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Nervousness crept in when I remembered the other reason I came to find her. “I wanted to talk to you about that. I brought a guest.”

“Funny. I don’t remember your mention of a plus one a few months ago when the invitations were sent.”

“That’s because I didn’t have one a few months ago.”

“Dash,” she shrieked and stomped her foot.

“What’s the big deal?”

“Nothing, I suppose. Who is it?”


“Come again?”

“You heard me, Sheldon. I brought her with me. Is that going to be a problem?” I didn’t mean to sound so cold, but guilt was tough to deal with while keeping a smile.

“Why did you bring her? I thought you were done with her after…” Her voice trailed off and a guilty flush colored her cheeks.

“After what?”

“After Willow,” she finished quietly.

“Sheldon, it’s been four years. Let it go. She’s probably married by now.”

“The only way she’s getting married this young is if she was knocked up by some—Oh… sorry,” she amended at the look on my face.

The thought of her with someone turned me cold, but the thought of her giving someone else what I wanted with her made me want to kill something.

“There’s more, but I’m not sure now is the time—”

“If you think you’re leaving this room alive without telling me, think again.” She plopped her hands on her hips, letting me know she was serious.

“Fuck.” I ran my fingers through my hair and instantly regretted it when I remembered the occasion. “Just remember… you wanted to know.”


“Rosalyn and I are getting married.”

She took a step back in shock. “To separate people?” she asked lamely.

“Come on, Sheldon. Don’t make me say it.”

“Say it, brother. Let me hear how much you don’t want this.”

“What’s the big fucking deal? We say a few words, we’re bonded forever, and our families will keep rolling in the dough.”

“Except you won’t be happy.”

“I haven’t been happy for years, little sister. What’s a few more.”

“It’s a lifetime,” she cried. Tears pooled and rolled down her cheeks, which she carelessly smeared on my jacket. “And I’m only younger by twelve minutes.”

“It’s necessary.”

“No, it isn’t. Dad isn’t being fair. He—”

“Hey, hey,” I soothed and grabbed the handkerchief in my pocket to clean her tears. “Stop that. It’s your wedding day. My problems aren’t important today.”

I waited patiently for her sniffles to subside, and when she was stable, I let her go. I thought I might make a clean escape before my own emotions rose to the surface, but her trembling voice stopped me.


“Yeah, sis?”

“I never thanked you.”

“For what? I just wanted you to stop slobbering all over my suit,” I tried to joke.

“As ugly as you are, the ladies won’t mind, I’m sure. I just wanted to thank you for still being my big brother. You say you’re fine, but something is changing you. I just hope you won’t let whatever it is consume you.”

“Come on now… have I ever let you down?”

“I wouldn’t have minded you kicking Keenan’s ass a few more times.” She giggled.

“It would have been my pleasure if I thought it was actually warranted. He has his flaws, but I always knew it would work out. He’s open for you. For someone like him who has lost what he’s lost, it should have never happened, but it did. He let you in because he trusts you. He trusts you because he loves you. You make him vulnerable, but he relies on you to keep him whole. It’s love, and I would never have let him take it away from you.”

“So, shouldn’t I do the same for you?”

I took a deep breath and released it again. I was beginning to think she might never let the idea of Willow and me go.

Would I?

“It’s done.” My jaw clenched. I released the tension by adding, “I’m fine with it.”

“But won’t be happy.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that happily-ever-after isn’t meant for everyone?”

“Has it ever occurred to you that it can be if you would pull your head out of your ass?”

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