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“I say it’s fair play.” She tapped her own lower lip. “You’ve done it more than once.”

He growled low in his throat, splaying his hand over her ribs. “Bite me again.”

Undone, she did. Then, deciding to play as wild as her lover, she dug her fingernails into his shoulders and gripped the taut tendon of his neck between her teeth. He froze above her, his entire body tense with expectation.

She bit down hard enough to leave a mark before releasing him.

He snarled at her—but she wasn’t fooled. She’d seen the wolf laughing in his eyes. “I marked you,” she said, smug.

His hand closed around her throat. “Maybe I’m mad at being marked up.”

“Are you?”

His answer was to move his hand, place it over her breast, her bra no protection against the primal heat of him. “I know where I’m going to mark you. Again.”

Feeling her flesh swell under his touch, she said, “What if I don’t like being marked up?”

“Tough.” A blur of movement and her bra was in so many shreds around the bed.

Sienna rose toward him in wicked invitation. He made a deep rumbling sound in his throat that peaked her nipples to tight points, and then his lips were on her soft flesh, marking, branding, tasting, and sucking. Thought scattered, sensation crashed. Thrusting her hands into his hair, she held on for the ride of her life.

HAWKE tried to pull himself back, knowing Sienna wasn’t equipped to handle everything even after last night. He couldn’t do it. He’d waited too long for her—wolf and man wanted her with feral ferocity. “If you need to stop me,” he forced himself to say, lifting his head to meet her gaze, “do what you need to do.”

Cardinal eyes gone black with desire locked with his own. “Are you planning to hurt me?”

He growled. That was a question that didn’t need an answer.

“Then why,” she murmured, “would I want to stop you?” Her hands tugging at his hair, pulling him up so she could seduce his mouth with a hot, drugging kiss. “Give me everything.” A whisper. A command.

He didn’t take orders from anyone . . . but for her, he’d make an exception. Closing his hand over the erotic invitation of her breast once more, he squeezed, catching her responding cry with his mouth. Under his palm, her nipple was hard, pebbled, pure temptation.

Breaking the kiss, he made his way back down her throat, nipping at her pulse because he liked the way that made her body flush with heat, the sensual musk of her deep and earthy. It drugged his wolf, intoxicated the man. Flicking out his tongue to tease the taut bud of her nipple, he smiled as her abdomen quivered under his palm.

He bit her next.

She jumped but didn’t seem to mind his teeth there. But it was when he began to suck with hard, long pulls while plucking at her neglected nipple that she moaned, her hands clenching in his hair. Filing away that piece of knowledge for future reference, he scraped his teeth over her nipple.

Her entire body jerked.

Switching hand and mouth, he rubbed his thumb over the nipple he’d left wet and throbbing, then settled down to give the other one the same treatment. A rumbling sound of sexual pleasure rolled up from his chest as her ankles locked at his back, merging with her throaty little cries.

When he lifted his head, her breath was jagged, her skin bearing the marks of his loving. But she was very much with him, his smart, sexy Psy. Raising her fingers, she played them over his lips, laughing when he tried to nip at them. Then she growled at him. Delighted, his wolf leaned down to press kisses along her jaw, down the line of her throat.

Her scent was so decadent, so rich. Autumn and spice and steel. He rolled it around himself, happy because as of last night, that scent was intertwined with his own, not to be erased as long as they remained lovers—which would be forever. No negotiation. No “out” clause. “Do that again,” he murmured, grazing his teeth along the outer curve of one of her breasts.

A shiver across her flesh. “I need.”

Nuzzling his way down to her abdomen, he pressed a kiss on her navel, his tongue tasting the perspiration-damp heat of her skin. “Let me satisfy you.” He forced himself to go slow, to not rip off the rest of her clothing. Instead, he gave her time to fight, to get away if she needed to as he broke her hold on him to slip off her shoes, then moved to undo her jeans and pull them down her legs, along with her panties.

But she stayed in place, her pretty legs sleek against the skin of his jaw as he threw the clothing off the side of the bed and rubbed his face against her.

“Oh.” A short, shimmering sound, her hands fisting in the tumbled sheets.

Intrigued, he rubbed his jaw against the soft skin of her inner thighs once more. Her legs clenched around him, her scent a wild perfume. Wanting to lick it up, he rose onto his knees, spreading her thighs in front of him as he did so. His stubble had marked her soft skin, and he wasn’t the least bit sorry.

Stroking his hands down her calves, he felt her socks. Chuckled. “I think we’ll leave these on.”

She rubbed one socked foot on his thigh. “Shouldn’t sex be more serious?”

“Baby, which pack have you been living with the past few years?” Leaning down, he kissed the side of her knee before shifting down to lie between her legs.


He stroked her legs up over his shoulders. “What do you need?”

THE husky question, asked in a tone that said he’d give her everything, anything, melted Sienna from the inside out. “You’re beautiful.”

Her wolf looked up, his eyes reflecting silver in the lights that stroked them both in soft gold. “I like hearing you say that. Tell me again after.”

“After what?”

“This.” Sliding his hands under her buttocks, he lifted her to his mouth and then he—

The scream was torn out of her. It didn’t stop him, and oh, she was grateful. As he sucked and bit and tasted, she realized he’d been holding back last night in more ways than one. If that had been the dessert, this was the full-course meal.

When he stroked his tongue through her quivering flesh, she lifted herself up to his mouth for more. “Shameless,” he teased, letting her feel the edge of his teeth. “Just the way I like you.” She got more. A lot more.

Her brain hazed over. Legs crossing at his back as he ate her up like she was the most exotic delicacy prepared for him alone, Sienna surrendered to the rolling waves of pleasure, the breakers crashing over her in a wash of ecstasy so hot and sweet, it made flames lick up along her skin, a splinter of dissonance spear down her spine.

The pain was negligible—and it shouldn’t have been.

That worried her, but only for a second, because Hawke raised his head with a final, lingering lick, and moved one hand up to play with the flickering red and yellow of the cold fire. “It doesn’t burn.”

It took massive effort to find enough brain cells to put together an explanation. All she got out was, “No.”

Rubbing his jaw against her navel, Hawke moved to press kisses along the insides of her thighs. “No more,” she found the will to say. “Can’t take it.”

A chuckle that held total male satisfaction. “What if I want to play?”

“I’ll kill you,” she threatened.

Laughing in a way that told her the primal heart of him was very much in charge, he shifted up her body even as he slid his hand down to cup her with breathtaking intimacy, using one finger to stroke the excruciatingly sensitive entrance to her body. She arched into the touch, and when he bent to take her mouth, she took his in turn. His body was warm muscle and heavy weight on top of her. And his chest . . .

She rubbed against the fine, soft hairs that covered the ridged plane, her nipples tingling with sensation. When he pushed a finger inside of her, she bit down on his shoulder. He growled, holding her head against him as he stroked that finger in and out in a maddening rhythm.

Insane, she thought, he was going to drive her insane. Releasing her grip on his shoulder, she grabbed his head between her palms. “Now.”

The wolf looked out at her. “In a minute.” He inserted a second finger, parted them inside, caressing her in the most intimate fashion.

“Hawke.” She could feel an orgasm approaching again, knew she wasn’t going be able to fight it.

Of course he didn’t back off. He petted her even more outrageously. She fell hard—and came to rest in his arms, her entire body so limp with pleasure that the idea of moving was not even to be considered. But when he kissed her, she found she had just enough energy to return the long, lazy tangling.

A stroke inside her, and her tissues quivered at the realization that his fingers were still lodged within. “Sorry,” she murmured, “going to sleep now.”

A sexy, sexy laugh. Raining a line of hot, wet kisses down her throat as he withdrew his fingers, he spread her legs. It came to her that he was wearing his jeans, that she had on the remains of her shirt. “Clothes.”

“Hmm.” A momentary coldness and then he was back, hot and hard and very, very aroused.

She sucked in a breath as he pushed in with the blunt head of his cock, her fingernails digging into the skin of his shoulders. It still wasn’t comfortable, but oh, the rough friction felt good. Pushing one hand into his hair, she undulated her pelvis toward him, welcoming his possession. He shuddered, taking a hard grip on her hip. And then he thrust.

She jerked, tried to process the sensations, realized there was no managing this.

His hand clenching and unclenching on her hip, the bare kiss of claws. It made her shiver, meet his gaze. “Yes,” she said, seeing the unasked question in his eyes, this wolf who’d given her pleasure upon pleasure.

It was like snapping the leash.

Untamed and infinitely hungry, he moved over her, in her, with a hot power that had her crying out, her body going tight around the velvet steel of him. Clawing at his back, she felt his muscles bunch under her touch, his body a creation of raw beauty and wild strength.

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