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A few hours later, I snuck onto the girl’s hallway. It was a Friday night, which meant everyone was out partying it up, so all was quiet. I found her room number and knocked with my hands full. The door swung open after my third knock.

“I thought I got rid of you.”

“I bounce back easily, and I come with a peace offering.” I held up the large box of pizza.

“I told you—”

“It’s not a date. It’s just food.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You didn’t eat your lunch, and you haven’t left your room since.”

“Are you stalking me?”

Yes. “Not at all. I just made a good guess.” The truth was I found her roommate about an hour ago and paid her to spy for me—and to get lost for the rest of the night.

“Go away, Dash.” She attempted to close the door, but I stopped it with my forearm and muscled my way in. I closed the door and locked it while holding her gaze and then took her hand, leading her away from the door.

“Which one is yours?” I asked, indicating the twin beds. She pointed to the bed on the far side with the purple and black bedding. I placed the pizza on the dresser and took her hand and sat on the bed. I opened my legs and pulled her between them. Her hands twitched at her sides, and when I pulled her closer, she placed them on my shoulder. I knew it was only for balance, but I enjoyed the feel of her hands on me all the same. “I have movies. Are you going to let me stay?”

“I’m not interested in watching movies with you or eating your pizza.”

“Even if I promise you’ll be safe from me tonight?”

“I’m safer with you gone.”

“I won’t try anything.” My reassurance fell on deaf ears.

“I wouldn’t let you. Now leave.”

“Fine.” I stood up and caught the way her shoulders slumped with relief… or maybe disappointment?

I caught her wrists in one hand, and I reached into my back pocket with the other. She was too busy staring at my hand on her wrists to notice the metal cuffs I now had in my hand. I managed to secure a wrist before she noticed and began to struggle.

“Let me go.”

“I can’t do that, Angel. Don’t scream or I’ll have to gag you, too.” I took a chance by kissing her on the forehead and then gently settled and positioned her along the edge of the bed. I shed my backpack from my back and pulled out my laptop while she softly cursed and kicked her legs out. “I brought one of every kind.” Her frown deepened with confusion. “I have chick flick, comedy, action, and horror. You pick.” I showed her the choices, but she kept her gaze trained on me.

“You’re crazy.”

“I’m not crazy. I promise you.” The soothing tone of my voice seemed to calm her when she relaxed against the mattress.

“I can’t believe you handcuffed me so I would hang out with you.”

That makes two of us. I was sure it wasn’t what Keenan had meant by trying a softer approach, but I believed in being prepared for all situations.

“If you’re a good girl, I’ll remove the cuffs. Now, let’s try again. Are you hungry?” As if on cue, her stomach growling filled the room. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I opened the box and pulled out the paper plates sitting on top of the steaming, greasy pizza. “Are you a vegetarian?”

“No. Why?”

“Just figured it would have been one of your eccentricities.”

“How stereotypical of you.”

“It’s only stereotypical if you take offense.”

“The way I dress has nothing to do with what I eat.”

“Hence, the reason for my asking. I’m sure you’ve made some assumptions about me.”

“Only a few. I think you’re a narcissistic, whoring, rich prick who thinks he’ll get in my panties, and who has a pretty face and daddy’s money.”




I FELT LIKE a shy seventeen-year-old whenever I was around him. I hid behind biting words because it was my only defense. I figured if I made him hate me, he wouldn’t want me as much as his eyes were telling me did.

Wanting Dash was risky. Fucking him was dangerous. Loving him would be a tragedy.

My aching muscles called to the large garden tub. I stared at its empty depths longingly, but more than a soak, I wanted to sleep so I turned on the oversized glass shower and made the water as hot as possible. I questioned whether a cold shower would be best, but I wasn’t sure a cold shower could wash away the effects of Dash. To rid myself of Dash Chambers, I would have to bleed. Again.

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