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“You can’t decide the rest of my life for me!”

“You made a decision for your life four years ago and I didn’t like the answer. So you can either do this job or spend your days chained to my bed.”



I HELD A tight grip on my anger and managed to make it through countless meetings. I was preparing for the last meeting of the day and had sent Celesha to show Angel the rest of the building. They were instructed to be back in time for me to introduce Willow to executive management, which was in just ten minutes.

As if on cue, I heard the outer door open and their voices fill the suite. They were laughing as if they’ve known each other for five years instead of five hours. I threw on my suit jacket and met them in the reception area.

On sight, Willow’s laughter stopped and her expression became guarded. She had done nothing but murder me with her eyes since I had threatened her into obedience. I told myself I didn’t care, but it was hard not to when she continued to look as if I kicked her favorite puppy rather than express my wish to be with her.

Women were indeed complex creatures.

“How was the tour?”

“It went well, I think. Willow here might have even found a few suitors. Nate in accounting especially. I think the poor guy might have taken a liking to her with only a brief encounter.” She sent Willow a conspiratorial grin, not knowing the storm she was brewing. Angel, however, sensed my anger and shifted from one foot to the other.

“How nice,” I agreed sarcastically. I could barely curtail the sneer in time. “We should be going.”

The meeting was being held on the floor directly below us so the private tension between Angel and me in the elevator was cut short. Too bad really. I wanted her to sweat. I was curious about this encounter that caused the guilty flush on her skin.

The conference room was already full of the company’s top executives and officers. Every head in the room turned when I entered, followed by Angel and Celesha.

“Good evening, gentlemen.” A chorus of greetings followed as I made my way to the head of the table. “Most of you have been in meetings with me all day, so I promise this meeting will be uncharacteristically brief. My objective is to make an announcement and to issue a warning.”

“A warning, son?” The question came from David, the head of international sales.

“Yes. I’ll be getting to that. You may have heard by now that I have replaced Celesha temporarily as my personal assistant. Please welcome Willow Waters. She will fulfill Celesha’s duties until she can return in a year’s time.”

Willow stepped forward and waved while the room greeted her and offered her welcome. Once she was through greeting everyone, I stepped forward to claim the room once more.

“Now, it was brought to my attention in a rather displeased manner that some of you are less than optimistic about some of the endeavors I have taken up. I want to make it clear that my father is no longer head of this company, and unless he fires me, I am the only one you report to. If you are in disagreement about a business decision I have made, feel free to schedule an appointment to speak with me on the matter. From this day forward, anyone who shares accusation, complaints, or strategies with my father will be fired. Do I make myself clear?”

* * *

I needed to take the edge off. I was pissed and my cock was hard and I had an errant fiery-headed female on my hands.

I watched her in my peripheral as I drove us home. She kept her head turned away, staring out the window at nothing remotely fascinating. I knew it was her way of ignoring me. She was nervous and she should be. Her confession last night was a game changer. I learned that she couldn’t be trusted but that she also needed protection.

I shouldn’t have felt responsible for her. I had an international company to run and a fiancée to keep happy.

“What happened between you and the guy in accounting?”

“I met a lot of guys in accounting.”

“It's not the time to try my patience.” I shook my head, and once again, wondered what she was doing to me. I’ve never had to threaten as much as I did as when I was with her.

“You’re not seriously jealous, are you?” She never stopped staring out the window as she spoke. “I should hope not—when you can’t even recall his name.”

“Can you?”

“Nate.” Her expression was smug when she turned to face me.

“Ok. So what happened between you and Nate to make him fall head over heels in love?”

“I think Celesha exaggerated a bit.”

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