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I shook my head, denying the truth. “I can live without her, man.”

“And I could live without Lake…if I really had to… but I choose not to.”

“Lake could do better.” I finally faced him to gauge his reaction and was surprised to find acceptance.

“I’d never let her. I said I was in love. I never said I wasn’t selfish.” He looked away and for the first time I saw the tension in his shoulders. “I’ll probably never be good enough for her.” He fixed his cold grey stare on me once again. “But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop trying. I’ll do whatever I can to never let her feel it. I want her happy. I just need that to be with me.”

His prying only reminded me of the emptiness I felt since I let her walk away again and with it came my frustration in full force. “What do you want me to do?” I felt my growl more than I heard it. “You want me to fucking chase after her and beg her to be with me for the third time?”

Keiran’s answering laugh was void of humor. It was dark and threatening. “No, man. I want you to do what you already want to do. She’s already yours.” His eyes darkened to black pools. “Take what’s yours.”

I thought back to the letter Willow’s father sent with the sale agreement. I stuck it into my pocket and managed to block everything else out long enough to read it. His letter turned out to be more of a note.


I hope you’re smarter than you think you are. You made me realize pride shouldn’t stand in the way of common sense. This is me returning the favor.

Richard Simon




IT WAS THE day of my wedding to Thomas. Two months after Dash walked away, I found that I was left with a piece of him. When Thomas proposed, I couldn’t answer right away. Instead, I convinced him to give me a month to consider what it would truly mean to accept. But in that month, I couldn’t bring myself to think… but I did a lot of waiting.

I waited and I waited but the answer never came so I made my sanest choice and accepted his proposal.

Thomas was the son of one of my father’s business acquaintances and therefore, a preferred choice for me in my father’s eyes. He was all too willing to accept the baby of another, and at that moment, I was convinced he felt more for me than friendship. He was in love with me yet I didn’t share his feelings.

Three years ago, we had become fast friends and he made being away bearable. I liked him a lot so when he proposed after finding out I was pregnant something inside convinced me to accept.

It could have been because I was emotional, alone, and pregnant with the child of a man who hated me.

Or… it could have been because I convinced myself I could be happy with him.

Ten years from now, when I’m celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary, it wouldn’t matter.

I had only just accepted my decision three months later only to find out on my wedding day that the officiator had fallen ill with a stomach virus. My thoughts were flying every which way, and with all the mindless chatter that surrounded me, I couldn’t think straight.

So I sent everyone away.

Once I was alone, I dropped in the ivory chair that matched my dress and placed my head on the dressing table. Was this a sign that I was making the worst kind of mistake?

The sound of the door opening behind me interrupted my internal battle.

“I’m sorry, but I need a moment,” I directed to the intruder without looking. “Please, tell everyone I will be out in a few moments.”

“You look beautiful, Angel.”

My entire body came alive at the sound of the voice I remembered all too well. I whirled around to see Dash standing in the doorway wearing a black suit and clutching purple flowers in his hand.

“Wh—what? How?”

“I have my sources,” he stated smugly.

God, I love his cockiness.

What am I saying?

“I just wanted to come and wish you well.” He moved closer and I fought the urge to back away. Something about the way he stalked me was predatory. “I hated how we left things.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea that you are here. It’s not right.”

“Relax. I didn’t come to steal the bride.” He laughed. My eyes narrowed. His presence made me wary.

“Don’t even joke. I don’t know how this day can get any worse.” I clutched my protruding stomach and took a deep breath unknowingly drawing Dash’s attention to my stomach. He rushed forward and placed his hand over mine and my heart skipped a beat.

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