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As a virgin, we both know my size will be difficult for her to accommodate at first. An idea that once bothered me, but now excites the fucking hell out of me. The challenge of her, the idea of being the first to conquer her, brings out the caveman-like instincts inside me. Big fucking time.

"Go upstairs and get ready for me." I rise from the sofa and offer her my hand. She takes it and rises to her feet. Goddamn, the tiny jean shorts she’s in make her legs look too damn long. It’s impossible not to picture what they’d look like wrapped around my back as I pound into her. I watch her walk away, her round ass swaying softly as she retreats. Holy hell.

After taking our plates to the kitchen, I join her upstairs.

Sophie’s standing in the center of the room, looking completely lost like she’s waiting for my instruction. Just the way she looks at me makes me half hard. Christ.

I enter the room and stop several feet in front of her. "Take off your top."

She lifts the tank top from over her head and drops it on the floor beside her feet. Without waiting to be told, her fingers reach around to find the clasp to her bra and it too falls away. That’s a good girl.

Her tits are gorgeous. Full C-cups and perky. I know they’d feel warm and weighty in my palms and my fingers itch to touch her soft curves. I’m all too aware that I haven’t touched her yet, but knowing that she’ll probably pull away or stiffen under my touch makes me hesitate. When I do finally touch her, I want her to arch into me and moan out my name.

I strip off my own shirt and then pop open the button on my jeans to make more room for my growing cock. "Come here." I reach for her hand and she steps forward, sliding her palm against mine. Pulling her tightly against my chest, I circle one hand around the back of her neck, lifting her face to mine.

I press my mouth to hers and her lips softly part, accepting me. I run my tongue along the seam of her mouth until she opens against me, then I sweep my tongue inside, claiming her with a deep kiss. Her body goes lax in my arms and I love the lush feel of her breasts flattening against my chest. The skin to skin contact is exquisite.

My tongue rubs along hers and Sophie meets my kiss thrust for thrust. The intensity of the kiss sends a jab of lust straight to my groin. I’m unable to stop my hips from rocking into hers, my dick seeking friction against her warm belly. Not breaking our connection, I reach down and adjust myself, then find Sophie’s hand and bring it to the bulge in my jeans. Without any further coaxing, her hand begins rubbing my length encased in denim, coaxing a low rumble from my throat when she squeezes him.

"Show me what that mouth can do again," I growl, breaking the kiss.

She drops to her knees on the carpeting and blinks up at me. Fuck, she’s beautiful. The urge to reach down and fondle her tits, to feel her nipples harden under my touch is almost unbearable. But instead I undo my pants and I push the jeans and boxers down my legs, taking my cock in my right hand and offer it to Sophie.

Her mouth opens and her eyes remain on mine. I have no idea why that’s such a turn on, but fuck, it is. I place the head of my cock between her lips and Sophie makes a soft sucking sound, the warmth of her tongue lapping at me briefly before I pull myself away again. "Show me your tongue."

She does, her flat, pink tongue waiting for me so enticingly. I rub the head of my dick against it, letting her saliva coat me and the sensitivity shoots straight to my balls. Pleasure rips through my veins and I stifle a groan. "That’s it. Open wider, baby."

Her jaw widens and I push myself into the hot cavern of her mouth, taking every bit of pleasure she can give me. Pumping my hips forward, I bump the back of her throat, dragging myself in and out of her mouth.

Sophie is a fucking champ at sucking dick. I hadn’t been exaggerating before. Her gag reflex is practically non-existent, a skill I haven’t encountered with many women, especially given my size. Her hands join the fun, wrapping firmly around my base and stroking as her mouth continues taking me deep. Good god this girl will be my undoing. I clench my ass muscles, fighting off the impending orgasm preparing to rip from my body. I’m going to come in her mouth again, and there’s not a damn thing I can do to stop it.

I growl out her name and tangle my hands in her hair, pushing myself deeper down her throat as I explode. Sophie’s eyes find mine and she watches me intently as I empty myself into her mouth. It’s the most erotic sight and even as I pull myself free, my erection refuses to fade.

Christ, that was intense. If oral sex is off the charts with her, I can’t imagine what penetration will be like. And that simple thought pumps a fresh round of blood south and I’m fully hard and ready again in a split second.

Taking her hand in mine, I lift her to her feet. Her mouth is swollen and pink, her lips full. I kiss her lightly. "Stay right here."

I cross the room and retrieve the gift bag from the top of my bureau. I remove the small bottle of oil from the bag and Sophie’s eyes zero in on it, and then dart down to my still eager erection and she swallows roughly. Her entire body stiffens. She looks terrified. What the hell?

"Everything okay?" I don’t understand her reaction.

I look down at the bottle of oil I bought earlier and realize she must think its lubricant. As if I’d just roughly lube up my dick and push into her before she was ready. My gut drops to the floor. I feel like a grade-A asshole. The last thing I want her to feel is fear. "It’s massage oil." I lift the bottle to show her. "We’re not fucking tonight, sweetness."

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