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He explored her slowly at first, their tongues gliding against each other but then his kiss grew bold, more dominant, to take charge of the kiss. It was easy for Dawn to get lost in him. Iron might act a bit cold and unfeeling but the way his tongue and mouth possessed her showed her another side of him as the passion flared between them. The sweet melting together of their lips turned into something more frantic as her body ignited with need. She shifted her hands and delved her fingers into his loose hair, holding him closer as she turned her head a little more to align their mouths more firmly.

Iron pulled back, breaking the kiss. Dawn forced her eyes open to stare up into his gorgeous gaze, unable to miss the same desire she was experiencing mirrored there.

Iron lifted up, bracing his weight on one hand so he could reach between them. She heard his zipper and lifted her legs, wrapping them around his h*ps as he freed his c**k from his pants. She was wet and ready as he shoved the shirt she wore up to her stomach to get it out of the way. They never looked away from each other as he came down on her slowly, his thighs spreading a little more to adjust his h*ps to the right angle so when he lowered, his hard c**k pressed dead on against her pu**y. He entered her with one slow motion.

Pleasure was instant and Dawn wiggled her h*ps while her legs locked tighter around his wide h*ps to pull him even closer and deeper inside her body. He is heaven and hell, she thought as she moaned his name.

The floor was hard but she didn’t give a damn if she ended up with bruises as Iron started to move on her, f**king her in slow but deep thrusts with his powerful hips. Dawn released his hair so she didn’t pull it and instead clawed the leather of his shirt to cling to him. She just allowed the passion to flow through her. She stared into his gorgeous eyes. Emotions played there openly for her to watch. Iron was not trying to hide how much she affected him or he didn’t realize his guard was down as he moved on her.

“Iron,” she clawed at his shirt frantically, gripping him. “Don’t stop.”

A soft growl came from his throat as he suddenly stopped moving on her. Dawn wanted to scream. Had he stopped just because she’d told him not to? He shoved up on a hand.

“Release my hips.”


“I want you on top. I’d roll us but your legs are around my hips. Release me and climb on me.”

She unwrapped her legs and regretted when he withdrew from her body. He rolled to his back, shoved his pants down his legs more and then turned his head to watch Dawn sit up and get to her knees.

Iron was damn impressive when he was hard and on his back. The man was hung. She straddled his hips, realizing her knees were barely going to reach the hard floor as she crouched over him. He gripped her h*ps as he easily lifted her into position over his throbbing cock. She gasped but then loudly moaned as he maneuvered her right onto him, making her take his c**k back into her body until he was completely sheathed inside her pu**y.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

“Am I hurting you?”

She stared down into his eyes. “No. You feel so good.”

He lifted his knees, bending them, and braced his feet on the floor. “Lean back against my thighs to support your back.”

She leaned back as he ordered before he started to move. His h*ps thrust up, lifting her body with his as his hands on her h*ps lifted and slammed her down on him then working his h*ps so he nearly withdrew from her body before he slammed home again.

All Dawn could do was grab hold of his forearms, lean farther back against his thighs and cry out as he f**ked her. It was amazing, and as he increased the pace, the blissful goodness of being taken by him turned into sheer ecstasy. Her vaginal walls started to clench and the cl**ax built. Iron was so hard, so strong, and he kept going. He drew her deeper into the web of passion with him until she threw her head back, looking away from his handsome face. She screamed out as the cl**ax tore through her. Under her, Iron’s hands drew her down where he held her as only his h*ps worked now, his cock’s strokes short and jerky. She could feel when he came, felt him filling her with his release, and she dropped her head down to watch him.

Iron in the thrall of passion was a sight she never wanted to forget as pure emotion twisted his features. His lips parted as he groaned loudly, his head tipped back. His big body slowly relaxed under her, his mouth closing, and she watched his eyes open to gaze into hers. For those precious moments, she saw genuine warmth staring back at her.

Dawn leaned down, flattened her body on his torso and looked away from him to press her cheek to his chest. His heart pounded under her ear as she lay there on him, both of them catching their breath. She smiled when his arms wrapped around her to hold her. She could stay that way for a long time. She was warm, sated, and happy.

“Are you sure your head is okay?”

His hands rubbed her back. “If it will make you feel better I’ll have Doc look me over first thing when his next shift starts.”

She nodded against his skin. “I’ll worry less if you do. Thank you.”

He didn’t move for a long time, just allowed her lie on him with their bodies still joined. When he finally did move, she experienced regret as she sat up to get off him. She hated separating their bodies as he helped her to her feet. He stood up next to her. Dawn lifted her chin and held out her hand.

“Please stay with me.”

He frowned but took her hand in his. “Lie down. I’ll hold you for a little while.”

She climbed into his bed and he got in with her, the bed small so they had to curl tightly together on their sides. He spooned her in front of him, one arm under her head to pillow her cheek, his other arm wrapped around her.

“I like this,” Dawn admitted, pressing more firmly against his na**d body.

Iron hesitated. “It is pleasant.”

She yawned. “Stay with me, Iron. Sleep with me.”

He just held her and refused to answer. She hoped he’d change his mind about spending all night with her. She yawned again, tired from the stress she’d been under and from pacing his room.

Chapter Six

Dawn clenched her teeth as she glared at Iron. “Something has to change.”

Iron tilted his head while he stared at her with narrowed eyes. “I see nothing wrong with our arrangement.”

“You wouldn’t.” She shook her head. “You leave me all day and then you just spend a few hours with me. I don’t see you again until you bring me breakfast and then you leave for your shift. I’m going batty.”

“I brought you entertainment. You can watch holographic films and you seem to enjoy music since you are always listening to it when I come in.”

“I’m going crazy in this damn room. At least take me for a walk. You don’t even have a window in your quarters. Staring at black space is better than these damn walls, Iron. Do you want me to beg? Is that it? I’ve lost track of days. How long have I been here? How long ago was it when you let me talk to Cathy for those two minutes so I knew she was fine?”

He frowned. “It isn’t important, Dawn.”

Hot tears burned behind her eyes. The sex between them was terrific. He was a talented lover and he was always willing to please her. She had no complaints there but he wouldn’t sleep in the bed with her and he refused to use the foam cleansing unit in the room so she could see his hair free again. He kept her at a distance unless they were hot and heavy during sex. He held her afterward for a while but the second she fell asleep, she knew he left her. It was progress that he cuddled after sex but she wanted more.

She walked over to where he sat on the bed. She hesitated and then just straddled his lap. She saw shock widen his eyes as she gripped his shoulders and adjusted her legs to wrap them around his h*ps so she was comfortable. His hands gripped her butt as he stared into her eyes.

“You want sex now? You haven’t finished your dinner yet and you need to eat.”

“Do you want me to beg?” Her voice broke and she hated it. “I will at this point. Please, Iron? Take me for a damn walk. I need out of this room.” She saw his frown deepen and her heart sank, knowing he was going to refuse.

He shook his head. “It is not a good idea.”

“If you don’t then I won’t eat anymore.” She hesitated. “I mean it. If I have to make myself sick to get taken to medical, I’ll do it at this point. Do I have to break my arm or something to get out of here even for something like that? I’m to that point, damn it.”

He searched her expression. “You’re serious.”

“Duh. I’ve been saying it for days and I mean it. I’m going crazy, Iron. I’m a mechanic. I’m used to doing things, fixing things, and now I sit here all damn day just waiting for you.” She curled into his chest, tucking her face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his wonderful masculine scent, which she had grown to love. “Please? Just a walk up and down the damn hallway out there would be better than this.”

His hands rose to the small of her back. “All right, Dawn. I’ll take you out of here for a few hours.”

Excitement and surprise had her lifting her head to grin at him. “Really? Thank you!” She gripped his face and planted a kiss on his stunned lips. She moved and climbed off him. “I’ll put on my boots and my pants!” She almost hopped across the room. “I’m so excited!”

“There are a few conditions you must agree to first.”

His words killed her joy as she turned to face him. Their gazes locked. “What conditions?”

“I want you branded.”


He opened his shirt to reveal the tattoos on his shoulders. “These are my marks, my name in the cyborg language we created. If I take you out there for a few hours you need to carry my mark on your body to show to the other males that you are mine.”

“I wondered what those were but I haven’t asked.” She stared at the black tattoos and then her gaze slid to lock with his. “Why? I don’t like tattoos. They are fine for you,” she said quickly. “I just don’t want them on my body.”

He stood up. “Then I can’t take you out of the room.”

She glared at him. “Seriously? Tattoos are expensive to remove. What happens when—” She slammed her lips together before she finished that sentence. One day she’d escape and then she’d have to pay some doctor to remove them to wipe away the memory of her time with Iron. “I just don’t want them.”

“When what?” He slowly stood up.

“How about when you get tired of me and want a new slave? Then I’d still have your name on me and hell, I won’t put any man’s name on my body.”

“I will not grow tired of you. I will never give you away or release you.” He took a step closer. “I own you. You will carry my name on your body.”

Lifting her chin, Dawn stared at him. Her heart fluttered a little over his declaration of never releasing her. They stared at each other for a long time before Iron crossed his arms over his chest, the habit she knew meant he was frustrated.

“We could argue and yell.” He paused. “Or I could knock you out and have it done while you are drugged. It is going to happen.”

“Really?” She crossed her arms over her chest, shifted her feet until she mimicked his stance completely. “Is that so?”

“That is a fact. You can either agree or I will make you.”

“You know what? Every time I decide you’re not a total ass**le you pull this shit.”

“I won’t take your defiance.”

“And I won’t let you put your name on me.”

They glared at each other until Iron finally spoke. “I am going to go work out. While I’m gone you can consider your options. If you want to be able to leave this room you will do what I want.”

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