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She took the pizza I offered, but her cuffed hands made it hard to move. I watched with amusement as she slowly brought the pizza slice to her lips. “I can’t eat like this.”

“You’re doing just fine.”

“Where did you get these cuffs anyway?”

“A sex shop.”

She scrunched up her nose with disgust. “Have you always had these?”

“I bought them for you.”

She ate silently after that, taking her time with dainty bites. I’d already inhaled two slices by the time she’d finished her first.

“Ok, I ate so what happens now?” I took her empty plate from her hands to the trash, but she chose that moment to clean her fingers free of the grease with her tongue. My own dried up in my mouth as I stood rooted to the old carpet. “Why are you staring at me?”

“Do that again.”

“Do what?” The startled look on her face brought me to my senses. I shook myself free of my thoughts and trashed the plates.

“Never mind.” She continued to watch me curiously as I set up for the movie. I chose the comedy since it was the most neutral. Once the movie started, I joined her on the bed with my laptop in hand. Her twin bed was narrow and by no means meant for two people, but I knew just the way to make it work.

“Lay with me.”

Her back stiffened and her head whipped around to face me lying behind her. “What are you doing?”

“Lay with me,” I repeated.


“I could make you.”

“You can’t make me—”

I pulled her down against my body before she could finish. Her back was flush with my chest while her bottom wriggled against my dick. I slid my hand down the curve of her hip and whispered to her.

“I can do whatever I want.” We were so close that I felt her shiver against me. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to bait her. “Cold?”

“I’m a little hot, actually.” Her tone was anxious and light. The movie had already begun to play, but neither of us noticed it.

“We’re both fully clothed. If you’re hot, I can fix that.”

“No. No. I—I’m fine.”

The skin of her face was like porcelain so smooth and pale. I couldn’t resist dragging the tip of my finger from her hairline down to her chin I used to guide her face toward the laptop. “Relax. You’re safe.”

She seemed to believe me and relaxed enough to enjoy the movie, and I found that I liked the sound of her laugh. The husky tone of her laugh hit me straight in the gut, and halfway through the movie, I suffered a severe case of blue balls.

Thankfully, she was completely oblivious to my current condition. So much so that she made the mistake of wriggling her bottom against me whenever she would laugh particularly hard. By the end, I couldn’t remember what the movie was about because of all the fantasies playing out in my head.


“Yes?” I struggled to keep the evidence that I wanted to fuck her silly out of my voice.

“The movie is over.” She was back to being nervous again. At least she wasn’t cutting me down with that mouth of hers.

“So it is. Would you like to watch another?”

“It’s late. You should go.”

“I’m kind of comfy.” I lifted my hand from her hip to wrap my arm around her. Actually, my back hurt like hell and my arm was asleep from holding my head up for two hours, but it was worth it.

She twisted around to face me and I helped her. “Thank you for the pizza and movie, but I would really like for you to leave now.” I might have been able to take her seriously if her gaze wasn’t trained on my lips. She did that thing with her tongue when she touched the corner of her mouth and breathed out.

I suddenly got the uncontrollable need to breathe the same air as her. I leaned closer. When she didn’t back away, I got a little bolder and didn’t stop closing the gap until my lips were on hers.

Fuck me, it was better than I imagined. I had kissed a lot of girls but never one that had my heart beating out of control. Her taste alone was electrocuting.

* * *

“You shouldn’t have kissed me.” If she wanted me to stop, her moans were the wrong way to go about it. I didn’t stop attacking her neck. The taste and smell of her skin were so addictive. It was as if I had never known a woman before… or maybe it was because, after Willow, none of them mattered.

“It’s what someone does when they want another person, and Angel, I want.”

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