Isn't She Lovely Page 74

“Well, probably because none of the other Pygmalions knew just how comfortable leather pants are. Nor did they look this good in them.”

I laugh, knowing I’ll never get tired of him. Never get tired of us.

His phone buzzes, and he pulls it out as I head to the cooler to grab Ethan something to drink. Everyone is giving us space, although I know it’s only a matter of time before Amy swoops in to ask for the details, and my dad starts asking Ethan about his intentions.

Ethan accepts with a distracted thanks the beer I hand him, and I raise my eyebrows at the bemused expression on his face as he continues to stare at his phone.

“Let me guess,” I say. “The country-club set loves your new look.”

He looks up. “We got an email from Martin.”

It takes me a second to follow. “Professor Holbrook?”

“Yup. He’s read the script and loved it. Took the liberty of showing it to his agent, who also loved it and wants to shop it around for us.”

My jaw drops. “You can’t be serious.”

“Looks like Tyler and Kayla might be headed to the big screen, baby.”

“On one condition,” I say, standing on my toes to brush my lips against his.


“It’s got to open with ‘Based on a true story.’ ”

“Okay—that can be your request. Me, I’m pushing for a cameo.”

“Really? Because I’m pretty sure you’ll be too busy trying to get those leather pants off. What are they, like painted on—”

He kisses me to shut me up.

And it’s better than any movie kiss. Ever.

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