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Marco lavished attention on both ni**les until they were swollen, until I was desperate for him.

He pressed a sweet kiss to the outer curve of my breast and sat up.

I swear to God I almost came just at the sight of him straddling me with that dark hunger in his eyes – a hunger that would make any woman in the world feel combustible.

Our eyes locked, with thick, heady silence between us. Marco hooked his hands into the waistband of my leggings and underwear and he tugged. I lifted my lower body, giving him better access, and he raised my legs to peel the garments off. Once he’d divested me of them, slowly, gently, caressing my calves and outer thighs, he lowered my legs, spreading them as he did so. I’d never felt so exposed, or, to my surprise, so turned on as I felt with him looking at me.

With jerky movements, his jaw taut with dwindling control, Marco unsnapped his belt buckle and drew down the zip on his jeans. Every inch of me was on fire, my inner thighs were trembling, and I couldn’t control my breathing as my inexperienced body screamed for his much more experienced one.

He pushed his jeans and boxer briefs down and I was faced with his huge, raging, throbbing hard-on. He was perfectly in proportion to his size but… I found myself tensing, my back stiffening against the bed.

Marco removed his jeans, pushing them to the side before moving into me, nudging my legs even farther apart as he lowered his torso over mine. He kissed me gently, trailing his fingertips up my outer thigh in a way that caused renewed shivers and my body to relax a little.

“I’m checked out,” he whispered against my mouth. “I’m guessing you are too. You on the pill or do we need a condom?”

I hesitated, thrown by the question.

“Hannah?” He nibbled my earlobe as his hand continued up over my belly until it found its destination at my breast. He squeezed it, his thumb rubbing my swollen nipple. I found my eyes fluttering closed.

“I’m on the pill,” I whispered back in a daze, coming out of it only when his hand disappeared from my breast and found a new, even better location between my legs.

My hips jerked at the first touch of his thumb on my clit, and he made deep, soothing noises from the back of his throat. And then he was kissing me, wet and drugging kisses as he played with my clit. I touched him too, caressing his shoulders, his back, his abs, strumming at his ni**les in a way that made him growl into my mouth and press hard on my clit.

When he slipped two fingers inside me, I broke the kiss, moaning as my neck arched.

“Baby…” He peppered kisses along my jaw as he thrust his fingers in and out. “God, babe, you’re f**king soaked.”

I made whimpering sounds, my eyes fluttering open to meet his.

“You want me?” he murmured darkly against my mouth.

I nodded, jerking my hips against his fingers, needing more.

“Say it, Hannah.”

Mindless, I dug my fingers into his back, urging him closer, the sound of my panting filling the room. “I need you,” I admitted breathlessly. “I want you inside me.”

Just like that, I watched his control snap.

His fingers slipped out of me, he gripped my thigh as he braced his other hand at the side of my head. Looking deeply into my eyes, he moved. I felt him hot and hard against my center and then suddenly there was pressure as he pushed inside.

I stiffened, the feeling not quite as uncomfortable as I remembered it from the first time.

Marco wasn’t even all the way inside me when something new entered his eyes, an incredulous question. His jaw clenched with control, he slowed to a stop. “Babe…?”

I shook my head, not understanding what was wrong.

“Babe…” He dipped his head closer, his hand cupping my face. “You’re tight as a virgin,” he whispered hoarsely.

Oh, no. No, no, no!

I swallowed hard, the arousal slowly dissipating as reality intruded. “It’s just been a while.” I pushed absentmindedly at his shoulders.

Marco’s answer to that was to thrust deeper into me. I gripped his shoulders instead, my hips jerking up for more.

“How long is a while?” he asked, the muscle in his jaw flexing with tension.

I sought for a plausible lie. “First year, uni,” I panted. “I’ve been busy since then.”

Marco stilled. “You’ve not had a man in four years?”

Five, actually.

I shook my head again.

He suddenly shuttered his expression so I couldn’t read his reaction. And then I didn’t care about reading him because he pushed all the way inside me before pulling back and then slowly thrusting in again.

The discomfort melted away as my inner muscles clamped around his cock. “Oh, God, Marco!” I tried to pull him in deeper.

“Yeah?” He thrust a little harder and I cried out his name again.

He made love to me. Our eyes stayed connected as he glided in and out of me slowly.

“Come for me, babe,” he growled, taking hold of one of my hands and pinning it to the bed while his other hand gripped my thigh harder. “Hannah, I need you to come.”

The feeling inside me was building upward in a spiral, coiling tighter and tighter until my whole body tensed over a precipice.

“Yeah.” Marco thrust harder. “Come for me.”

His c**k moved inside me a few more times, desperate to light the match… and then it did.

It sparked, the tension inside of me exploding, an orgasm unlike any I’d ever had before flowing through me. I think my eyes even rolled back in my head as I cried out to God.

I shuddered against Marco, opening my eyes to watch as he stiffened, his neck arched, his teeth gritted, and his eyes fierce as his own climax rolled through him.

He jerked against me, his hold on me almost painful as he came. He collapsed on me. His body still shuddered as he buried his head in my neck.

My muscles were warm and languid and for a few glorious seconds I just lay there enjoying the aftermath of the most amazing orgasm I’d ever experienced, and exulting at the feel of Marco’s warm, hard body covering mine.

Those seconds quickly passed, however.

When he raised his head, his features relaxed, and his eyes filled with affection, a dark, heavy feeling began to sneak into my gut. He kissed me softly and I kissed him back, but…

He pulled gently out of me and rolled off me. The feeling in my gut grew bigger as he got out of bed. My eyes took in his long, muscled back, zeroing in on a line of raised skin on the left side of his lower back. A scar.

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