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“I was rescued as well but I know when they are wrong. Do you ever think for yourself?” The medic pushed him again.

“You wish to provoke a physical altercation?”

“Yes,” the medic stated eagerly. “In the corridor so she isn’t harmed. I know you have no regard for anyone besides yourself, but I do.”

“Let’s go,” her cyborg rasped.

Varion reached out and tapped the door panel. It opened and he backed out. Handsome followed. Eve watched them leave the room. The cyborg with the strange eyes didn’t wait to attack. His fist flew at Handsome’s face and struck it before the door slid closed. Her cyborg staggered from the punch before she lost sight of them.

He’s in danger. It propelled her to sit and roll off the bunk. The room spun a little from the fast motion but she stumbled toward the door. Dream or not, she would go to his aid. Her hand shook when she slapped her palm over the panel to gain access to the hallway. It refused to open.

She glared at it and focused hard, pushing her thoughts at it with force. The sensation caused by her mind linking to the computer made her feel nauseous as she ordered an override on the lock. The security was low priority and opening the door from the inside was a breeze to hack. The door slid open and the sight of two big men engaged in battle in the confined corridor would have shocked her if she hadn’t seen blood on Handsome’s face near his nose and mouth.

The fresh scent of it made her react. Her fangs elongated and her sharp claws slid out of her fingernails. She snarled, her vocal cords switching from normal to deeper, menacing tones. The men broke apart at the loud sound and she targeted the medic. He was the threat. She gripped the edges of the open door, her knees bent and she launched toward him.

“NO!” Handsome spun around and jumped into the path of the enemy.

She barely twisted her wrists inward to avoid slashing him with her claws before slamming into the solid bulk of his body. Both his hands captured her h*ps and he caught her in midair. The unexpected collision of their torsos knocked the breath from her. He didn’t suffer the same effect though as he turned and pressed her tightly against the bulkhead.

They were face level where he held her suspended above the floor. Her heart raced, adrenaline pumped through her veins and her back ached from the impact with the solid wall. Each breath made her aware of his heated skin pressed to parts of her that her shirt didn’t cover from the waist up. It was either the most realistic dream she’d ever experienced or Handsome really was staring deeply into her eyes, his mouth just inches from hers.


She turned her head to stare at Danica. She stood at the end of the corridor in an ill-fitting black outfit similar to the medic’s. Her sister grinned.

“Can you believe this shit? They survived and we found them! We’re on one of their ships.” Another cyborg turned the corner behind her sister and Danica glanced back at him when he halted. She faced forward to wink at Eve. “They technically found us. Who cares about the details though?” She mouthed “hot” and shielded her hand with her body to jerk a thumb at the one behind her.

Eve’s head slowly turned to stare at Handsome. She was grateful for his strength since she might have slid to the floor if he hadn’t been holding her up when she seemed to lose control of her limbs. The feel of her fangs retreating seemed apropos, considering everything else seemed to shrink away but him.

“I’m not a hallucination,” he calmly stated. “You are on the Bridden and my name is Blackie. You rescued me on Earth. I rescued you from the damaged freighter you were piloting.”

Her gaze dropped to his mouth. Blood smeared his lower face from the punch he’d taken to his nose but he’d obviously attempted to wipe it away at some point during the fight from the looks of it. It was him. Really him. Her hands lifted to cup his face.

“You are safe,” he continued. “I won’t allow anyone to harm you. I—”

She closed her eyes and her lips sealed over his as she jerked his head forward. His entire body stiffened and he was unyielding at first. An inner part of her wailed in distress over his rejection but then his lips parted. The taste of his blood mingled with something sweet as his tongue swept hers when he deepened the kiss. Elation hit her hard. So did arousal.

“I admit it,” Varion announced. “I missed something. Obviously she’s suffering a brain injury of significance. She’d have to be to kiss him.”

Blackie heard the other cyborg’s insult and dragged his mouth away from Eve’s. It was hard to do. She was pure heaven and he reacted to her as if he’d touched a live wire. The current shot to every region of his body but especially to his dick. It grew hard fast enough to give him a head rush from blood converging in his lower region. Anger and the knowledge that at least three other individuals watched them cooled his desire to keep kissing her.

He glowered at Varion as he snapped his head to the right. “What did you say?”

“Carry her inside my quarters and I’ll scan her slower. I missed something. She is acting irrational.”

The hands curved around his face tightened their hold as she tugged at him. Blackie resisted the urge to lower her to the floor and resume the physical violence with Varion. He allowed her to adjust his head until they peered at each other. The tears in her eyes caused him alarm.

“Are you hurt? Did I bump you too hard against the wall when I pinned you?” He shifted his stance to put some room between their chests. He regretted stopping her from attacking the other cyborg but concern for her safety when he’d seen her intention had been an impulse he couldn’t deny. He had grabbed her before she had a chance to engage in a fight.

“You’re really here with me?”

The unshed tears that shimmered in her blue eyes caused him to want to pull her closer again and hug her tightly. Protective instincts he hadn’t known existed swelled inside him until he had to clear his throat of the lump that formed. She appeared afraid yet hopeful at the same time.


He expected her to bite him again when she threw her head forward but instead she just nuzzled her face against his throat. The feel of her nose and lips lightly brushing his skin made his erect c**k twitch. She sniffed at him, it tickled, and her limbs wrapped around him. Arms looped over his shoulders and tightened around his neck as her thighs parted to hook around his waist.


He turned his body slightly and frowned at the other woman who cautiously approached, worry evident on her features. The sniffing stopped but the woman in his arms only tightened her hold, burying her face more snugly against his throat. The soft growl from her was alarming but she didn’t bite.

“Eve? I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen good-looking men and we’re both really happy to learn that cyborgs have thrived since leaving Earth, but you might want to let that one go. He, uh, is taking your joy that they are alive a bit personal.”

Blackie glared at the other woman who openly stared at his groin, knew she referred to his aroused state. He didn’t mute his anger when she lifted her gaze to meet his.

“Back off,” he ordered.

Danica halted. “Put her down.”

“Leave us alone,” Eve murmured against his skin. She sniffed at him again and her fingers slid into his hair at the base of his neck to cradle his head. “Go away, Danica.”

The other woman refused to retreat. “You’re acting like I do when it’s been too long since I got laid and I’m in heat.” She wrinkled her nose and inhaled sharply a few times. “Nope. You’re good. It’s not that time of the month.”

Blackie accessed his knowledge of a canine going into heat and it only made the desire to be alone with Eve grip him more. The concept of her physically aching to have sex every month excited his libido. He would give her whatever she needed. His c**k twitched again, agreeing wholeheartedly with that plan.

“What is she doing?” Gene stepped closer to stand behind Danica.

“I don’t know but I see what he wants to do.” She glared at Blackie. “She’s got a head injury and she’s not herself. Put her down and step away.”

Eve slowly withdrew her face from his neck and another growl rumbled from her parted lips when her head turned until she could see Danica. Her chest vibrated from the low, dangerous sound. His hold on her tightened and he adjusted her in his arms to keep her there in case she tried to attack the other woman.

Danica took a step back, bumped into Gene and lifted her hands, palms out. Worry lined the woman’s features. “Easy. What is wrong with you? It’s me.”

“Eve?” Blackie tried to get her attention.

Another low, threatening snarl came from her as her limbs tightened around him. He realized she was stronger than she looked when he felt how powerfully her thighs clenched his waist. She untangled her fingers from his hair and her hand released the back of his head. She adjusted her hold on him by sliding her arm under his and hooking him from behind on his shoulder. It was clear she wanted to stay exactly where she was. Her attention was focused on the other woman.

“Mine,” Eve stated, her voice unusually deep for a woman.

Blackie liked hearing her claim that he was the thing she felt so possessive of. He wanted her to look at him but she seemed intent on not breaking eye contact with the other woman.

“Okay,” Danica pushed against Gene, forced him to retreat farther down the corridor too. “He’s all yours. I’m not trying to take him.” She glanced at Varion. “Um, do you have sedatives? Now would be a good time. She’s in protective mode.”

“Has one of her chips been damaged? Is it a programming flaw or malfunction?” Gene hooked an arm around the woman leaning against him, his body tense, watching Eve in a way that Blackie didn’t appreciate, as though she was dangerous and a threat. It was clear the other cyborg intended to throw Danica out of the way if need be and step into position to fight instead. “She appears to be threatening you.”

“Instinct.” Danica gripped his forearm, holding on to prevent him from moving her. “We can get a bit scary when we feel protective of something we think is ours. You should see the way she gets when you even look at her chocolate, the rare times we are able to trade for it this far out.” She took a ragged breath. “Eve? Talk to me, honey. Did that big cyborg ring your bell a little hard when he punched you? I’m your littermate and you need to come to me. I’ll take care of you until you’re feeling better. You know you don’t like men. You never let them touch you.”

Disbelief and a sense of dread filled Blackie. “What do you mean she doesn’t like men? Are you two a couple?” He didn’t like the idea of anyone touching what was his as he glared at Danica. He’d fight the woman if she tried to take Eve from his arms.

Danica shot him a dirty look. “No. Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re sisters. It’s just that she doesn’t like men. Plenty of them have hit on her but she always refuses. She was the first in our production line and made us aware of a flaw when something happened to her.”

“There is nothing wrong with her.” He snarled now. “She’s perfect.”

Eve snapped her head in his direction and he stared into her blue eyes. They were the most mesmerizing things ever.

“You two don’t resemble each other.” Gene sounded baffled. “You are siblings?”

“The human genetic material they used to create us isn’t from the same source but our canine DNA is. We’re related. All the canine units were. Cameron designed us to feel a sense of family so there was no need to become territorial with each other. Eve was the first of our line, I was the second, and we were strongly bonded before they produced more of us.” Danica paused. “Eve?” Her voice deepened noticeably. “Look at me.”

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