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Would Steel take the bitch up on her offer and sleep with Fiona?

“Let’s take a walk,” Fiona’s other hand came up to curl around Steel’s biceps, squeezing the thick muscles there. “We’ll test out our chemistry.”

Steel turned to look at Rena. She stared up at him with her lips pressed tightly together and she realized her hands were fisted at her sides. She unclenched them without looking away from him and crossed her arms over her chest. If he walked off with that cyborg woman she didn’t know what she’d do, but she knew one thing for damn sure— Steel would never touch her again. She wouldn’t allow it.

“Are you looking at her to get permission?” Anger rolled off Fiona’s tongue. “Your little human looks a bit pale now, Steel. With her body language speaking for her, I would say she doesn’t take well to me touching you. Interesting. Who owns who, Steel?”

Steel turned to glare down at Fiona. “I own her.”

“Then prove it and let’s go test our chemistry. No one here will harm your little human while you are gone and she can help out while we get to know each other physically. We’re mostly packed but we could always use a slave to help with closing up the camp.” Fiona jerked her head at someone behind Rena. “Take her to my home and have her pack my clothing and clean the cooking dishes.”

A hand clamped down on Rena’s arm in a bruising hold, startling her. Steel didn’t even turn his head. Rena stared up at the cyborg woman dressed in ragged clothing who was touching her. “Get your hand off me, please. I know how to walk on my own.”

The woman arched an eyebrow but didn’t release Rena. Instead her hand clamped tighter on her upper arm, making Rena gasp in pain, feeling as though her arm was being crushed. The urge to kick the woman was strong, but before Rena could act on it, a hand clamped over the one on her arm—a large masculine hand that tore the woman’s hold from her. Steel glared at the cyborg woman, his other hand opened on Rena’s stomach as he nudged her back and then stepped in front of her.

“Never touch what is mine. Is that clear?”

“It’s perfectly clear.” Fiona was the one who answered, sounding indignant. “You’re possessive of her and you aren’t going to go for a walk with me, are you?”

“I appreciate your offer but the answer is no at this time.”

“You’re having intercourse with her?” Fiona looked a little stunned. “That’s it, isn’t it? You’ve let it into your bed?”

A muscle in Steel’s jaw jumped. “Get your people ready to leave the surface as soon as possible and we’ll start shuttling them to your ship as soon as they are ready. I’ll leave Blackie in charge of coordinating with you until the last of your people are safely transferred.”

Fiona shook her head. “It’s a sad day when our kind prefers one of them over his own people, considering our history with those murderers.”

Steel grabbed Rena’s arm, jerked her around and stormed away, leaving her to run beside him to keep up. His grip wasn’t painful but he had a firm hold of her as he moved quickly through the weird-looking trees back to the shuttle they’d taken to the surface.

She was out of breath and panting when Steel half dragged her up the ramp. Inside the shuttle he released her, giving her a gentle push into the nearest seat by the back doors.

He walked toward the front without looking at her once.

“Take us back to the Vontage,” he ordered the pilot.

In minutes the shuttle left the surface and Rena was left to stare up at the cockpit area where Steel took a seat in the copilot seat. He refused to look back at her and she refused to meet the eyes of the other three cyborg males in the back of the shuttle with her but she sensed them watching her. It seemed to take forever until they docked with the larger ship. Steel stood up and walked past her.

“Let’s go.”

She had to jog after him, with his damn long legs, until they came to one of the lifts to take them to the floor where Steel’s quarters were. There was another cyborg in the lift with them who openly leered at Rena’s body the entire four floor levels they traveled.

When the doors slid open Steel strode out leaving Rena to chase after him.

At Steel’s door he slammed his palm against the scanner to open his room and then just moved out of the way. “Get inside now.”

She walked in and turned, frowning as Steel stepped into the room after her, the door closing as soon as his large frame cleared it. Steel was very angry. His lips formed a tight line and his eyes were cold as she gazed into them.

“Why are you mad at me?”

He stepped around her and walked to the center of the room before he turned. One of his hands lifted to run his fingers through his shoulder-length silver hair, clearly frustrated as he locked gazes with her. His hand dropped where he fisted both at his sides.

“This isn’t going to work.”

Rena’s heart skipped a beat, afraid he was going to give her away to another cyborg again. He’d told her that he was going to keep her safe but would he change his mind? She bit her lip and then sighed loudly.

“You care what that Fiona thinks? She’s a bitch, Steel. You’re damn lucky to not be in the woods with her.”

A silver eyebrow arched but his fists unclenched at his sides. “How do you figure that, logically? She is a strong woman who took charge of her people and has kept them all alive on a harsh planet for over twenty-five years. She’s attractive, healthy, strong, and an ideal female to enter into a family unit with since she has no other males she is contracted to as of yet.”

Rena walked to the bed and sat down on the edge of it, watching as Steel turned to face her. She hesitated and then took a deep breath. “Is that all you’re looking for in a woman? That she’s healthy and strong with killer survival skills? What about emotions?”


“But…” Her mouth slammed closed. She just stared at him for a good minute, trying to collect her thoughts. “Don’t you want to be happy? Don’t you want to be with a woman who…I don’t know, feels something for you and you feel something for her?”

“I was in a family unit for ten years without emotional attachment. It worked well.”

“Have you ever been with a woman who has feelings for you?”

His chest rose as he took a deep breath, expelling it slowly. “On Earth I wasn’t allowed to form relationships with anyone and after I escaped from there I was too busy working and trying to ensure the survival of my kind. Vonlona and I got along well and we had no issues so the contract between us was mutually acceptable.”

Pushing up from the bed, Rena slowly inched toward him, staring into his beautiful eyes. “You stood up to Earth Government because you had feelings and emotions, were not the soulless being they wanted you to be, and you fought for your independence to have what humans have, right?”


“You’re all about logic, Steel. Why don’t you tell me where it was logical to fight for your independence to feel and think when you committed yourself to that kind of emotionless relationship?” She hesitated and then walked to him, reaching up to put her hands on the curve of his shoulders. “Kiss me, Steel. Feel for me.”

Steel hesitated for seconds but then his hands were on her as he gripped her h*ps and lifted her up his body. Rena didn’t gasp when it brought her face closer to his though she was surprised at his action. She wrapped her arms around his neck and just went for his mouth, pressing her lips to his, her body flush against his larger frame. When he opened his mouth she didn’t hesitate, just met his tongue with hers. The kiss deepened and Steel’s hands slid from her h*ps to wrap around her waist. He freed a hand to cup and grip one of her ass cheeks, massaging it firmly enough for her to moan in pleasure. Rena wrapped her legs around his hips, finding it difficult to concentrate on trying to get her shoes off when Steel’s kiss was playing havoc on her system. The man kissed her so passionately that her body responded as if she were igniting in flames, his tongue dominating her mouth, tasting and teasing her.

She managed to kick off her shoes and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist, hugging his h*ps with her thighs. Steel’s hand released her ass, slid upward and his fingers dug between material and her skin at her spine. With one firm tug she heard fabric tear as he tore open the back of her pants. In her haze of passion she didn’t give a damn if he shredded all of her clothing off her. She rubbed her body against him, using her hold on him to grip his body, to cling.

Steel jerked his mouth from hers, both of them breathless, and on Rena’s part, very turned-on. She stared into a pair of gorgeous silvery blue eyes that looked wild and passionate. Steel’s tongue swiped his lips then white teeth dented his full lower lip drawing Rena’s attention.

“You don’t want me to turn off all my control, Rena.”

Her gaze lifted back to his eyes and she nodded. “Give me all you have, Steel. I can take it and I want it.”

He growled something, his voice deep and rough, the words lost in his desire. He took a few steps and then Rena found herself hitting the bed, a big cyborg coming down on top of her, pinning her firmly to the mattress. He shifted his body and tugged at her pants again, the sound loud over their ragged breathing when remaining fabric split. She saw that something had changed in his eyes.

“I’ll try to be gentle.”

“I don’t give a damn if you are or not,” she admitted, lifting her h*ps up as much as she could with his body still over hers, to help him free her of her clothes as he jerked away the remaining material as if it were paper. Air hit her body as he tore away her pants. “I hurt for you to be inside me,” she admitted. “No one has ever turned me on like you do.”

His hand gripped her briefs and with one tug they tore from her body to be tossed away. Shifting again Steel reached between them, the sound of his zipper loud as he jerked it down. “This isn’t logical.”

A smile played at Rena’s lips. “But it feels great, doesn’t it? Are you as hot for me as I am for you? Is your heart pounding? Do you ache for me like I do for you? I’m so wet just from you kissing me, Steel, from you touching me and our bodies touching. I want you inside me so desperately that it goes beyond desire. I need you.”

“What do you do to me?”

She didn’t have an answer for him but she really wished at that second that she could read his mind. His face was contorted a little and she couldn’t tell if he was still angry or not.

He didn’t bother to remove his pants, just shoved them down a few inches to free his rigid cock. Rena shifted her hips, spreading her thighs and put her heels on the back of his pants, below his ass, feeling the line between the material and his hot skin. His c**k nudged where she was soaked, brushing along her slit as their eyes remained locked and then he was entering her slowly.

Pleasure tore through Rena, drawing a loud moan from her lips as her body stretched to fit his thick shaft, accepting him inside. He came down on her fully again, his body pressing hers to the mattress as he totally took possession of her, burying himself deep into her pu**y.

“Oh god,” Rena gasped. “Yes! You feel so damn big and right, Steel, so damn good.” She couldn’t look away, watching as his eyes narrowed.

He froze there, not moving on her except for his breathing and he blinked. His h*ps moved then as he partially withdrew to thrust down into her fast. Ecstasy gripped Rena, her fingers clawing at his shirt, loving the feel of him moving inside her as he proceeded to drive in and out of her at a rapid pace, their gazes still locked. She loved watching the emotions play over his handsome features, pleasure apparent as he bit down on his full lip again. She went for his mouth, wanting to kiss him, and he met her kiss.

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