Breaking Love Page 78

“Which is?”

“You have my daughter.”

He laughed. “I don’t have anyone and she’s not your daughter. She doesn’t even know you.”

“Where is Diana?” The patience in Esmerelda’s voice was waning quickly.

“Like I would tell you.”

Without warning, The Handler slammed his meaty fist into Keiran’s face this time. His head snapped to the side and I could swear I’d heard the sound of bones cracking. I wondered why Keiran would risk his life to protect a girl he never seemed to like. Maybe it was just a natural act of defiance. Whatever it was, it had surely just gotten him killed. Esmerelda no longer looked interested in playing.

“Check his restraints and make sure they are tight. I want to ride his lovely cock before I torture and kill him.”

Keiran didn’t move an inch, and for a moment, I thought he was out cold from the brutal hit he’d just taken, but when his fists tightened, I was able to feel relief for only a moment.

Right there for all to see, she lifted her skintight dress, exposing her bare ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. If he had to die, then I deserved to die with him. I did the unthinkable burst through the warehouse door before I could change my mind.

“Don’t touch him!” I screamed. Keiran’s head snapped and followed the sound of my outburst as well as everyone else in the warehouse. Horror flashed over his features as he gritted his teeth and attempted to sit up in vain.

“Willow?” he barely whispered.

The men quickly descended upon me, grabbing me, and forcing me closer.

I fought against my own restraints, unable to hide my disgust. This was all my fault, and now Keiran would pay the ultimate price. I could only pray they would kill me after because there would be no way I could face Dash or Lake after what I’d done.

“What a surprise, Little Tree. I have to say I’m surprised given how you betrayed your friend and all, but don’t worry… after I fuck and kill him, every man in this room will have their turn ripping you apart.” The ominous threat was followed by her soft, trickling laughter, making me sick to my stomach.

“I would advise against that.”


“Five minutes ago, I notified the police of the location of a certain fugitive. They should be along any moment now so if you’re going to kill us, you’d better get to it.” It was all a lie, but it was the only shot I had.

“And why should I believe you?”

“Why shouldn’t you? Do you really think I’d be stupid enough to come here empty handed?”

She seemed to consider my claim while I fought to keep a straight face. “Very well. If you’re in a hurry to die, I’ll be happy to oblige you. But this one,” she looked at Keiran as spoke, “comes with us.”


“Titan and Locas, untie him and put him in the van. Handler,” she called while staring at me, “you stay behind for me and take care of the little bitch. I want you to kill her slowly, but if you hear sirens, cut her throat.” With that, she rushed from the warehouse.

The two guards tasked with taking Keiran holstered their guns and untied Keiran. The Handler’s footsteps thudded across the cemented floor as he headed for me wearing a revolting grin.

I took one last look at Keiran who remained perfectly still, letting the men drag his body before I was lifted from the ground and carried over his shoulder to a back room.

As soon as we were out of sight, he threw me to the ground and began unbuttoning his belt. My bones felt like they would shatter after the impact, but I managed to crawl backward across the dirty floor, scraping my hands along the way. “I don’t suppose I can reason with you, can I?” I attempted to remain calm despite my impending rape and death, but the threat was too much. I was hyperventilating by the time he dropped to his knees.

At one last attempt to fight, I kicked out and hit him in the gut. When he barely reacted, I knew I was in trouble. He dragged me to him with rough hands and pinned me to the floor.

I could no longer hold it in. My scream ripped through the air at the same time I heard commotion on the other side of the wall. Male voices screamed and then two shots rang.

I couldn’t mourn the possible death of Keiran with my own impending. I only hoped he didn’t suffer as I was about to.

The Handler disregarded it all and tore at my jeans. “No!” I screamed again when he managed to get them to my knees. A harsh backhand sent me backward. I hit the floor way too hard and couldn’t bring myself to move.

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