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I knew I had to do something and so I ran.

I just wish I could have brought myself to run without saying goodbye.

I didn’t hear the knock on the door at first, but when my name was called, I snapped out of my daze, washed my hands, and left the bathroom. I opened the door and found Thomas waiting on the other side.

After Dash had kicked me out of his life, I returned to my mother’s house and spent the next week wallowing in self-pity and shame until I couldn’t take my mother’s constant nagging and attempts to make me feel worse about myself.

Luckily, my father accepted me with open arms… and a stipulation.

I had to give a relationship with Thomas a try.

A real relationship.

I agreed knowing my heart would never be at risk again. I had left it back in Nevada, discarded on the kitchen floor where Dash had crushed it.

I couldn’t say I blamed him. He had been right about everything, including me. He gave me no less than what I expected after what I’d done.

So here I stood, starting over again without ever having moved forward. When I showed up on my father’s doorstep, once again he demanded what he failed to four years ago. He wanted answers, starting with Dash Chambers.

“So?” he asked excitedly. “What does it say?”

“Well,” I cleared my throat. “There’s going to be a baby.”

Thomas gave a shout and then picked me up, twirling me around. It took everything in me not to push him away. After all, he was only being a good… boyfriend. I told myself it could be worse. I could have been stuck in a town watching the person my heart beat for ride off into the sunset and marry a viperous bitch.

There wasn’t much to Thomas, which made him good for me. He wasn’t bossy, athletic, powerful, or manipulative. He was your typical former college frat who now worked in his father’s law firm and probably made love with the lights off and under the covers.

I bet there wasn’t anything dirty about the way he fucked…

God, what is wrong with me? I stifled a groan and plastered on a smile meant to hide my true feelings

He finally set me down and I took a step back, fighting queasiness. “I take it you’re excited then?”

“I’m ecstatic. We’re going to be a family.”

I swallowed hard at that. I didn’t want a family with him.

I wanted Dash, but he didn’t want me… not anymore. I had succeeded in blowing it with him.

“There is only one thing that could make this more perfect,” he grinned.

“What?” I couldn’t keep the wariness out of my voice.

Nausea returned when he lowered to one knee and pulled out a ring from his pocket. “Willow Waters, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”



I STARED DOWN at the papers in disbelief. When my brain wouldn’t register what my eyes were seeing I sat back in my chair only to shoot up once again and clutch the paper in my fist.

I fucking did it and I couldn’t even remember how.

Simon had surrendered his company to me. Completely. There wouldn’t be a merger or strategic alliance. He was selling to me.

The only condition he had was that the company remains operating so long as it returns a profit and I make Willow a silent board member and shareholder.

Seeing Willow’s name brought the long lost feeling back into my body. My heart was pounding and the blood coursing through my veins no longer flowed but rushed, heating every inch of me.

I ignored my reaction and continued to read through the papers. When I got to the last, I noticed it was a hand written letter addressed to me. I stared down at the bold handwriting while fingering the edge of the paper.

Just as I read through the first line, my office door burst open. “You look beautiful in the morning. I just love how that suit outlines your many manly muscles.” Keenan version of a woman’s voice filled my office, pushing out the tension and silence. Keiran was right behind him, holding onto a smiling Kennedy.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“It’s spa day. We’re babysitting.”

“You mean I’m babysitting,” Keiran snapped. He set Kennedy down along with her favorite ninja turtle backpack. Ken unsurprisingly, ignored her backpack likely full of toys and ran full speed around my desk. I leaned down just in time to catch her and lift her into the air. Her squeals of delight proved infectious when I felt my own smile awaken.

“Dude, I’m her father. It’s implied that I’m watching her.”

“Uncle Dash, higher!” Ken demanded.

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