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“I wasn’t attacking you. I was tackling your ass to make you listen to me before you could storm out of here thinking I was being a mean bitch. You’re way too paranoid.”

“What am I going to do with you?” His tone was soft, almost a whisper.

“Sleep with me to make it up to me that you landed on me like a house?”

A small smile played at his lips. “No.”

“I could have a concussion.” She smiled as she said it to let him know she was teasing. “You’re supposed to wake the injured party every hour.” She winked at him. “We could fool around.”

“It wouldn’t be the intelligent or logical thing to do.”

“Welcome to my world. I rarely do what I know I should but sometimes it all turns out all right.”

An eyebrow rose. “Give me an example.”

Dawn lifted her hands, curving them around his hips. “You.”

“What about me?”

“I know I shouldn’t want you. You kidnapped me and brought me here against my will, tricked me into agreeing to be your sex slave but…” She pressed against his body, staring into his eyes. “I do want you. I want you to sleep with me so I can enjoy how you make me feel when I’m in your arms. I really love it when you hold me. I could have killed you the day you brought me in here but I didn’t. I wouldn’t,” she said softly. “I know it’s stupid, but damn, I enjoy spending time with you even when you drive me nuts with the way you like to keep your distance from me.”

“You are little and you can’t harm me, Dawn.”

As she stared up at him, she realized he was always going to be suspicious of her. “I’m a mechanic, Iron. You know that.”

He nodded. “What does that have to do with anything?”

She hesitated. He would either finally realize she meant him no harm or he’d tie her ass to the bed forever. “You made mistakes, like leaving the cleansing unit on for my use. If you lift the grid plate along the left side of the wall next to it, you’ll find active wires to give it power.”

She paused. She didn’t look away from him as she said words that would either get him to finally believe her or he’d be even more suspicious. It was a risk but she wanted him to trust her. It had become important to her. He was becoming important to her.

“There’s about five feet of surplus cable, just enough to go under the floor plates to hook anywhere I wanted to on the metal grates that vent the room with fresh air. I could have hooked live wires to the plate by the dresser where you walk every damn time you get out of bed with me to dress. You never would have known what hit you and you never use the damn cleanser in here so you wouldn’t have had a clue I’d disabled it. The energy level is enough to kill you if I tear out the regulator sensor which is accessible in that panel. It would have been easy to fry your ass if I wanted you dead.”

Iron stared at her mutely for long seconds, his grim expression telling her that he wasn’t happy with what she’d said. He jerked out of her hold, went the wall and then tore the plate off that she’d mentioned. He studied it for a good minute before he turned back to her. The plate in his hand dropped, clattering loudly to the floor. The look in his eyes told her he knew she was right and he’d verified with his own eyes that it was possible to do.

“Why didn’t you do it?” His voice was soft.

“The last damn thing I want is to hurt you, Iron.”

He took a deep breath. “I’ll sleep here tonight. We’ll try it.”

Chapter Nine

Dawn woke to the hard press of one very aroused male doing a heartbeat impression against her ass and thigh where his c**k was tucked downward. The room was dark, the lights still off in sleep cycle, and a sexy male was pressed firmly against her back. The arm around her waist was heavy but she enjoyed the weight pinning her. Her cheek rested on Iron’s biceps, the best damn pillow she’d ever slept on. He was warm, big, and she enjoyed waking up to him.

He was still in bed with her. Her lips curved in a wide smile. Waking up to Iron in bed with her was a terrific experience and one she’d wondered about often. Now that she knew how good it was she was determined to make him sleep with her every night. She wiggled her ass against his c**k while the arm tightened around her waist. His hand moved to cup her breast, his palm rubbing her soft flesh.

“Morning, baby.”

“I don’t like that one,” he rumbled at her.

“Stud muffin?”

He sighed. “You start this the moment you wake up?”

“I want to give you a special nickname I can use when we’re ha**ng s*x or we’re about to have it.” She wiggled her ass against him again and chuckled as his c**k jerked in response. “And damn soon.”

“Fine. I didn’t mind it when you called me ‘sexy’ but never call me that in public or around other persons. Am I clear?”

“Perfectly, sexy.” She enjoyed the sound of it rolling off her tongue.

“I suppose you expect me to call you a special nickname?”

Surprise flashed through and her heart rate increased, pleased that he’d think of that. “It would be nice.”

His thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple gently and rolled the tip of her breast between both digits. He gave the flesh he gripped a tiny tug as he shifted his knee, pressing it between her thighs. She spread them to make room for him. His leg slid up until he applied pressure between the vee of her thighs, his skin rubbing against her clit. Dawn softly moaned.

“I really like sleeping with you and waking up like this.”

“I am seeing the benefit.” He paused. “Sleeping with someone was pleasant. I was certain I would be unable to relax but I slept well.”

He sounded a little surprised and it gave her a thought. “You’ve never shared a bed with someone while sleeping before?”


She lifted her leg more, spreading her thighs. “Never?”

“I just said I had not.”

“What about the cyborg you used to have sex with? You didn’t sleep with her?”

He stopped playing with her nipple, released it. “No. They kept us in separate cell units. We were only able to have intercourse on the shuttle we flew to pick up supplies while we were on shift. There was no sleeping involved and the sex was always rushed due to time constraints. We were…” He paused. “Experimenting.”

“What about after you were free?”

“I had intercourse with plenty of women but I never stayed over. There was no reason to. We had our own quarters, we shared sex, and then I left.”

Dawn didn’t enjoy the idea of Iron being with anyone else but it soothed her some to know she was the only woman he’d held in his arms while he slumbered. It turned her on more, knowing that. She rubbed against his thigh, another moan coming from her parted lips.

“Fuck me, sexy.”

Iron nuzzled her neck with his jaw. “Roll on your stomach and spread your thighs.”

She hesitated and then followed his orders. The bed was narrow so she had to wait for him to lift up from the bed to give her room to spread her thighs wide. She wondered if he was going to give her a back massage with her flat on her stomach but then, to her shock, he came down on top of her, crushing her flat under him.

She would have asked what he was doing but was distracted by the press of his hard c**k a second before he entered her pu**y in one downward drive of his h*ps as he settled fully between her legs. She groaned, clawing at the bedding. She’d never had a man take her this way. She’d done it doggy style but had never been pinned completely flat under a man. She realized his weight held her totally immobile and she couldn’t even push her ass back against him.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” he whispered in her ear as he started to move on her, his thighs spreading to push hers farther apart as he shifted his body a little more over hers.

Iron’s hand dug between her hip and the mattress but she was too concentrated on his thick shaft sliding inside her, hitting sensitive nerves that awakened with each deep penetration and slow sliding motion, to realize what he was doing until two of his fingers pressed against her clit. He gently pinched the bud between his fingers and as he moved on her, it tugged the bundle of nerves with every powerful drive in and out of her body.

A keening sound came from her lips between pants. It was intense delight as he f**ked her. Dawn couldn’t move at all except to claw at the bedding as Iron totally took control of their lovemaking. His breath was hot and heavy on the back of her neck as he used one arm to hold enough of his weight off her so she could pull breath into her lungs. The warmth of his breath tickled her skin. He was strong and his movements on her rubbed the front of her body against the mattress and sheets, his skin sliding along the back of her, and then there were his wonderful fingers and c**k engaging her cl*t and pu**y.

“Oh God,” she nearly sobbed. “Iron!”

“You can take me,” he growled, moving faster on her, riding her hard and deep.

The sound of skin slapping skin was nearly as loud as their choppy breathing. Iron made wonderful little groans as he twisted his hips, coming at her from different angles, making her feel every delicious inch of his amazingly hard cock. The pleasure was more than she thought she could endure but with Iron pinning her down there was no way to make him ease back on the intensity. All she could do was feel the ecstasy building, knowing that he was going to drive her over the edge of sanity and reason with how strong she would come.

The fingers against her cl*t started to move as he bent them, tapping against her cl*t as he ground his h*ps down harder, forcing her to take even more of him as skin pressed tightly against skin. He hit a new level of erogenous zones with the thick crown of his cock, driving her passion higher. Dawn nearly sobbed with the need to come. With the stimulation to her bundled nerves on her exterior and what he was doing to the ones inside her pu**y she couldn’t think, couldn’t form words, drowning in the intensity of all that was Iron.

A scream tore from Dawn as she started cl**axing, the sheer intensity of it slamming her so hard she nearly blacked out as it flashed through her in a wave of fiery heat, nearly burning her alive. Her muscles quivered hard, making her shake all over, and behind her, Iron buried his face in the crook of her neck, gasping for breath as he kept powering into her, kept coaxing to draw out her release until Dawn fought blacking out.

Iron stilled suddenly, freezing, his fingers releasing her cl*t as he flattened them on the mattress. His sex throbbed the way a clenching fist would against her interior muscles and he groaned loudly as he started to come, his hot cum filling her. He moved, withdrawing almost totally from her body before slowly sinking back into her, a softer groan coming from his parted lips against her skin as he taunted both of their over-sensitized sexual organs. He shook slightly on top of her, his bigger body quivering. He stilled again.

His lips brushed her neck, placing a featherlight kiss there, a second before he took a deep, calming breath.

“I wanted to make it last but you responded too well to me and my intentions were forgotten.”

Still panting and out of breath, Dawn forced her eyes open to stare into the dark room. She may as well have been blind because she couldn’t make out anything. “I’m not complaining. I like quickies.”

“That was quick but I enjoyed it a hell of a lot.”

“Me too.”

He hesitated. “Did I hurt you? I try to be gentle with you but you seem to enjoy it when I am not. The harder I pound into you the wetter you get. You’re so hot inside that you make me a little crazy. No one has ever made me lose control the way you do, Dawn.”

It was the best compliment he’d ever given her. To break Iron’s control was saying a lot. He was a freak about keeping himself in check. She grinned in the darkness, feeling safe that he wouldn’t be able to see it.

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