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“I do. I could certainly see how you were known for your charm,” she answered sarcastically.

“I’m not going to give up, Angel.”

She didn’t answer and was almost catatonic while her eyes shimmered with emotion. I picked her up and carried her upstairs. With little effort, I found her room since the door was left open. Her room was decorated very much like her typical choice of attire. Bold and completely wild. I set her on the bed, but then caught sight of Pepe asleep next to his cage rather than inside it, so I picked him up and placed him inside. When she told me she had a ferret, I couldn’t believe it because who really has pet ferrets? They looked like overgrown rats.

When I turned back, Willow was sitting up and watching me. “We can’t do this,” she protested, finally finding her voice but my hands were already removing her clothing.

When she was completely naked, I fingered the charm bracelet I’d given her the night of our first date and the first time I took her. “When we fuck, I only ever want you to wear this.”

She shivered and I knew it was from the harsh way I said ‘fuck’. The third time I took her, she revealed, rather bashfully, how hearing me use the word to describe sex made her crazy. I had teased her about having weird fetishes and then told her the many ways I planned to fuck her, ensuring I used the word each time. She had been soaked on the verge of coming by the time I took her, just as I knew she would be now. It had even become my new favorite word.

I trapped her chin and bent my head low to whisper against her neck. “I’m going to fuck your pussy so hard, you won’t be able to breathe.” My hand slid between her thighs and found her sex drenching the sheets below, signaling she was ready.

I wanted inside her in the worst way, so I quickly slid on protection and positioned myself between her thighs. Her breath caught from the first sharp thrust of my hips, plunging my cock into the very depths of her. I couldn’t get enough. I needed my hands and mouth everywhere so I obliged.

“Dasher.” She moaned my name, secretly asking for more, and I would give her what she wanted but first I had to know…

I held my upper body above hers and locked her gaze with mine. “Are you my little angel?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

It was all I needed to hear to drive forward.

I moved inside her so forcefully that her body lifted from the mattress as I drove her upward. I followed, not willing to let her get away, and when I found my rhythm, hard and unyielding, so did the headboard. I sent a quick prayer hoping her parents wouldn’t return because there would have been no way to conceal the throes of passion.

“You drive me wild, Dasher Chambers.”

“I could say the same, Willow Waters. Hold on to me.”

For once, she obeyed without hesitation, locking her legs tighter around my hips. Her hands grabbed my ass, pushing and pulling and silently asking for me to go deeper, so I did.

She threw her head back in ecstasy and let out a long cry. Right then and there, I was going to tell her but a small sound from behind us snatched my attention. My head whipped around and I found Lake Monroe, Willow’s best friend, and Keiran’s obsession, frozen in the doorway. She was the ultimate reason I was feeling this way and no longer myself. The look on her face was a mixture of disbelief and hurt at finding her best and only friend willing in the hands of the enemy and loving it.

The decent and benevolent thing to do would have been to stop, but I wasn’t feeling either of those things. I wanted this girl to share my pain so I kept giving Willow every inch of me and smirked at the bitch who was responsible for my ruin.

Her eyes grew even larger and then she stepped back, closing the door behind her. Willow was mine. I knew it and now her friend did, too.

Willow had gone completely still and then trembled the way she did when she came, and with a few more thrusts, I followed her over, coming inside her and sealing my fate forever.

She had me completely gone.

Head over heels.


It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her the true extent of my feelings as well as the truth about it all, but I couldn’t. I had to know first that she even felt something for me at all other than lust.

Keiran had sent me on a mission to make a girl fall in love and sacrifice her heart, but it seemed the only one who had been sacrificed was me.

* * *


“Do you think they’re done?” Willow asked after sitting in the car for fifteen minutes. I had been tempted to just drive away and take her to my bed, but I stuck around. I occupied the time remembering my downfall and plotting how I could make Willow completely mine once and for all.

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