gripped the mattress, tightening her arms as she locked them straight. A gasp escaped her a second later when his hands gripped her hips, lifting her lower half totally off the bed and then eased her down so her legs were on either side of his bent legs so she sat on him facing away. He shifted his hips, rising. His intent was clear as he nudged her with his cock, it slid in the cream that generously coated her folds from her desire for him. He pushed against her, entering her slowly.

Dawn threw her head back as Iron pushed into her, stretching her and activating nerve endings that were starving for attention. She cried out his name and tried to press back but his strong hands gripped her hips, stopping her from trying to bounce on his c**k to get off. She wanted to come desperately.

“You’re mine, little red,” Iron growled. “And I’m marking you in every damn way so you know who you belong to.”

He started to f**k her hard and fast, his h*ps become a pumping machine of sure, long strokes as he delved into her deep, nearly totally withdrawing, only to plunge into her again.

“Iron,” she chanted his name again and again.

One of his hands slid forward so he could rub her cl*t with the side of his finger as he continued to hammer her with his thick, iron-hard cock. A scream tore from Dawn’s mouth as the cl**ax hit her brutally, ripping through her sharply and made the scream cut off as she lost the ability to breath. Her inner muscles convulsed around his still-driving cock. She started coming so hard she was the one soaking them with her release instead of him.


Iron shouted that single word as he found his own cl**ax, his body shaking against hers as he pressed his h*ps tightly against her ass, jerking hard against her as he exploded, jetting out spurt after spurt of cum deep into her welcoming body.

They collapsed together on the bed with Dawn mostly under him but with enough of his upper body shifted to the side of her that she was able to gasp in a lungful of air as she tried to catch her breath. A hand cupped her ass, rubbing her and then firmly gripped her ass cheek.

“That was amazing,” Iron said softly.

Dawn smiled against the bedcover. “Little red, huh? I like it.”

His hand eased his hold. “I think of you that way sometimes. I let that slip.”

She hated to move, so sated in her relaxed state of sexual bliss, but forced herself to turn her head to stare into his face, inches from her own. She winked at him.

“I’m honored that you gave me a nickname.”

He laughed suddenly as his eyes sparkled. “It is not as sexual as your ‘sexy’ reference to me. I thought you would hate it that I think of you as my little red.”

“I don’t. If I’m little red then you have to be big red.”

The grin widened, creating little lines next to his eyes. “I prefer ‘sexy’ over that.”

She scanned his body. “I do too.”

“I like sixty-nine.”

“Again, me too. I think any position we try is going to be wonderful but now you know why I was on top.”

“I would never force you to take all of me. It would choke you and I’m aware of that.”

She believed him as she wiggled around until she faced him. “So do I get to go to work with you again tomorrow?”

“If you promise to not attack any more females.”

Her happy mood crashed and burned instantly at the reminder of Fiona. “I can’t promise not to if that woman, or any other one for that matter, tries to molest you. You wouldn’t stand there watching a man fondle my muff so don’t expect me to stand there watching a woman try to make Mr. Iffy into Mr. Stiffy.”

He laughed. “These human sayings are so amusing.”

She slowly smiled, acknowledging it was humorous. “Okay, is saying she was trying to put the joy into your man toy, better?”

He rumbled as he laughed harder. She loved seeing his expression so open and expressive. He was relaxed and they were both having a great time. His hand rubbed her skin, stroking her lower back.

All teasing left her. “I can’t and won’t make promises to not hit someone when I know full-well that I will nail anyone who comes after you like that again. If another woman touches you, I’ll kick her ass. You can count on that.”

Dawn didn’t miss the tensing of his body or the way his eyes grew a little cold, his joy fading fast, along with his sense of humor. She’d hit a nerve and there was no hiding it from his drastic shutdown behavior.

“I heard some of what that bitch said to you. What is a breeding pact?” She was curious if he’d shut her out or tell her the truth.

The length of time it took him to answer her stretched into minutes as he looked anywhere but at her. “It just means I’ve promised to have children.”

“So we have to have at least one child?” She was pushing him to tell her all of it, purposely testing him.

“We have to have one child,” he said softly.

“So that’s it?”

He refused to look at her. “Yes,” he lied.

Pain filled her. He wasn’t going to tell her about the eleven other men he was in a pact with or what that would mean if one of them couldn’t get his wife pregnant. Hot tears burned behind her eyes as she dropped her head, pressing her face against his chest.

“You’re the only woman I want in my bed.” He pulled her tighter against him. “Always know that, little red,” he said softly. “You are the only woman I want to have a child with in the future.”

Pulling in a shaky breath and fighting her emotions to not flat-out break down and tell him she knew, she swallowed hard. “So you’ll never touch another woman?”

His arms tightened to the point that he was almost crushing her against him. “I never want another woman.”

He didn’t want to touch one but he would, that was what he wasn’t saying, but she knew it was the reality of his situation. It would kill her if he ever was ordered to f**k someone else, get her pregnant, and the idea of another woman carrying his baby about tore her up. She wondered how many times he’d already had to do that, how many little parts of the man she loved were out there as breathing proof of what he’d do to ensure that his cyborg people had future generations.

If they returned to his home world then that’s the kind of future she faced. She could run away from him, escape if the opportunity presented itself, but the thought of not having Iron in her life tore her up just as bad as the reality that he’d cheat on her one day. She knew he would since Fiona had a hard-on for him. How many other cyborg women wanted to have little redheaded babies? Iron was prized for his coloring. Special. Different. He was a much-wanted commodity.

Iron nuzzled her neck. “We haven’t eaten. I’ll order us some food.”

She nodded against his chest. “I’m starving,” she lied. Her appetite was gone.

Somehow she needed to keep Iron but at the same time protect their relationship by not allowing his people and their f**ked-up ways to tear them apart. She wished she could take him back to Earth but they’d kill him there. Neither of their worlds were an option.

Dawn suddenly had a crazy idea but as she thought about it, a plan started to form. She bit her lip, hope and excitement slowly building. It could work. It wasn’t as if she had a lot of options.

Iron eased his hold on her. “Let’s take a cleansing together. I just linked with the computer and put in a request. Our food will arrive in approximately twenty-three minutes. You may go with me tomorrow but I won’t let you out of my sight this time.”

“Thank you.”

Shit, Dawn thought. He could link with the computer without getting near a terminal. She’d have to think of a way to make it impossible for him to do that. They got out of bed and walked to the cleansing unit together. He was silent, obviously lost in thought and Dawn was grateful. She had a lot of planning and plotting to do but not a lot of time to do it.

Chapter Thirteen

“I had an idea in the middle of the night,” Dawn told Iron as they dressed the next morning to leave for the surface of the planet to finish the last repairs on the Yas shuttle.

Iron met her eyes with curiosity. “What idea is that?”

“The shuttle is old and a lot of things can go wrong on it. The fact that you have to control so much with your implanted connections bothers me. I know how to find some workable relays for the gravity stabilizer so you don’t have to monitor and control them on top of everything else.”

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