Breaking Love Page 90

“So what do we do now?”

I felt him shift until his entire upper body hovered over mine. He stared into my eyes and I held him with my gaze. “You promise to love me and never leave me again.”

“And you?”

“I promise to chain you to my bed if you try.”

I batted my eyelashes dramatically. “You say the most romantic things.”

Instead of responding, he spread my legs, careful not to rest his weight on me. I was responding to him long before he touched me. “Only you can make that crazy, Angel.” He entered me with a slow, smooth stroke, forcing me to feel every thick inch of him. “Never forget that.”

Breathless, I whispered, “I’ll never forget.”



WE FELT THE need to all be together that day so we ordered pizza and wings and made it a movie night, but hanging out, soon turned into a strategy meeting for survival.

“We still don’t know who kidnapped Kennedy and killed John.”

“What are you talking about? It was that crazy whack job. Sorry, Di.”

“None taken.” When Keenan turned his attention away, she threw a chicken wing and hit him in the head.

“It wasn’t Esmerelda. When we were taken, I questioned her about it. If she didn’t take the opportunity to brag about it to two people she was about to kill, then she couldn’t have done it. She only said she wished she had because then Kennedy wouldn’t be alive, and I would be suffering much more than physical pain before I died.”

“Damn,” Keenan murmured. “He turned to Di and said, “My mistake, Di. Your mother is a super crazy, whack job.”

She flipped him off and leaned forward. “So we still have a major problem on our hands.”

“Fuck! I need answers now.”

Just then the door burst open and what seemed like the entire police force rushed in, shouting for everyone to get down.

Everyone put their hands up and assumed they were there for Keiran, but we were in for the shock of our lives when the police bypassed him and placed the love of his life in handcuffs.

“Lake Monroe, you’re wanted for questioning in the murder of Mitchell Masters. You have the right to remain silent…”

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