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“Don’t,” he rasped. “You’re too small.”

Her eyes locked with his. She took a shaky breath and relaxed, letting her weight ease down more. Her eyes widened again as the thick tip of his c**k breached her pu**y.

The sensation of her pu**y stretching to take all of him was intense, a mixture of pleasure and pain. She experienced a tiny urge to jerk away but as she stared into his eyes, seeing them narrow, feeling the body under her shiver, she wanted him regardless of whether it hurt. She let more of her weight ease down, feeling his thick c**k filling her, inches of him now inside her.

He groaned softly, his eyes shutting as his head was thrown back. The bed creaked as his arms tensed, pulling again on his chains. Rena lifted up, almost pulling off his c**k before she relaxed and eased back down, taking even more of him. A soft moan of pleasure left her. The feel of him inside her was wonderful, though it almost bordered on pain. She eased her body down until his c**k was fully seated, every magnificent inch of him buried snugly inside her vagina.

He twitched inside her, the movement causing her to quiver in response. Her breathing was a little ragged. She braced her hands at his h*ps and used her legs, lifting up and then easing back down, slowly riding him, enjoying the sensation of him inside her. He was a whole new level she’d never been to. She wanted to cry out, scream, moan, and just keep feeling the rapture his body was creating. Nothing had ever been so good before. Nothing had even come close to the kind of sheer delight that thick c**k of his was doing to her—hitting, rubbing, and sparking every one of her nerve endings.

She closed her eyes, just feeling as she moved up and down on him. Another moan tore from her as she picked up the pace, rocking up and down on his c**k as her passion increased. He was so amazingly hard, filling her so tightly that she could feel every generous inch of him rubbing against nerves she never knew she had. Her movements became frantic as her passion burned higher, the promise of cl**ax hovering as she rode him.

The man under her tensed, their bodies lifting from the bed, making her cry out in protest when her knees left the bed. Her eyes flew open. He was gripping the chains, arching off the bed, using them to do it, his head thrown back. She moved her legs, putting the back of her feet on the top of his thighs, and used the leverage there with her hands gripping the tops of his h*ps to keep moving. Now that she had something to brace against again she was able to move frantically, bucking on him. The cl**ax slammed through her hard, fast, and almost brutally as ecstasy tore through her.

Someone yelled out and as Rena collapsed on the big body of the man beneath her, she realized it had been him. Inside her Steel started to come hard, shooting his release deep into her. His c**k twitched strongly, the way a heartbeat would, against her vaginal walls. Her quivering muscles went crazy, hot warmth filling her as he groaned loudly while he continued to come until he went silent under her. Her cheek ended up resting on his chest, stomach to stomach with him, and he relaxed under her as his body limply fell back onto the bed, causing her knees to hit the mattress again.

They were both breathing heavily. Rena was a little more than shocked as she lay on him, trying to recover from the best damn orgasm she’d ever experienced. Sweat trickled between their bodies but she ignored it. She thought about moving off him but he was big, she figured she wasn’t crushing him since he was breathing fine with her weight on him, each breath actually moving her upper body up and down. She also had no urge to separate their bodies where they were joined, feeling fused to him.

A good minute passed. Steel was quiet, not fighting to be free, and as his breathing slowed along with hers she wondered if he’d gone to sleep. Her ex-boyfriend always had conked out after sex. She’d never slept with her husband since he preferred to leave her bed after they had sex—back at the beginning of their marriage—so she didn’t know about him. She lifted up, her chin rising to meet a pair of furious pale blue eyes.

“Are you going to release me now?” His tone was gruff and low.

Swallowing, she realized he was still super pissed off. Obviously sex didn’t mellow out the cyborg. She stared into his handsome silver-gray face and realized her mistake.

He wasn’t fully human so expecting him to react similarly had been an error on her part.

She loathed the tears that filled her eyes when she came to terms with the fact that nothing she could do or say was going to change his mind about giving her away. She blinked them back but not before she saw him frown. She looked away.

“If you hurt yourself, that isn’t my fault.” He sounded sullen. “Spare me tears.”

Her gaze flew to his. “That’s not why I’m upset.”

He studied her for a long time. “You regret doing this? You should.” He paused.

“Release me and I won’t harm you. I give you my word.”

“You’re still going to give me away, aren’t you? I can take you, I’m not too damn frail, and you can’t say you didn’t enjoy the sex.” She refused to feel shame or regret.

He hesitated, watching her. “I told you my reasons for not wanting you and they remain the same. I want a family unit and there are plenty of available and willing cyborg women who are interested in me. As a human, you would never be a female who I would consider breeding with. It’s my duty to procreate, and under our laws, it is a requirement.”

She lowered back onto him, refusing to meet his eyes, and let her cheek rest on his chest again. He was still hard inside her and if she didn’t know for sure that he’d gotten off, she’d worry that he hadn’t. Normal guys didn’t stay that hard but obviously cyborgs could. She wiggled her h*ps a little, testing it, and he was definitely up and ready for another round.

Tomorrow morning she’d release him. She yawned. Her hands moved on him, rubbing his warm skin. She shifted her legs, getting comfortable against him.

“What are you doing now?” He sounded irritated.

“I’m exhausted. I knew we were going to hit the Star so I slept like shit last night.

It’s been a really difficult day for me. You guys killed all of my team, didn’t you?”

His body tensed under hers. “They left us with no choice. When they attacked the Star they refused to put their weapons down.”

Hot tears filled her eyes and this time she didn’t bother trying to stop them when they fell on his chest. “They were nice guys. I didn’t know them long but they treated me well.” She hesitated but decided to be honest since she held him captive so he had to listen to her. “So few people are ever nice to me.”

He said nothing.

She shifted on his big body, getting more comfortable. The sound of his heartbeat under her ear soothed her, as did his warmth. He might not give a damn about her feelings or what she wanted but that didn’t mean he couldn’t give her solace, willing or not. She wanted to be held and lying on him was the closest she was going to get.

“Release me.”

She shook her head. “In the morning I will. I’m sure you have to report to duty or something, so they’ll come looking for you if you don’t show up.” More tears fell. “Can you just shut up and let me have this? I’m a prisoner, my life was shit before and I didn’t think it could get worse, but it has. I’m so damn tired and I just want to lie here on you, okay? No pun intended but I feel connected to you and I just need to feel close to someone right now. You’re it, whether you like it or not.”

He stayed silent and still under her as she fell asleep.

Chapter Four

Movement woke Rena as she was rolled onto her back. Confused, she opened her eyes. A handsome face was inches above hers, looming. She blinked, realizing that a heavy weight was pinning her against something soft, and then her memory returned. Her eyes widened as she stared into a pair of silver-blue eyes. Steel was free, he had her pinned under him on the bed, and hot bare skin was against hot bare skin.

Steel tore his gaze from hers to stare at something over his shoulder. “Thanks, Core.

Leave now.”

Rena tried to move but Steel had her totally pinned. His arms were braced, holding her arms, his elbows and forearms trapping her hair, his torso holding her still under him, and his thighs trapped her legs together between and under them. She couldn’t even lift her head in an attempt to see who Steel was talking to.

A male chuckle sounded. “I still want to know why you let her restrain you.”

“Leave now,” Steel sounded threatening. “And if one person hears about this I will hurt you every time someone mentions it to me. Do you understand? This is classified.”

Another male chuckle sounded, farther away this time. “I won’t tell you’re into kink.

Next time though you might want to pick a partner you can’t wear out.” He laughed again and then a door opened and shut.

Steel turned his head, his light eyes narrowing as he stared into Rena’s face. She was in deep shit and knew it. Somehow someone had come in and released Steel from the restraints.

“You were so exhausted that the door chime didn’t wake you, nor did I when I called to my friend to enter. You didn’t wake when he released me.” He kept his tone soft but anger sounded in every word. “I had to tell him I let you tie me up and you passed out on me.” Blue eyes narrowed dangerously. “You better hope he keeps his mouth shut. If my men hear about this, they will taunt me.”

She experienced a little fear as she stared into his eyes. “What are you going to do to me?”

He took a deep breath, almost crushing her chest in the process since he had her tightly pinned. “I don’t know. You didn’t harm me, you had no intention of killing me, but I do want to know how you disabled me. I don’t feel any injuries and I didn’t see you move to attack me.”

She was tempted to knock him out again but she was afraid he’d crush her if he totally went limp. He was too heavy to lift. There was no point in it anyway, besides just seriously pissing him off more. Other cyborgs would just come in to free him if she tied him up again and she knew it would be soon since it was obviously morning hours so he would be missed right away. She assumed he had a job to go to today.

“Rena? I’m waiting.”

She met his gaze. “If you keep me and don’t give me away I’ll tell you how I can easily overtake you. Isn’t that worth something? Bargain with me, Steel.”

His jaw clenched. “You know I could torture it out of you, don’t you?”

She knew that. “Yes.”

“Then answer me. How did you knock me out?”

She hesitated. His hold on her wrists tightened, making her gasp from the pressure.

Tears filled her eyes at the pain. She saw something in his gaze flicker and his hold on her instantly eased.

“Tell me now, Rena.”

She blinked back the tears as she moved her fingers. He hadn’t broken her wrists but she knew he could have if he’d wanted to. She shook her head. “It’s all I’ve got to bargain with.”

His jaw clenched. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You don’t have to. Just make the deal with me. I’ll tell you how I did it if you keep me and don’t give me to the engineer guy.” She paused. “Or anyone else for that matter.”

Anger filled his features. “Why don’t you just demand I totally set you free for you to return to Earth?”

“We’re too far from Earth and I’m not stupid. Even if you were willing to let me go all you could do was put me on a pod. I know pirates are thick this far out and my pod would get caught. They aren’t made to be defender units so I’d be easy prey. They are far worse than you are. I could ask you for the shuttle I came here in but I don’t know how to pilot it. If you had a cyborg pilot me to Earth, it would be a suicide mission for any cyborg, since they’d be killed. I know the best I can ask for is to stay with you.”

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